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I have several contact who speak and read Russian but are not aware of any ancient rituals. The four points of the star represent faith, freedom, righteousness and honor, while the circle represents the Sun. Copyright Ancient Code. She is a supporter of women and their protector during childbirth and handwork. © Mokosh is a Slavic Goddess of Fertility, Creation and womanhood. Ancient Egypt is a never ending source of inspiration for many of us – their myths , their history, and their art are so wonderful and enigmatic, that they have intrigued researchers for decades. Valuable info. Ziva teaches people how to care for soil so it can produce the grain, and how to store it for the winter. She makes trees green and flowers bloom. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. These traditions show the singular goddess “Vesna”, but there is a mythology surrounding the plural “Vesnas”. The mother goddess was a consort of the sky god, and in Slavic folklore, this role was played by Zemyna. Woe betide those who offended this goddess however, for when brought to anger, Gabia would burn their home to the ground. A fertility deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with fertility, pregnancy, and birth. She was first rather a moist Earthy Goddess, but with time she became more domesticated and her focus shifted from raw fertility to more housekeeping oriented. Their home are meadows, forests but also cemeteries. What Happened to the Sunken City of Cuba? Finally there were the Zorja (the Auroras), who were two beautiful goddesses. Perperuna. However, a large part of their mythology can be reconstructed from linguistics, folklore and comparative mythology. Lada is the Slavic goddess of beauty and fertility. Now all of the most famous mythical creatures have... Every culture has an explanation about how we got here. Can you help? Often portrayed as beautiful young girls with long flowing blond hair, wearing greenish dresses, or nothing at all. Was the Drive to Rewrite the Code of Life Seeded In Our DNA? Explore the Legends and the Myths, Understanding the Gods of Egypt: In Unison With Nature. Dodola was a wife of a great Slavic God of Thunder, Perun. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher! In some cases these deities are directly associated with sex, and in others they simply embody related attributes. Her name means nice, pretty and order. This suggests she may also possess maternal qualities, for the mother goddess of Norse mythology (Frigg) was also a Friday goddess. She was often depicted naked, holding apples in one hand (like Eve from the Abrahamic myths), and grapes in another. But if needed, she can transform herself into beautiful seductive girl. As the opposite of Morana, she is depicted as beautiful, full of life, and fertile. She is a goddess of signs, omens and coincidences. Zosia by Vinogradov Alex Utrennjaja by Alena Klementeva 2020 All Rights Reserved. Those born on the day of Kostroma, during celebration of Semik, at the beginning of June are blessed with a special talent in writing and speaking. Lada is showing up in form of other great goddesses as Freya, Isis and Aphrodite. Come on over and visit my web site . They knitted together fisher nets, and with their voice and singing they tempted those passing by and lure them into the deep waters. Now days, she is displayed as an evil witch or hag eating children and spreading horror. She is a sister of Vesna and Ziva, and a mother of Black Three headed God of War and agriculture. Vila is a mystical creature, a spirit of meadows and forests, a soul of young girl who died just before her marriage, but also a frivolous girl who died before her time. Commonly known as Marzanna, her Polish name, Morana (as she is known in Czech, Slovene, Serbian, and Croation) is the Slavic goddess of winter and death. Zhiva (Živa) was the name of the old Slavic goddess of life, fertility and marriage, one of numerous terrestrial goddesses. She is portrayed as a young woman dressed in fresh plants. One goddess loved for her beauty and bounty, the other feared and hated for her ugliness and darkness. However, school children still participate in singing traditional songs, burning and drowning effigies, and participating in a feast as a way to celebrate the coming of spring. She is also a Goddess of Fate and Destiny, where she knots the fate of every human. Stories generally describe it as a terrifyingly enormous octopus or squid like creature... Nearly everyone has heard of the Chinese New Year festival, but there is another festival that is very important in China and East Asia. Top image: Image of Morana and Vesna. In ancient times, there was a god or goddess for everything: war, love, fertility, protection, abundance, hunting, writing and healing. She is being invoked every spring through various rituals to provide fertility and abundance to the land. Morning star (Zornicka) is a Goddess of Dawn, a warrior virgin Goddess tending horses. Morana by Hhabasi To most she appeared as the withered old woman with an ugly face, however, it is said that to those who were not afraid of her she would appear as the beautiful maiden. Thanks – Enjoyed this blog post, is there any way I can get an update sent in an email when there is a fresh article? Machu Picchu, one of the most famous archaeological sites in all of Latin America, has reopened with the spectacle of an ancient Inca ceremony. Baba Yaga lived deep in the woods in a house which stood on one chicken leg and could turn and dance when Baba Yaga commanded so. When she is around, one feels warmth, comfort and a feeling of "home". While most traditions point back to her role as the goddess of death, another tradition states that she was not always the embodiment of death. She was associated with regeneration & rebirth, and is linked to the day of Friday. Many books and videos show depictions of vast work forces hewing blocks of stone in the hot desert sun and carefully setting them into place. Vesna by Svetlana Belovodova She is a patron of all adolescent girls, spreading around catching laughter and silliness youth. She protects homes and harmonizes family relationships. She is associated with Slavic God Perun, god of North, Thunder, War and harvest. Goddess of the home and hearth. The palace is protected by snakes and represents the place that the Slavs associate with funerals, once again showing her role as the goddess of death and the underworld. In this sense Morana is quite literally winter; she pulls Dazbog into her embrace for the duration of winter but he breaks free in time to bring spring. Goddess. I bookmarked it. While the above story is merely one of the components. She resembles Greek Goddess Artemis and is often mistaken for a Roman goddess Diana, dressed up in Slavic shoes. Dziewona was also experienced in the martial arts, skilled in hunting and stealth. She is gentle, aetheric and endlessly smiling and singing Goddess. The goal of Ancient Origins is to highlight recent archaeological discoveries, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe. Forever intertwined, Morana, goddess of winter and death, and Vesna, goddess of spring and rebirth, could not exist without each other. It is this story that makes some doubt her name originating from the word for death in many languages, since she was once a goddess of life with the same name. Vesna is a beautiful Slavic Goddess of Spring, Youth, Fertility, Marriage and Life. 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