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Thank you in advance for your generosity. This book, the first and only cultural history of DMT, weaves together neurochemistry, aesthetics, spirituality, technology, ethnobotany and more to trace the effect of DMT’s release into our cultural bloodstream. Machine elves is a term coined by the ethnobotanist, philosopher, and writer Terence Mckenna to describe some of the entities that are encountered in a DMT trip. It is also interesting that many parallels can be drawn in the appearances of DMT entities. Whether DMT insectoids fall under this category is unclear, but to quote a volunteer who experienced insectoid/reptilian entities during Dr. Rick Strassman’s study in DMT: The Spirit Molecule: "They were interested in emotion… They feasted as they made love to me.". The being felt female and was talking to me in place of my voice in my head - the thoughts weren't my own, and the conversation was not of this world… something impossible to convey. In his 2005 book ‘Supernatural’, he refers to such entities as “the ancient teachers of mankind”. The DMT state may be interesting, even extremely so, but there are no independently-existing entities to be found there. Do You Need to Travel to South America to Drink Ayahuasca? Depending on your perspective on reality in general, you might be inclined to put DMT entity experiences down to heightened imagination or hallucinations, but great numbers of people seem to consider the entities ‘real’ in the usual sense of the word.

There are many of these things, but the main thing that's happening is that they are engaged in a linguistic activity of some sort, which we do not have words for, but it's visible language. There were a total of 180 experiences of entities reported. Other reported interactions were warmth or love (9%), welcome/excitement (9%), reassurance or encouragement (8%), neutrality or observation (7%), play or entertainment (4%), power or control (3%), sexuality (3%), unclear interactions (3%), questioning (3%), reminding (2%), and miscellaneous interactions that did not fit into the other categories (2%).

One of the DMT Times team experienced the jester entity as follows: “A genie-like being swooped down into my inner vision on some kind of ‘magic carpet’, for want of a better analogy. DMT Times is a self-funded site and has been from the beginning. Do you have a theory about who they are? - Terence McKenna's idea of DMT Entities. Indeed, according to St. John, Dr. Strassman has abandoned his strict psychoanalytic model, apparently accepting the authenticity of his subject’s reports. Did McKenna really say that DMT entities were evil at the end of his life? When you break into the space, they actually cheer! The content available on or through the website is not intended and shall not be construed to constitute professional medical, health, legal, tax or financial advice, nor diagnose, cure, or treat any medical, health or other condition. Male participants were more likely to report the gender of entities than were female participants, and entities whose gender was specified were significantly more likely to be female than male. Megaliths in South-East Asia: The Sacred Stones of Borneo, Ancient Indonesian Site of Gunung Padang Could Be 28,000-years-old Say Researchers, The Emperor’s New Mind: Roger Penrose Talks to Joe Rogan About Quantum Consciousness, Stop Worrying, There Probably is an Afterlife, Björk’s New Music Video Looks Like it was Double-Dipped in DMT, Bringing Back Eleusis: Dennis McKenna talks to Joe Rogan About Aliens, UFOs and How to Approach Fringe Experiences, Researcher Develops a Machine to Allow Psychonauts to Explore the DMT Realm, Psychedelic Afterlife? As St. John reminds us in Mystery School in Hyperspace, the debate over the subject of entity contact in the DMT-verse has been hotly contested by scientists, Psychonauts, philosophers and theologians, “with skirmishes flaring in Cyberspace over the past twenty years.”. We are also happy to hear from you at any time with questions or suggestions, and if you have a DMT or ayahuasca experience to submit, please send it via our experiences pages. A reader who contributed a DMT experience to DMT Times said: “Suddenly a being formed in the center and got really close to my face. When you consider the range of differences in human psyche and intentions, it is easy to imagine that hyper-dimensional beings might have a similar level of diversity.

The online community for users of DMT and Amazonian plant brew ayahuasca. Some don’t conform to a recognisable image at all, and some are either difficult to describe in worldly terms - or barely perceptible visually. This kind of encounter often happens in an environment similar to a carnival or circus. It also represents the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, and kundalini, the life force energy said to travel up the spine during kundalini awakenings. The serpent is a symbol represented within many cultures around the world. Terence McKenna also wrote and spoke about his interactions with these entities at length, including the continuously emerging archetype of the spirit guide “teacher” – who with an alien, insect-like and interstellar qualities, “was somehow a diplomatic anthropologist, come to give us the keys to galactic citizenship.”. *This article was originally published at

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