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Shailene Woodley's newest movie makes Divergent look like a walk in the park. She decided to listen to him and headed down, while Richard secured himself with a safety harness and attempted to try to steer the boat. GND-Namenseintrag:, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Keep reading to discover more about someone can survive an impossible situation against all odds. Though she still carries the memory of her experience and her fiancé with her every day, she’s gotten married, has two children, and is the picture of happiness. Her story inspired the 2018 film Adrift. Als sie wieder zu Bewusstsein kam, war die Hazana schwer beschädigt und Sharp verschwunden.[2]. | Kein GND-Personendatensatz. View our online Press Pack. Die damals 23-jährige Oldham Ashcraft begleitete ihn auf der Überfahrt. I just really had a hard time. Aber der Kampf war nicht vorbei für Tami. Als sie wieder zu Bewusstsein kam, war die Hazana schwer beschädigt und Sharp verschwunden.[2]. It was filmed mainly on the open water off Fiji and stars Shailene Woodley of The Fault In Our Stars as Tami and Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin, 32, as Richard. FOR loved-up young adventurer Tami Oldham, sailing a yacht across the Pacific with her sexy fiance was meant to be 4,000 miles of sun-kissed bliss. Sie segelte weiterhin und machte ihr Kapitänspatent.[3]. After the birth of her daughter she decided that the time had come for her to write her story down and share it with others. Schwach, hungrig und kurz vor einem Nervenzusammenbruch hielt sich die damals 23-Jährige nur mit Erdnussbutter und Konserven, bis sie sicher in Hilo, Hawaii, ankam. Sie verließ sich stattdessen auf einen einfachen Sextanten. Die Amerikanerin nahm im Oktober 1983 im Alter von 23 Jahren mit ihrem Freund Richard Sharp den Auftrag an, die 44 … ‘Hazana’ after it was towed into the harbor at Hilo. TICKETS KAUFEN Sehen Sie wann Adrift spielt in deiner Nähe. . This is the kind of story that will have your jaw on the floor and leave a tear in your eye, but it is also incredibly inspiring and meaningful. Then the radio crackled to life with a warning that Hurricane Raymond was bearing down on them. Tami Lee Oldham Ashcraft (née Oldham) is an American sailor and author who, in 1983, survived 41 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Alles, was Sie über Chip und Joannas letzten Fixer Upper-Client wissen müssen, Joanna Gaines teilt emotionales Update vor dem Fixer Upper Finale von heute Abend, Wer ist Caroline Boyer? Between the wind at 160 miles per hour and the waves at 40 feet high, the boat was taking on damage and it was getting more and more difficult to keep the yacht steady. On top of that, emotionally and mentally she was left with deep scars that she struggled to work through. She never saw him again. Tami was unconscious for around 27 hours, and when she finally woke up she couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing. Ich bin ziemlich eigensinnig, also bin ich immer:" Oh, ich kann das alleine durchstehen. " Twice ships appeared in the distance but their crews did not see the distress flares Tami sent into the sky. But what if you were in a place where there was nowhere safe to go during a storm? Today, Ashcraft lives on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington, where she still sails regularly. It took five years for Tami to fully recover from the head injury, which left her struggling to read and suffering short-term memory loss. Nachdem sie wieder in der Lage war zu lesen, begann sie schließlich, ihre Erlebnisse mit Unterstützung der Profiautorin Susea McGearhart in dem Buch Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea zu verarbeiten, das 2018 von Baltasar Kormákur unter dem deutschen Titel Die Farbe des Horizonts (englisch: Adrift) verfilmt wurde. She created a makeshift sail and rigged up a way to pump water from the cabin. She managed to find a new one still rolled up, and used a pole to hoist it up. "Das Schwierigste war definitiv der Umgang mit Richard, der weg war", sagte Tami Tribun . Im Oktober 1983 nehmen die erfahrenen Segler Tami Oldham Ashcraft (damals 23) und ihr Freund Richard Sharp … Combined, the two had years of sailing experience and spent much of their time cruising around the South Pacific Islands on Sharp’s 36-foot sailboat. The yacht was sinking, the sails were shot, and she had a gash on her forehead that was increasingly painful. Sie ernährte sich in dieser Zeit vornehmlich von Konserven. Messe Friedrichshafen. While in Tahiti, the couple received a very generous offer that would involve them taking on an ambitious sailing trip. Sie steigen wieder in das Auto oder, wie sie sagen, wieder auf das Pferd. Tami Oldham reveals the harrowing experience of when her dream adventure turned into a real life nightmare. ". She fashioned a pump to prevent the lower deck from flooding, and then she set out to create a sail since the original had been shredded to pieces and the mast broken. Oldham Ashcraft gelang es, das Boot im Rahmen ihrer Möglichkeiten u. a. durch einen improvisierten Mast wieder segeltüchtig und manövrierfähig zu machen. Ashcraft believes that the force of the wind was just too strong and that he must have been thrown into the sea and pulled beneath the massive swells. “But no Richard. The loss of Richard was difficult for Tami to process, especially because she was still adrift in the middle of the ocean. Schiffbruch 1983. September 2020 um 20:49,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. YouTubeTami Oldham Ashcraft and Richard Sharp, just before setting out on their fateful trip. 1983 wurde Oldham Ashcrafts damaligem Verlobten, dem britischen Segler Richard Sharp (34), angeboten, die 44-Fuß Yacht Hazana von Tahiti nach San Diego zu überführen. Als das Ehepaar auf den gewaltigen Hurrikan Raymond von 1983 stößt, beschädigt das Gewitter das Schiff und Richard schwer. Then, just before the killer wave struck, “all motion stopped”. Ungefähr drei Wochen später traf der Hurrikan ein. The couple loved to sail together, and frequently took long boat trips out on the water. A sextant is a navigational tool that sailors have been using for centuries. They took many pleasure trips in the little sailboat, and it was certainly the boat that the two were most comfortable with. Tami Oldham Ashcraft and Richard Sharp, just before setting out on their fateful trip. Tragically, their 22-year-old daughter, Kelli Ashcraft, was taken from them in 2017 as the result of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Though she couldn’t even read for six years afterward due to her head injury, she managed to put her entire story down on paper for her book Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea. ". Da alle elektronischen Navigationsinstrumente vom Sturm zerstört worden waren, navigierte sie manuell mit Hilfe eines Sextanten.

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