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By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. The app is free to all ZIN Members. Our Offline Toggle Button lets you take your music offline with a single tap, so you can access your playlists in class without needing Wi-Fi or using cellular data. We only show 7 days of classes in the future. Please go to and check your account information. This is the teaching tool you can't do without! Do I need to have public performance license(s) to teach livestream classes? Is there a time buffer for creating a ZIN Studio™ Livestream class? The class listing will get removed from the when the class starts. Once the student sends you payment, you can send them the student code that corresponds to that specific class. 800 Silks Run, Suite 2310 No Wi-Fi? They get to keep the old package.

If you are already paying for a public performance license (to teach your in-person Zumba® classes), it may also cover your virtual classes — please contact the Performance Rights Organization(s) in your country to confirm. You also need to access your phone settings and make sure the Do Not Disturb feature includes all phone calls and all text messages (or whatever settings you want it to have). How can I improve the sound quality of my music? ZIN™ Play is an easy to use, free all-in-one mobile app that allows you to build and personalize playlists to create the optimal Zumba ® class. The world of Zumba® Fitness is now in the palm of your hand. Can we set an expiration date for our class package? However, you cannot have two ZIN Studio™ livestreams that overlap in time. No, students only need the link to your ZIN Studio™ virtual class (both pre-recorded or livestream) to participate in the class online.

For most phones, you can see the available storage by going into the general settings area. For pre-recorded classes, only cleared music can be used so as to not create music licensing issues. I need additional help. The ZIN Studio™ web version only allows you to create and edit your livestream classes. This solution comes at high technology and bandwidth costs to sustain and improve. Is there a time limit for livestream classes hosted on the ZIN Studio™ Livestream app?

Should you have any questions concerning music licensing, please email ZIN Studio™ has been one of our major launches during this time.

When you turn on this payment option, you have the option of typing in text. How long will my class be listed on Is there a limit to the number of livestreams and/or pre-recorded classes I can schedule or have up on ZIN Studio™? Most mobile devices have this feature turned on by default so that your phone saves battery. Create custom tracks to take your classes to the next level. Both ZIN Studio Livestream classes and 3rd Party Livestream classes will be posted on the instructor’s page from the time you post the class, until the class has ended.

How far in advance can I schedule a livestream, pre-recorded class, or list a Zoom class on ZIN™ Studio? Schedule, share, + host Zumba® Virtual livestream classes, anytime and anywhere!

Example: Send me a Venmo to my username. #Now #Zin86 #Zumba #Soca - Now (No One Waiting ) - Zin 86 - Nadia Batson x Destra Garcia - Zumba, Zin™️ 86 / Now ( No one Waiting - front ) By Zumba ®️ ( Soca), [Zumba] NOW (No One Waiting) -ZIN 86, ZIN86, Soca, ZIN 86 | NOW [ NO ONE WAITING ] SOCA | ZUMBA FITNESS | MC DANIEL, NOW (No One Waiting) Nadia Batson x Destra Garcia - ZIN 86 || DanceFit University, #BoogalooSupreme #Zin86 - Boogaloo Supreme - Salsa Boogaloo - Victor Manuelle Ft Wisin - Zin 86, Zumba Zin 86 | NOW (Outdoor ) | RT Teams | Zin Rillya Tasin, NOW (No One Waiting) - ZIN™ 86 - Zumba® (Soca), Zumba GO OFF | ZIN 86 | RT Teams | Zin Rillya Tasin, ZIN 86 - NOW No One Waiting - SOCA| ZUMBA FITNESS | DANCE FITNESS | TIKTOKVIRAL | Choreo by NZB, ZIN 86 ZUMBA NOW [No One Waiting] by Nadia Batson x Destra Garcia - Soca Choreo by Aksana, Zumba Zin 86 | NOW ( No One Waiting ) | RT Teams | Zin Rillya Tasin, Zumba Zin 86 | Boogaloo Supreme | Salsa Mix | Víctor Manuelle, Wisin | Vishal Choreography |, Zumba Zin 86 | J Balvin - Amarillo | Vishal Choreography | Zumba At Home | Zin 86 Zumba | Easy Step, Now (No One Waiting ) / Zumba /ZIN 86 / mit Mel / Fit Up Rhein Wied, Now (No One Waiting) | Zin 86 | ZUMBA | Fitness | Dance | 줌바 | 진볼륨86, Zumba Soca - NOW [No One Waiting] - ZIN 86, Serdar Ortaç & Seçil Gür & Sen Çal Kapımı Dizi Oyuncuları, Nahide Babashlı & Behzat Gerçeker & Enbe Orkestrası. General legal information & brand use guides. Find the student and click the edit button. Yes as long as you post them on they are eligible for all ZIN Studio payment options. My student paid me via PayPal and the payment is in a “pending” state. Classes will only display on when they are within 1 week (7 days) of the start time/date.

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