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"I've not received one [unemployment] payment," Cook said, speaking to the FOX6 investigators in his Kenosha home. Tony Evers to shut down daily activity to curb its spread. Last week, adjudicators handled more than 12,450 cases. A March tidal wave of unemployment claims overwhelmed the state agency tasked with getting benefits to the jobless and workers there are still trying to clear its backlog of claims despite massive hiring. "They've had three months to fix this problem. Some economists warned that the state's surging COVID-19 cases could harm the state's recovery. “If they’re in that adjudication, these are some of the issues that could require further investigation.”. On top of everything else that is going on, it`s just never-ending.". After that conversation, Cook started to receive notifications that there were disputes about whether he was laid off, or whether he quit his job. "It's very frustrating to see them suffering so much and have the people who are supposed to be on their side patting themselves on the back for what a tremendous job they've done.". "I am single, so all bills fall on me. "I like to fix things, and this is just beyond craziness," Grey told Patch. © 2020 She's fallen more than two months behind on her rent, and is afraid she might be evicted after the state's 60-day moratorium on evictions expired. In better times, Blakley said she still lived paycheck to paycheck, but that times had gotten much worse. "How could the government put people in this situation and drop the ball so bad?" "We're still at about 100,000 uniquely effected claimants," Frostman said. "What the hell is going on over there?" Two current DWD claims specialists, and one former employee, along with claimants and employment attorneys, describe a system that is still in chaos and in need of structural change. "But as July approaches, I am getting lots of stress and anxiety worrying about rent, car insurance and car payments. Call center employees are trained only to help with filing claims, not resolving those that remain unpaid. That adds up to about 3.7 million claims the agency has addressed in four months. Nearly one out of every seven adults in Wisconsin have filed for unemployment benefits over the last 83 days, according to official state statistics. Dennis Winters, chief economist at DWD, also acknowledged that the job numbers could be better, but added that "we'll take what we can get at this point.". She's contacted state legislators several times and says she's only heard from one staffer. The extra $600 in unemployment benefits ends July 25, and no extension or new help is in the works, 'It just shouldn't be this way': A simple phone conversation is still unattainable for many waiting on unemployment, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Those bills have not budged in the Republican-led Legislature. Sign up now! Wisconsin Patch talked to Wisconsin residents who have been waiting as long as Blakley for unemployment benefits to come through, yet some out there say they've waited longer. Jedd said completion of cases varies, depending on experience and type of issues or investigations the adjudicator is handling. Every day, unemployment wait times stretch another day, pushing thousands of Wisconsinites one day closer to their breaking point. September hiring was spread across most industries, with the biggest gains taking place in manufacturing; trade, transportation and utilities; and health care and social assistance. "DWD did send me a letter stating how much I would receive weekly. "I'm being told, 'Hey, I'm losing my house. ©2020 FOX Television Stations, has become increasingly complicated over the last decade, US private employers add 749K jobs in September, report says, Balance of power: Key races will decide if Democrats or Republicans control Senate and House, Judge orders Postal Service to sweep for delayed ballots in key battleground state, Election Day 2020 live updates: Americans to cast final ballots in race between Trump, Biden, Early voting shattered, Wisconsin polls open amid COVID-19 pandemic, Report warns WI at 'high risk' of voter intimidation on Election Day, Volunteers begin process of counting absentee ballots in Milwaukee, Driver in critical condition after striking 2 trees, parked vehicle, Milwaukee police seek help in search for missing 3-year-old boy. But since then, my portal has stated that I am 'under review' because I worked for an educational institution," she told Patch. MILWAUKEE, WI — It was Wednesday morning, and DeiDra Blakley was on the floor of her Milwaukee apartment counting the loose change she saves in a jar. Kim Schillo told Patch that she was an administrative assistant with a manufacturing company in Waukesha. Cheeseman said she calls the Department of Workforce Development every day, and gets disconnected every day. The change amounts to $16.03 — almost enough to fill the tank. Wisconsin's unemployment system has become increasingly complicated over the last decade, in large part due to Scott Walker-era reforms that were advertised as measures to prevent