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Various Smeg dishwashers feature either the individual UltraClean cleansing programme or the HyClean option, which is selected in conjunction with a regular wash cycle. No. This ensures perfect drying and greater control over rinse temperatures. There was a problem subscribing to the newsletter. 60°;C) for further time and energy savings. This is a further safety guarantee to give you peace of mind. The latest Smeg dishwashers wash dirty dishes, pots and cutlery extremely well thanks to programmes which can reach 70°;C and advancements in washing powders. First of all, this happens when operating instructions are violated. Look for symptoms of malfunction in the table and find out the cause of the breakdown. Since vinegar is not as thick, certain technical problems may occur as a result. Dishwasher dishwasher pdf manual download. Q) Why is there a red light on the floor in front of my dishwasher? Servevast Support Portal - Why is there a red light on the floor in front of my dishwasher? Yes, you can open the door during the EnerSave cycle to load more cutlery or crockery. Please bear in mind that dryness levels may vary depending on the materials used in the products' manufacture. Why is there a red light on the floor in front of my dishwasher? Rinsing your plates under before putting them in the dishwasher is actually a waste of water (10, 20 litres, maybe more in some cases) and costs you money. You successfully subscribed to the newsletter! Step 1 Open the dishwasher door and quickly close it. A feature of various Smeg dishwashers, the HyClean option adds a final rinse at 70°;C to the selected wash cycle, eliminating virtually all bacteria in the process. The Double Aquastop system, on the other hand, protects the tub and consists of a double watertight seal in the water inlet hose to prevent leaks. Various Smeg dishwashers feature the Strong & Fast programme, which washes pots and pans at 65°;C and rinses at 70°;C. This helps get rid of even the most stubborn caked-on dirt in just 50 minutes. Have a … Make sure that the door latches properly; you should hear a soft "click" as the latch engages. We offer help and advice in the form of videos. We have a Smeg dishwasher that does work. If, however, you need to wash plates which are covered in fish or egg residue, you can add a spoonful to the tub before the wash cycle starts to get rid of the grease and strong odours. Welcome to the Smeg house, where you can feel at home among your loved ones, grow your ideas and share your experience. View and Download Smeg Dishwasher instruction manual online. ... Smeg BBQ Smeg Cookers Smeg Dishwashers Smeg Electric Hobs Smeg Gas Hobs Smeg Laundry Smeg Ovens Smeg Refrigeration Smeg Sinks & Taps. unauthorised reproduction and distribution prohibited. The Total Aquastop system, a feature of most Smeg dishwashers, prevents flooding as a result of water leakage. If you have searched through our question and answer section, and cannot find an answer to your question, then our support team are happy to help. Before jumping into each model, it is easiest to have a quick look at the control panel display for each of the 4 dishwashers we are using as an example, to understand what the difference is between programs, indicators, and other warning type lights. Depending on the model, a light (or one each for salt and rinse aid) will come on, indicating that a refill is required. The Shuttle system patented by Smeg overcomes this problem by shuttling the lower spray arm from front to back on a secondary supporting arm, ensuring optimum water distribution throughout to deliver excellent wash results while maintaining low consumption of water and energy. The light goes out when the wash concludes. All you need to do is browse through the different videos that we have recorded so you can visually see how to fit a certain part or gain more knowledge on a particular product.

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