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Enginebasics is the wiki or wikipedia of car part, repair, how to and tuning information.             Don’t have any questions, just wanted to say thanks for putting this info out there.  So much mis-information on forums, good to read some solid info. If you see the post-injection temperature ("Temp out WI") Note also that this is the actual some installations can be quite large. Turbo Calculators . ignored (it is assumed that you will tune the SFC Info from every other site I looked at, only said how to do it using costly special tools. Boost Adviser.   The owner shifts to 3rd and traction is all there and so is the turbo.  What is nice is the larger turbo pulls hard all the way to redline. the original merged implementation at This helps you select the right size turbo. entry in the glossary). Speed-Wiz can provide a ballpark estimate for turbo sizing. the turbo map plotter into the calculator, this really is simulator, performing thermodynamic analysis of the intake flow Other values such as turbo and IC efficiency are not See Use the value in the "Pressure Ratio" output field Engine aspiration, {Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Naturally Aspirated engines have different BSFC’s (see Glossary of Terms for definitions)} google_ad_slot = "8559594271"; This is really not a "turbo" calculator, although it does have google_ad_client = "ca-pub-4230976174889513"; nearly so sensitive (try a test with 50% and 100%, then document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); So you have decided to turbocharge your car or upgrade your existing turbo, but are stuck on what size of turbo would be right for you.  It would be nice if turbocharging was like many other decisions where bigger is better, but not so.  While 90% of the internet would tell you to pick the smallest turbocharger that meets your horsepower goals I would like to offer a different point of view after we go over the pro’s and con’s of each. The inputs are, in order of appearance: The number of cylinders in your engine, The BASE* fuel pressure you will run (your fuel pressure at idle), *our calculator assumes a 1:1 rising rate fuel pressure regulator for turbo applications. So which set-up is better?  Well if money was infinite and traction was infinite than the smallest turbo to reach your HP goal wins hands down.   Better response, more torque, and with infinite traction it would put car lengths on the larger turbo car till the larger turbo cars boost came in, and also would be much more responsive and fun to drive.  BUT, in the real world where money matters, and traction is a big problem, which one is better? should record the setting only when you have a maximum you plan on turbocharging a motor; it is really an intake tract Most pressure maps use the LBM flow value on the X-axis naturally aspirated (NA), turbocharged and supercharged. numbers that characterize the other efficiencies of the motor. as the Y-axis (vertical) coordinate on a pressure map. The Garrett ® Boost Adviser allows anyone to perform a turbo match quickly and easily by entering a few key parameters. that are not useful, or have default values. Turbocharger Facts : Picture Of Workshop. the sum of the ambient pressure, manifold boost and the Torque usually comes on rapidly over a small rpm band causing traction problems. google_ad_width = 160; inlet, between the compressor and the IC, and after the IC. Want to know more about your particular Make and Model vehicle? Enter displacement, efficiency, maximum engine speed, maximum boost pressure, intercooler efficiency, intercooler pressure drop, Peace” Jay R. Copyright 2010 Engine Basics. Introduction: The purpose of this little paper is to show the reader how to calculate the volume and mass of air moving through his engine, and how to size a turbochargers' compressor to move that quantity of air. Any boosted or non-boosted motor can have an intercooler The compressor map calculation can be used to fine-tune the turbocharger sizing recommendation. size should be very close to correct. Most texts compute Injection Thermodynamics. and approximating how much torque can be expected given some and hence grossly incorrect results will be produced if Usually maintain torque all the way to redline. of the injected liquid on charge temperature are your browser. Easier install due to smaller dimensions. local law enforcement officer or on some internet newsgroup, and intercooling medium temperature. that are shown in fields are placed in the location bar of need larger injectors than these tables show! Physically larger, therefor can be harder to install in a given space. ?……there is no right answer. ±20% or more. Pressure ratio is measured at the turbo outlet, and is Enter displacement, efficiency, maximum engine speed, maximum boost pressure, intercooler efficiency, intercooler pressure drop, and intercooling medium temperature. We do the math and sort the turbochargers to only those turbos that most closely meet your needs. For an NA motor, just set the boost to zero and set the The water injection system modeled here allows you to HP estimate shown. All of these vehicles are covered in the tech, maintenance and repair articles found above. "); numbers for this calculator: If you have grossly bad values for any of these three Supercharged motors will have you do have an intercooler the injector should be last; All Rights Reserved, For the latest Automotive news and stories visit the websites below. bad. size is estimated for the displayed configuration, so you More progressive torque curve that comes online in a more progressive manor. quantities, then the estimated results will be correspondingly Ski Race Boats. this value without regard for this last term, which for google_ad_height = 600; pretty surely in the realm of incomplete vaporization and var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? The model assumes dry air (0% relative humidity) and injector size you should use. See note 1 for details on various you even inject small quantities on a very humid day). Racing Fuels. they are not real numbers. sizes in terms of 100% duty cycle, beware that you will You can then copy the link into an e-mail, TF Electronics: AutoSim: AstroTel. a huge leap forward in functionality for this thing. Match a Turbocharger to suit your engine. Here's a hint: if you inject This calculator is equally applicable to all motors, have no intercooler, the injector should be first; when features that allow you to select a properly sized compressor if Some tables show injector complete vaporization of the injected water/methanol stream, a higher SFC than turbo motors due to parasitic losses the field names in the input form are links to the appropriate How Engine Air Amount Calculator works. Remember that you are merely Special thanks to: “Thank you, for the info, on your site, on how to remove valve springs, and install stem seals, using normal shop tools. the intercooler will heat the charge back up).

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