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That scene made me remember a phrase “I love it when a plan comes together”. Paragraph 1: According to WELLNESS magazine author Alena Hall “Introversion is more about how do you respond to stimulation, including social stimulation. From the very first line, an image is already envisioned in the reader’s mind and the tone of the story is set. Steve’s specialty was cars…” (page 17). It also gives insight into the true motives and feelings of people and how not everything is perfect, even for the people who seem to have it that way This book is told from the view point of a fourteen year old greaser named Ponyboy Curtis. When Dally returns with the coke he offers one to Cherry to calm her down. Unlike some Greasers, Ponyboy values school. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders have a connection deemed unlikely because of their extensive differences. And several [...], Social classes are defined as a status hierarchy in which individuals and groups are classified on the basis of esteem, prestige, wealth, income, education, occupation, and social network. much money as he wants, he feels his parents coddle him and wishes they would occasionally Pony’s opening opinion of the Socs does not show them in good light. I wish they were more gray, because I hate most guys that have green eyes, but I have to be content with what I have. ...The Outsiders The Outsiders, written by S.E Hinton, is about a boy called Ponyboy Curtis who as a character developed mentally and physically. Johnny pushes Ponyboy out of the window after they get the last kid out safely. Even though Ponyboy had made fun of Johnny earlier that night Johnny still has feelings for him and helps him out of that situation. Pony was a great student and made really good grades, and he mostly tried to stay out of trouble. Being non-conformist is usually by choice but being an outsider is mostly without the choice of ours. and passion, their distinction among their peers, their vices, and their disappointment in We’re gonna cut all that long greasy hair off. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy is an average fourteen-year-old. Ponyboy wakes up and assumes that he is in a police car until Jerry Woods, the school teacher accompanying him tells him that he is an ambulance. Social class, measured by socioeconomic status, affects all aspects of one's life. differences, Bob and Ponyboy have in common feelings of frustration, anxiety, and They were drowning you, Pony. PonyBoy the narrator is a fourteen year old boy who happens to come from a dangerous neighborhood on the poor side of town. Every character from this story has a different experience but they all stick up for each other at the end, no [...]. Compare And Contrast Essay On The Outsiders 2059 Words | 9 Pages. Cherry comments on the sense of coldness and reserve that Bob and the Socs Ponyboy Curtis, a 14 year old greaser, tells the story. One night, some of the Socs were unhappy with some of the greasers when they befriended their girlfriend, Cherry Valance and Marcia at a drive-in. Since I was not born at Elvis’ and the Beatles’ time and I do not like either of them-I cannot relate to it. The author’s descriptions are deep but easy to understand. Ponyboy explodes with anger and verbally bully’s Johnny about his life at home. Johnny dyes and cuts Pony’s long hair, and Ponyboy cuts Johnny’s hair. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. Two-Bit slaps Ponyboy for treating Johnny that way. On the way to the hospital, the police officer catches them for speeding. He goes through many events at the start, middle and end of the novel. The death of Dally was not as predictable as Johnny’s death because it was said that: “He was tougher than the rest of us-tougher, colder, meaner.” (page 19). Ponyboy had an evolving conception of the Socs. As per how Ponyboy and other Greasers have described Sodapop he seems to have a great personality and seems to be a very caring and loving guy. Ponyboy was walking home from the movies and couldn’t think of anybody else except Paul Newman. Cherry and Ponyboy were getting close as friends and they started talking about their personal lives. I personally felt that Johnny was a very kind and caring person who was innocent. Moreover, When Ponyboy had taken five to six aspirins it got me really worried as I thought he was going to die as well because of taking overdose of drugs. Cherry and Marcia then decide to leave with the Socs. Hinton’s book focusses on the lives of children and young adults. identification as a “Soc” connotes the pomp, comfort, and opulence of a social club, whereas Ponyboy and Johnny then decide to go to Dally for advice as he might be able to help them. This shows that Dally was sensitive to a death of a friend although he acted like a tough guy. This is the best setting that can be for this kind of plot and characters, because other setting would make the story ridiculous because a street gang can only fit into the streets. They also find school children on picnic. Johnny calms Ponyboy down and tells him how lucky he is to have a family that accepts him. We were notified that Sodapop’s girlfriend Sandy is pregnant and her father doesn’t want Sodapop and Sandy to get married. Cherry—that “things are rough all over.”