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* I used Varathane outdoor spar urethane. It will not stop the paint from chipping. "product_number": "630510444", Well he dripped it all over the brand new Trex deck and then to top it off, he spilled almost a whole quart on our cement patio… Ahhhhh!!!! Well it sounds like you definitely have some trapped moisture in that finish. Epifanes? Sorry to hear you are having trouble. "isTintable": "False", I have stained the wood and now I am on to spraying a few coats of helmsmans for a high gloss look. "Base_Clear": 76, We where going to use a Miniwax gel stain (mahogany color) and finish it with Epifanes as noted many times here. The third coat dried with lots of white lines at the seams in the trim around the four windows. I stained my hand rails and then paint it with spar urethane few weeks ago but the coat seem to be soft when you apply finger nail force. What could be the problem that they forsee? Outside are the same, but the sun was shining directly on the door so the surface temp was higher. Polyurethane, whether it’s an outdoor or indoor formula, takes a little finesse to apply without bubbles or brush strokes. I have ‘foggy’ areas, (moisture trapped). It was showing some flaking and wear, so I lightly sanded with 180 grit, followed by 220 grit sandpaper to smooth things out. "usage": "Defining", So that little patch could very well create even bigger problems in the future. Which specfic one was it. Or is gloss best for weather protection?

It works and gives a mirror-like finish. Paint and any sealers do not. }, White lines? "unitID": "", We just got a White Mountain ice cream maker and I am considering finishing the wood bucket to keep it nice looking. Something like Epifanes would be great.

:) Also, oil-based finishes tend to amber over time. Once the surface is flat and smooth, switch to the wiping method. I would assume the dry time on that would be a while. It looks bad. These particles scatter the light and give the finish its semigloss, or satin look. "unitID": "", I am refinishing my dining table. I got the good ideas and details from your website, will try to check your DVD also. "attributes": [ Also “1# cut shellac? If you do have to brush it on, I recommend using a synthetic applicator taking care not to produce bubbles.

I’m not a very proficient sprayer but I like the speed it offers so this method gives me the final appearance I want with just a little extra effort. If it was cost effective i would epoxy it all. Maybe try the operation on a scrap piece of formica from the home store and see how it holds up. Would you apply this same “thinned” method to exterior doors like these? If the brush marks are not severe, you should be able to flatten most of it out without incident. Next I looked for something that would dry a little faster so I opted for wipe-on poly.

"searchable": false, RUST-OLEUM Ultimate Oil-Based Spar Urethane – Best Value Polyurethane Product. I was considering sanding lightly with a very fine grain (600 or 1200?) As for coloring the Helmsman, it can be done using dyes that are soluble in oil-based finishes. Kind of at a stand still because I don’t know whether to use this water based product for my exterior door. First thing you should probably do is get yourself a pine board and practice. We had a table base made for the sink cut out. The thinning method really just simplifies the process and makes it so that you have fewer drips. As for milkiness, that doesn’t sound normal. Tools & Home Improvement; Household Polyurethanes, Shellac & Varnish; Household Stains; Hardware Sealers; See All 8 Departments. We recently bought a new unfinished knotty alder front door and because I have a track record for making bad decisions, I let the install guy stain and finish the door. "15775": "650102759", I am trying to figure out the best way to waterproof the plywood. Would you apply a “primer” beforehand? If you are being super precautious, you might even consider applying a light coat of dewaxed shellac after the stain and before the topcoat. I personally don’t think its any better than Varathane Spar. If you need to dilute, you can use water. I’m sure you have answered this one before, but the blog is long and I’m short on time. Ikea recommends oiling them. I don’t want him making it worse so I’m going to try and fix it myself. Add To List Click to add item Minwax® Helmsman® Clear Spar Urethane Spray - 11.5 oz. They looked great and they withstood a lot of wear and tear.

As for the finish, I would recommend either Epifances, or possibly a 2-part sytem like CPES. { It sounds like this tub needs to breathe, absorbing and releasing moisture is probably an important part of its function.

With a cover though, you probably won’t need to worry about it more than once every few years. My dilemma is that it looks fine as is, although I don’t like the feel so much — and now I fear for its future (due to Helmsman) after reading your blog. "values": [{ "values": [{ Trying to finish with ‘gloss’ Varathane polyurethane varnish. The finish is still almost as nice as the day after I applied it. Instead of Helmsman, step up to Epifanes. The table frame is steel. Its a great product but a little pricey. "comparable": true,

My husband put a coat of clear Varathane Oil Based Spar Urethane on our new deck railings. "unitID": "", Thanks. And for those that are wondering what my preferred outdoor varnish is, its Epifanes Marine Varnish. Now I am not familiar with that particular product so I can’t speak from experience, but with most finishes you can run into a situation where the moisture gets trapped.

Hello – love the site, I used your technique to refinish my 1920’s pine front door. What kind or what would you recomend? And in some cases, with enough coats, you can get rid of some of the brush marks. { },

Please advise what to use to condition New exterior mahogany door with prior to staining. It’s just a little softer and contains UV inhibitors, things you generally don’t need on indoor trim work. "values": [{

Or, if you prefer their ‘Clear Varnish’ product is their a way to use that without sanding in between applications? When the sun hits the door, the curing process is accelerated, but the finish is already applied. What happened? Using Old Masters oil based stain. Keep in mind that this mix has no raw oil in it, so it will tack up faster than something like Danish oil. As far as using Epifanes its up to you. We just added a sunroom to the back of our house that will not get wet and will be heated during the winter months and cooled in summer months. "sequence": "510.00000", "name": "Container Size", It’s like I’m painting with soap. I have three coats brushed on. Just taking some shots in the dark here, but you might try sanding the surface thoroughly with 220 grit. The first thing I would try is applying a little more finish in a test area to see what happens.
FYI, the door is somewhat protected from the sun with a covered porch area, but we do experience excessive heat here during the summer. "storeDisplay": false, "storeDisplay": false, So if its already done and you aren’t having any adhesion issues, you may as well continue down that path. If so, what product should I use? My advice would be to refinish the door during warm/dry weather using high quality materials, like my go-to Epifanes marine varnish. Ironically the finish at about 60 degrees turned out much better and dried more quickly than a coffee table I finished last fall in warmer temperatures with the same products.

Tankless hot water system is too far from kitchen? If you go the Oak route I think you you need 3-4 coats over the stain. Great site, have learned alot. But again, a practice board will likely answer all of your questions or at least show you what specific questions you need to ask.

"comparable": true, As for the poly on the metal, I would just try to scrape it off.

if so how? I am sorry I have so many questions. I am going to convert it into a vanity with two sinks. Does the wood have to be very dry in order to varnish? That could be a big problem. Just purchased a 5ft x 2ft slab of ash that I am making into a dining room table for my apt. Some may think its a little too soft for interior applications. Unless I’m missing something it seems that the super protective epifanes spar varnish has only a glossy finish. "isBuyable": "true", In fact I very much prefer water based Poly now for most common things. {{ctrl.avgRatingForScrReaders}} Star rating out of 5. So my recommendation would be to apply the stain in a warmer environment.

Eligible for Free Shipping. It takes time to make wood smooth and have a coat that lasts. I’m looking for a product that will leave a hard layer over the chippy paint so it won’t flake off with exposure to the outside elements. to the compare list. Otherwise, you are probably better off getting the oil-based stuff. "unitID": "", "15778": "Satisfaction Guaranteed" I have a client that has an exterior wood front door that faces north (in Texas).
"unitOfMeasure": "", As long as the previous finish is cured, you should be able to.

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