fraud. To find out specifically how much your benefit will be, the WDW has prepared a Weekly Benefit Rate Chart that shows the amount of high-quarter wages needed for each rate. she said. "I have $200 in my bank account. The COVID-19 pandemic in Wisconsin and "Safer At Home" business shutdowns cut off Blakley's source of income, and the unemployment that was supposed to be her lifeline has yet to come. "When both they and the employer put down on the forms that they were furloughed or laid off because of COVID-19.". "How could the government put people in this situation and drop the ball so bad?," she said. All rights reserved. "It's very frustrating to see them suffering so much and have the people who are supposed to be on their side patting themselves on the back for what a tremendous job they've done.". A survey posted on a Wisconsin Unemployment Support Group that contains more than 3,000 members revealed that a lot of people were waiting close to 10 weeks to receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance — and they're still waiting. Adam Hoffer, an economics professor at UW-La Crosse, agreed. The counties with the lowest number of initial weekly claims were Buffalo, Menominee, Iron, Florence and Pepin. She has a quarter-tank of gas left in her car, and she's been spending the morning hunting for boxes at nearby gas stations so she has something to pack her belongings in if she is evicted. SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE:'It just shouldn't be this way': A simple phone conversation is still unattainable for many waiting on unemployment. Yet for many of those callers, answers have yet to come. Wisconsin Patch talked to Wisconsin residents who have been waiting as long as Blakley for unemployment benefits to come through, yet there are some out there who will say they've waited longer. "The world is clearly upside down right now, but even a single voice deserves attention when they are calling out for help, and this is thousands. The state's 612 adjudicators are being assigned between 35 and 55 cases each week, according to the agency's spokesman Ben Jedd. "My story is not a tragedy, yet. The coronavirus pandemic has not been good for Lord & Taylor as it announced its bankruptcy and is going out of business. Contact Molly Beck at Wanggaard said at the time. "Let's say I have a back injury and I can only, under doctor's orders, work 20 hours a week right now," Forberger said as an example. "I have cases in which people have been denied benefits because they don’t have a pandemic-related job loss," Forberger said. ", Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Distrust, duty and tradition: Why some voters went to the polls Tuesday amid the threat of COVID-19. 12 restaurant chains have filed for bankruptcy in 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. She feels as if she, and so many other people she knows, have been set up to fail. ​Since the spring, DWD has hired hundreds of additional employees to help process unemployment claims. Last week, the Department of Workforce Development released statistics saying that the average wait time for unemployment is a mere 19 days. Schillo said she spoke with state regulators Tuesday, who told her they are currently working on claims from the first week of April, and that she should be prepared to wait six more weeks. My savings is gone and I have nothing.". During the same 7 … “It depends on the specific case that they’re in but if they’re in adjudication, it could be due to an issue surrounding a previous situation with an employer, questions about wages, but generally speaking,” Frostman said. More than 600 people are working as adjudicators, up from 174 when the pandemic-related closures began in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Election Officials Say Vote Counting Will Take Longer This Year. No. Cook says he hopes those changes happen before his situation gets worse. They've added hundreds of workers. Many people in Wisconsin are still waiting to find out whether they will get the extra $300 in unemployment benefits for COVID-19 that President Donald Trump promised during an … County clerks prepare for high turnout ahead of 2020 presidential election, De Pere School Board votes to keep virtual learning in place. See the full list. Stephanie Cheeseman took a job at UW-Green Bay in August 2018 as the assistant director of international recruitment. The agency has received 728,000 applications for benefits since March — compared with the 287,000 it received all of last year. Claimants wait and wait and wait for their cases to be decided, but no one is asking about the extent of these delays or why they are occurring. Cheeseman said she calls the Department of Workforce Development every day, and gets disconnected every day. “The best advice we can give to people is to continue to file those weekly claims that’s going to be what gets folks paid if they’re determined to be eligible,” Frostman said. Those claims break down into 140,000 individuals still waiting to hear whether they'll qualify for unemployment money.

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