. Johnny and Ponyboy run away to a church and hide until Dally comes and gets them. The Outsiders is about a story written in 1960s by the main lead, Ponyboy Curtis. Wait till I get out…I told you he don’t mean half of what he says…” (page 26). Darry gets really tired of the questions and convinces the reporters to leave. The way the gang members talk shows that they are gang members and street boys, because they speak in street slang. Ponyboy also finally realizes the Darry is going hard on him because he is afraid of losing another loved one after his parents. In addition, Johnny had killed her boyfriend Bob so why on earth would Cherry help the Greasers? To conclude I can say that the characters have contributed a lot to the coherent development of the plot. My friend Maria got left out of a lot of groups and activities because her demure mom worked at a fast food restaurant, The Woman at the Store is a 1912 short story written by Katherine Mansfield. The Socs always jump the greasers, one day Johnny fights back, he ends up killing Bob. A problem with the family that was shown in the story is that kids today may have parents that are alive, but they might not have enough time for them. Most surprising, Bob is just as aggrieved toward Dally also tells them about the Greasers new spy Cherry Valance. Romanticism is an artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century…, Machiavelli's views have been misinterpreted since his book was first written, people take him in…, The figures of Winesburg, Ohio usually personify a condition of psychic deformity which is the…, The main character of the book is Mr. Bilbo Baggins. In the beginning of the story, Ponyboy was a shy young man. For example, when Ponyboy was walking through the park, and three socs came out of the bushes and jumped him. Ponyboy then asked Sodapop about his girlfriend, Sandy and he learns that she got pregnant and had to go live with her grandmother as her parents didn’t want Sodapop and Sandy to get married. Ponyboy compares his gang of greasers to Tim Sheppard’s gang and realizes that Tim Sheppard’s gang members look more like criminals than Ponyboy’s gang. When Cherry had hit Dally in the face with the coke, I got this revenge feeling that I get ,when I get revenge on my friends and relatives. The story evolves between two groups of people, the lower-class group of Oklahoma youths called greasers and the upper-class youth from the west side of town called Socials, Socs for short. Issues such as gang wars are still present today and have caused deaths of many young and old human beings. When Johnny refuses to see his own mother, I get very angry with Johnny’s actions because it was his mother who had given birth to him and raised him to whatever he is today. Ponyboy is a fourteen years old teenage, who has long hair, greenish-gray eyes, and who is part of a gang called the greasers. For the most of the next week, Ponyboy and Johnny play poker and read Gone with the Wind. This tight relation of the Greasers represents my relations with my family and I. When Ponyboy reaches home Darry was waiting for him and was very angry at him. There was a movie made about it, and today there are still many schools that use this book in junior high and high schools for English classes. It also said that the state is going to charge Johnny for the murder and Ponyboy and Johnny will be both sent to court which meant that Ponyboy may be sent to live at the all boy’s home. When Ponyboy and Two-Bit were heading home from the gas station, they run into Cherry. How does the pairing of these characters By drawing out the startling similarities between Bob and Ponyboy, Hinton prepares us Some members of their "Greaser" gang are tough, or happy-go-lucky, while others are shy or serious. As soon as the rumble was over, Dally grabbed Ponyboy and took him to the hospital to see Johnny as his condition was getting worst when Dally had left. Johnny’s mother shows up to the hospital to visit him but he refuses to see her and he faints from exhaustion. ‘We’re gonna do you a favor, greaser. Randy is in part responsible for seriously wounding Johnny, but like English Literature Either way, being non-conformist or outsider makes us feel like we do, The Outsiders Final 5 Paragraph Essay Ponyboy and Sodapop were names that I would never name my children. There is always something big going on, such as when Johnny broke his back trying to rescue children from a burning church. Ponyboy is supposed to be ablaze with simple, dramatic emotions, he often fights back tears Two-Bit and Johnny both supported Darry and said that Darry was nothing like Ponyboy’s description. Ponyboy and Johnny had made plans to go to the Nightly Double drive-in theatre with Dally. Ponyboy is allowed to stay under the custody of his brothers only if they behave. Ponyboy had two brothers, Sodapop Curtis and Darry Curtis. Hinton because it is one of those few books that gives you a new and different perspective on how we first perceived things to be. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Hinton when she 15 and she was 18 by the time it was first published by Viking Press in 1967. Jerry also feels that Johnny killed Bob in self-defense. At the start of the novel Ponyboy is just a kid being brought up in the greaser neighbourhood. You can view samples of our professional work here. Don’t waste time! Johnny awakens Ponyboy at 2:00 AM and sends him home. Ponyboy told Cherry about Sodapop’s horse, Mickey Mouse which he never told anyone about. After successfully getting into the theater they sit behind two female Socs. When Ponyboy reaches the lot and wakes up Johnny, he tells him that they need to run away from home. My sister and I have our ups and downs but when the time comes we are always there for each other.

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