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(GP760: 90HP, GP800: 120HP). The Yamaha GP800 and GP760 are among the most important Yamaha PWCs ever built. AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer [] inhibits oxidation to help your personal watercraft start reliably and run well when you take it out of storage. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for enthusiasts who want the most from their 1997 Yamaha WaveRunner III GP - GP760 . Catalog; Yamaha; … Here, in the next section we will go though the GP760 and GP800 specs and performance. Failure to perform adequate inspections or obtain proper resolution will limit or negate any liability toward AMSOIL INC. Models introduced midyear may not have the same specifications as those produced earlier. We have compiled the key specs and most important facts into this Yamaha GP800 review! Please visit in order to grade our quality of work and customer service. Also, check out our customer reviews on to make the best choice for your [Make] [Model]. As a final word, our recommendation is that if you are a beginner, purchase a newer, 4-stroke, Rec-Lite or Recreation PWC. In spite of the lower displacement and the 2-cylinders, the Yamaha GP760 produces no less than 90HP. In 2002, the GP800 got a completely new design, and was re-indroduced as the GP800R. Find a nearby Independent AMSOIL Dealer or retailer using the AMSOIL Locator., But if you don’t, you can still find many Yamaha GP800s for sale on Craigslist, PWCTrader, and other online ad sites. Our Personal Watercraft When it comes time to put your four-stroke personal watercraft into seasonal storage, don’t forget to stabilize the gas. The only difference was that the GP1200 had a more powerful engine, and was heavier of course. Let’s take a closer look at this model as well! You will receive an immediate savings on products for your 1997 Yamaha WaveRunner III GP - GP760 . Let’s drill into these performance numbers deeper! This is becasue this model is less prone to porpoising due to their new hull design. This is our short Yamaha GP800 review. According to many owners, wave jumping was always a lot of fun on these small GPs! 1997 Yamaha WaveRunner III GP - GP760 Storage When it comes time to put your four-stroke personal watercraft into seasonal storage, don’t forget to stabilize the gas. They offered legal rides for 2 people. Unfortunately, the 2-stroke GPs have been out of production for a long time. It had the same hull and features as it’s brother, the GP1200. Creating an account has many benefits: check out faster, keep more than one address, track orders and more. View and Download Yamaha GP760 service manual online. Additionally, you can also find out where can you can still find these amazing vintage WaveRunners. Adjustment, Boat Yamaha WaveRunner GP760W Owner's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP1200R WaveRunner 2001 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP1300R WaveRunner 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP1300R WaveRunner 2008 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP1300R WaveRunner 2007 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP1300R WaveRunner 2006 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP800R WaveRunner 2003 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP1300R WaveRunner 2005 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP800R WaveRunner 2004 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha GP800R WaveRunner 2005 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha WaveRunner GP800R 2001 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha WaveRunner GP800W Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha WaveRunner VXS 2014 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Boat Yamaha XLT1200 WaveRunner 2002 Owner's/Operator's Manual, Page 21: To Get More Boating Safety Information, Page 28: Operation Of Controls And Other Functions, Page 34: Quick Shift Trim System (Q.s.t.s. Yamaha GP1200 For Sale: Are They Still Worth Buying? ), Page 48: Yamaha Adjustable Sponson (Y.a.s. PWC 1 Passenger Stand-up [Video]. Receive the latest in Battery news & Chrome's best deals, promotions and coupon codes! But let’s face it, riding with passengers on these PWCs is not very good. Getting products for your 1997 Yamaha WaveRunner III GP - GP760 couldn’t be easier. It would be best if you start your research in the fan groups on forums and social sites. If you are considering buying one of these PWCs, here are some factors to consider: Capacities: As we discussed above, these crafts are mainly ideal for solo rides. This model was powered with GP800’s 120HP engine, but shared the hull with the GP1200R. They also have smaller storage and fuel capactities compared to a newer 4-stroke WaveRunner. We use Angie's List to assess whether we're doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Why? Porposing: Don’t forget that all of these old GP WaveRunners are prone to porpoising. Gasoline can break down in as little as 30 days and form varnish and sludge that clog fuel passages. Despite the plastic hull on this personal watercraft, we recommend that the boat be kept dry and covered in order to preserve the value of the boat. The GP760 offered a really fun ride and easy control due to its lightweight semi V-shaped hull. Classifieds provide easy to search listings of PWC's for sale, Research the Personal Watercraft and get a price quote from local dealers, Choose a state to browse listings of all Personal Watercraft dealers in your area, Use our Buyer’s Guide to get a quote or fill out an online application to get the coverage you need. We produce synthetic marine motor oil, oil filters, grease for your trailer bearings and fuel additives – everything to keep your WaveRunner III GP - GP760 running strong for the long haul. Are you wondering what the differences are between the GP760, GP800, and GP800R? Your engine then becomes difficult to start and runs poorly. Although the GP series was equipped with Yamaha’s QSTS (Quick Shift Trim System), it could not completely eliminate this effect. bvseo-msg: Notice: Undefined index: user_agent in /mnt/data/home/ on line 704. With this power source the performance of the Yamaha GP800 jumped up to 120HP, as its top speed also reached the 55mph. It’s worth getting to know them before you make your purchase! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Since Yamaha has released many different GP WaveRunners over the years, the variety of models may confuse you. Insurance is an important part of owning any Personal Watercraft. Costs: Regarding costs, they are cheaper to buy, but more expensive to operate due to the repair costs and their high fuel consumption. (Sorry, we know that on mobile it’s quite huge. Enter your ZIP code below to search for Personal watercraft dealers near you. GP760 boat pdf manual download. Reliability and durability: Keep in mind that these old 2-stroke PWCs typically require more attention compared to the 4-strokes. These vintage GP WaveRunner were in production from 1997-2005. Quick shift trim system mechanism inspection .....4-14 Spark-plug cleaning and adjustment.....4-15 Greasing points.....4-16 Choke cable adjustment....4-19 Battery .....4-20 Carburetor adjustment ....4-22 Fuse replacement.....4-23 Bleeding the oil injection pump ..4-23 YAMAHA adjustable sponson (Y.A.S.) Enter your ZIP code below to search for PWC dealers near you. Even if it wasn’t as sporty as a stand-up, an experienced rider could perform some really good tricks on this sit-down WaveRunner. many drawbacks of owning a vintage 2-stroke WaveRunner. It had the same hull as the GP1200R, which was around 3 inches longer and an inch wider. Yamaha GP1300R For Sale: Are They Still Worth Buying? 1997 Yamaha Wave Venture 760/WVT760V. If any discrepancies are noted, they can be simply reported to AMSOIL by clicking on the "Report a Problem" link. The boat weighs approximately 551 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. Gasoline can break down in as little as 30 days and form varnish and sludge that clog fuel passages. Additionally, their engines are worn out, and if you have to repair or even rebuild them, it could be a big hassle. But in 2000, Yamaha introduced the GP1200R, and two years later the new GP800R. © 2020 Verticalscope, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Weight: 13.88 lbs. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When Should it be Replaced? The Yamaha GP760 prices start from $1,000 and go up to $2,500. These models come powered with 4-stroke engines and have convenient seating for 3 riders. With free shipping on orders over $100, and an average 25% savings for Preferred Customers, shopping online is the fastest way to get AMSOIL products to your doorstep. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

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