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Concealed cleanouts shall be provided with access of sufficient size to permit removal of the cleanout plug and rodding of the system. Whether the choice is a bulkhead, permentry, precast, access, access hatch, fire-rated, sidewalk or a vault door; the contractor is best suited for adhering to the local building ordinances, IRC 2003, and other important regulations. Bulkhead enclosures shall also comply with Section R311.7.8.2. This required workspace shall not be designated for storage. An unobstructed working space not less than 30 inches wide and not less than 30 inches high shall be provided along the control side of the equipment when the door of the furnace room is open. Laundry tubs: Each compartment of a laundry tub shall be provided with a waste outlet not less than 1 inches in diameter and a strainer or crossbar to restrict the clear opening of the waste outlet. At least one wall switched lighting outlet shall be installed in every habitable room, bathroom, hallway, stairway and at exterior doors. So how do you know if you need an egress exit in your neck of the woods? The dimension of the working space in the direction of access to panelboards shall not be less than 36 inches in depth and 30 inches in width. Well i’m glad you asked! Ceiling/Floor Draftstopping, Firestopping, Smoke Detectors. In all cases, the workspace shall allow at least a 90-degree opening of panel doors or hinged parts. Show the location of new washer hose connection bibs and laundry standpipe in new laundry rooms/space. It’s in your family’s best interest to have that exit out of your basement in case of a fire. Basement Window Requirements for Egress. Concrete foundation walls in finished rooms/areas shall be furred out and insulated with a minimum of R-8 insulation extending down to the basement floor slab on basement walls less than 50% above grade and a minimum of R-13 insulation on basement walls that are more than 50% above grade. Rooms shown with clothes closets, etc. We will find a reputable contractor experienced in the area of work you need help with. Natural Light and Ventilation, Safety Glazing for Concrete Basements. shall be provided/1000 BTU/hr. Whatever goals you have for your basement, chances are we can help you achieve them.

The light switch shall be located at the point of entry. The pitch and height of the stairs is usually best handled by installing a precast stairway or precast runners. I work in 6 different regions around my office and they all have a slightly different “take” on egress windows and doors…most want them installed in order to pass your building inspection. Often, the precast options afford the best cost savings. Where emergency egress windows exit to a window well, the minimum area dimensions of that window well shall be equal to 3 feet by 5 feet. There are a number of door options available through several manufacturers. Egress  can be controversial subject in that some area’s code departments require at least one egress exit out of your basement as part of the building permit inspection checklist, others don’t. Bathroom sinks: Shall have waste outlets not less than 1 inch in diameter. If your interested in how this construction project unfolds, I shot some footage a few years ago of my guys installing an egress window check the video out below. The building permit application is then returned to the applicant for obtaining the approval signatures from the applicable offices required for permit issuance.

For proposed bedrooms indicate the sill height, clear opening width, and clear opening height for the required emergency escape window. This will require extensive digging to expose and cut the foundation for the entry. This really isn’t a bad thing, it’s really a very good requirement! Glazing in doors intended for human passage, patio doors, windows within 24" of a door, and shower and bathtub enclosure walls, panels or doors, shall be fully tempered, laminated safety, approved wired glass or approved shatter-resistant plastic. Glass area in habitable rooms shall not be less than 8% of floor area served. For existing homes, the foundation will have to be reviewed for the optimal exit points in relation to the integrity of the structure. The units must be operable from the inside to a full clear opening without the use of a key or tool. Contact the appropriate agencies such as the Fire Department, Municipality, Sewer District, Subdivision Trustees, etc.

Code compliance will be determined at the time of the inspection. Posted in: Basement Doors, Basement Finishing Videos, Basement Windows. Faucets shall be water-conserving with a maximum flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute at 60 psi. Lighting is required in the vicinity of the electrical panel. The following requirements are meant as a guideline, which may apply to most simple residential basement finishing projects. Stud spacing shall be per TABLE 1, shall have a pressure treated bottom plate and can have a single or double top plate. Bathtubs: Shall have outlets and overflows at least 1 inches in diameter, and the waste outlet shall be equipped with an approved stopper. We simply offer answers for your basement questions.

Egress doors are a more involved project than windows. A strainer, crossbar or other device shall be provided to restrict the clear opening of the waste outlet. In bathrooms installed adjacent to the basin. Additionally, building codes may require an emergency egress be placed in every bedroom. Actual building codes may vary greatly depending upon region, state and city. BOCA(Building Officials and Code Administrators International), Basement Finishing Project (Before, During and After Video), Finished Basement Ideas (Your Basement Design is King). All bathtub control valves shall be anti-scald with a hot water limit of 120F.

Egress simply mean “the action of going out or leaving a place” and this has never been more profound than when it comes to basement finishing projects! Be certain to use a qualified foundation contractor to assist with your selection, preparation, and installation. NOTE: The following information is supplied as a guideline of what MAY BE ENCOUNTERED as far as local building codes are concerned. Show location of plumbing chases. Every bedroom shall have at least one operable window or exterior door approved for emergency egress or rescue. Fixtures may be located only where there are the following minimum clearances to the nearest point of storage space. It’s always been one of my goals to brighten-up my clients basements to the best of my ability!”. As the structure of your foundation will be affected, you will want to avoid costly errors compromising the structural integrity of your home. This is a beast of a project and is best subbed-out to an outside contractor who specializes in this type of work. Bulkhead enclosures shall provide direct access to the basement. The end result of the outside entry appearance will most likely hinge on whether the door is used for emergency purposes only or on a more regular basis. Firestopping consisting of 2" lumber, minimum 23/32" structural panel, or approved non-combustible materials shall be provided at the ceiling line in concealed spaces of stud walls/partitions, including furred or studded-off spaces of concrete foundation walls and at soffits, dropped ceilings and similar spaces.

This type of egress door is prone to leaks at the door level due heavy rains that can flood the stairwell. Basement egress doors provide a safe exit from the basement (generally a code requirement) but can also be an attractive addition to your home. Many older homes lack adequate escape opportunities for the basement because in the past they were used for storage. Gas piping shall be identified at intervals of no more than 25' when placed in concealed locations. Now the current BOCA(Building Officials and Code Administrators International) code requires an egress window not only inside of a bedroom in the basement, but in the basement regardless of whether or not there is a bedroom. One opening shall be provided within 12" of the ceiling and within 12" above finished floor, no common ducts. In all habitable rooms except bathrooms so that no space along a wall is more than 6' from a receptacle. This requires digging the hole, cutting a hole in the basement wall and installing the exterior steel entry door, then setting the prefabbed concrete steps in the hole and bolting them to the house and finally install the “steel hood” structure to cover the steps.

It is the applicant's responsibility to check with other agencies or jurisdictions concerning their requirements that may be affected by the proposed basement remodel. When a house has a basement in Pennsylvania it must meet building requirements of both the state and the International Building Code for One- and Two-Story Dwellings. Clothes dryers shall be independent of all other system, and exhaust to the exterior.

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