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Dolby Atmos: The equivalent of 4K in sound? The Sony A9G and A8G both have excellent design and build quality. But even so, in general, they both can show colors of HDR images fairly accurate, make the HDR images looks colorful on their screen.

But even so, for this case, the color gradient of Sony A9G is better than A8G. Meanwhile, the advantages that offered by A9G is on input lags, sound output, smart TV performance, and image processor, while in term of picture quality, their performance is almost similar.

But even so, on 100% window, their ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter) is very aggressive to dim their peak brightness to around 150 nits. The A9G has two of these actuators, while the A8H has only one. Although, Costco does have a good deal right now on the 55” C9. Both Sony A9G and A8G run the same smart TV platform, which Android TV. But on the other hand, they cannot produce very bright saturated colors. As we have known, infinite contrast ratio and perfect black level become one of the main strengths of the amazing picture quality produced by OLED TVs including Sony A8G and A9G. Unlike A9G (AG9) there is no fancy cable management system in A8H (A8). For the A8H, Digital Trends says that "for the best OLED TV picture quality you can find with a truly cinematic experience, the A8H is a top choice.”.

They're available at Best Buy and Amazon, among other places. And to remove the judder without motion interpolation, you just need set “Motion Flow” to “Custom”, “Smoothness” to “Min”, “CineMotion” to “Auto”, and “Clearness” to “Low”. Meanwhile, with real HDR content, their peak brightness is not far different where they can hit around 600 nits. My friend who used to work at Best Buy in the home theater department says that he always got LG returns, but rarely ever got Sony returns. Their peak brightness varies depending on content. Additionally, both Sony A8G and A9G have excellent color gradient.

While with SDR content, they have almost similar peak brightness, with HDR content, Sony A8G can hit a bit brighter peak brightness than A9G.Llike with SDR content, the peak brightness of the A8G is also depending on content and “Picture Mode”. In a review published Thursday, Flat Panels HD's Torben Rasmussen looked at the 65-inch model. A Black Frame Insertion can be enabled by setting “MotionFlow” to “Custom” and “Clearness” to “High”. On the other hand, when showing a white, all of the sub-pixels switch on with maximum light. So if you want to move it, you must be extremely careful when taking it. The result, motion looks extremely clear and smooth on their screen. In the market, the A9G comes in 3 screen sizes option including 55 Inches (XBR55A9G), 65 inches (XBR65A9G), and 77 … This allows the A9G can pass through Dolby Atmos via True HD signal DTS:X via DTS-HD MA signal via its HDMU eARC. The result, when viewing angle, the picture displayed on their screen will still look accurate, far more consistent than LED TVs. Keep in mind, this result is reached when the “Picture Mode” is set to “HDR Cinema” with “Brightness” is set to “Max”. Personally I would get the A9G as it's speakers are 60w compared to the 30w on the a8h. The result, when they are showing a highlight in a dark scene, there is no blooming noticeable around the bright object. The LG CX OLED has more size options and is more affordable across the board," the story said, while noting that the site has not yet run a full review of the A8H series. Posted by 10 days ago. Whether they are used for watching movies in a dark room, watching sports, watching TV Shows, playing games, watching movies in HDR, or smart TV performance, their performance is equally great. "It is up to you to decide whether that matters but ultimately, given the competitive field, Sony's TV falls just short of our Highly Recommended Award.”. Sony A8H: This OLED TV comes in 55- and 65-inch sizes and offers a very accurate image in the Custom picture mode, with great video processing. The major flaw of them is they both have a risk to permanent burn-in when showing content with a static image like games or TV broadcast’s logo. All in all, the A9G can provide a real home cinema feeling. But unfortunately, with 1080p source, its input lag is far higher than A9G, which is around 50 ms. I want the tv mainly for upgrading non-4K programming AND the PS5.

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