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NOAH SANDERS WILL BE HOLDING A DEMO . Doresti sa salvezi aceste criterii de cautare? I WILL BE POSTING PHOTOS, IN THE GALLERY SOON. GOOSEBUMPS AKA (GOOSE), IS A DIRECT ARNOLD DAUGHTER , SHE IS A WHOPPING 115LBS WITH A 25 IN HEAD YEP THATS RIGHT NO TYPO HERE, , AND STANDS AT 21 INCHES TALL , SHE IS A TRUE XXL PITBULL FEMALE . OUR XL XTREME AMERICAN BULLY PITBULLS ARE SUPER SIZED !!! MONSTER PITBULL ACE WAS BRED TO ICE GODDESS . Brooksville Florida, ABKC Bully Extravaganza, Pensacola Florida Bully Breed Expo II  ABKC Show. BEING HELD BY TOPDOGBULLIES. Our newest addition produced right here at topdogbullies. Please contact us if you would like any information on any of our puppies, or if you would like to place a deposit. WE HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS , LEGACY OWNED BY NICOLE FROM FLORIDA , CHAMPIONED LEGACY IN THE UKC. ... Xxl American bully pups avail vac an dew 3 female 1 male frm imp bloodline serious buyers contact abie 0847058005. IT WAS A BUSY WEEK HERE AT TOPDOGBULLIES WE HAD LEGEND KENNELS FROM SWEDEN OUT TO VISIT US AND OUR DOGS, WHICH WAS A PLEASURE TO FINALLY MEET THEM IN PERSON. Picks will be made when the puppies reach 6 wks old. JUST  HAVE TO KEEP IT FOR MYSELF , I NEED A BLUE ACE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! April 26, 2020 April 22, 2020 by narcolepticnerd. HOW MANY PUPPIES WILL SHE HAVE? HERE IS A PIC OF HER . The one and only Ace the bully that started it all. 10. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH, NEW BREEDINGS POSTED FOR THE FALL (SEPT) PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR UPCOMING BREEDINGS PAGE TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE. XL PITBULL PUPPIES DUE APRIL 18, 2013 , DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS BREEDING! ... the "american bully" consist of many bloodlines, the lines we mainly use in our "pitbulls" are "razors edge" "greyline" "monster gline" "gottiline" and "knowlwood". This is done to make them adapt to any home or family they are brought into and to easily associate them with your loved ones and kids. Purpl Lilac tri litters due this week . 4. Each Shockerline Bully has it’s own unique characteristics. Shipping inside the U.S.A. is $550 and puppy arrives same day to your nearest airport. Consistency through the generations a Ace Daughter and a Shorty Daughter, WOW !! PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR OUR XL PITBULL MALE AND XL FEMALE PITBULL PAGES TO SEE OUR NEW VIDEO LINKS FOR, GUIDO AND FRAYLINE , YOU CAN SEE THEM IN A VIDEO NOT JUST A PHOTO. XL BULLY BREEDS/ XL BLUE PITBULLS ARE QUIET, YOUR NEIGHBORS WILL THANK YOU. For more pics and info please feel to give us a call you can also check out our new frenchie website WE PRODUCE TOP QUALITY XL XTREME BLUES, BLACKS, CHAMPAGNES, REDNOSE REDS & CHOCOLATE PITBULLS AND OUR PITBULL PUPPIES ARE FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA CA, QUEBEC CANADA AND WORLD WIDE. Swag Kennels produced famous pit bull puppy with two faced face merle color american bully Phantom. Ufc Star Cody ( No Love)  Garbrandt,s dog from topdogbullies being trained by AURORA AND GOOSE ARE BOTH CONFIRMED! TO TAKE HER. Swag Kennels is a pit bull kennel known as a top pitbulls breeders who Breed only high quality Pit bull American bully to produce big blue pitbull, red nose pitbull, tri merle pit bull puppies for sale with top quality bloodline. GOOSE  HAS BEEN BRED TO ACE!!! Looking at the merle color pitbull dog, it possesses a very unique pattern of coating – a combination of colors. SHORTY PUP PIC AT 10 WEEKS. Then click on it and upload your banner. £2,300 For Sale American bully XL pups. If you are looking for, muscle and correctness this is your breeding. XXL American Bully kennel located in Johannesburg, South Africa Welcome to Shockerline the premiere choice. "FUN FACT" DID YOU KNOW THAT PITBULLS WERE ONCE CONSIDERED NANNY DOGS.

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