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But you can also embark for the Vietnam and join the US Special Forces, or also in a futuristic universe as Stargate SG-1! If you have and apple device, you can download a free issue of i think it's airsoft International that has a couple SASR loadouts plus some Vietnam loadouts and a couple others. Then just grab a pair of trousers in your fav. We built kit list to help you coordinate what you wear : from head to toes, to disapear in your environment, to protect yourself or for role play, choose the outfit you prefer and enjoy! Any suggestions for an SAS loadout? This is because the SASR can supposedly bring their own weapons and gear to their deployments. Add to this a few cameras of EVO type on your brother in arms’ outfits and you’ll be actually in the center of the action, to post after on YouTube! Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue. However, thanks LaSportiva Boulder X low tops owner Neil P, we then knew that Obi Wan’s shoes were most likely the latter. We built kit list to help you coordinate what you wear : from head to toes, to disapear in your environment, to protect yourself or for role play, choose the outfit you prefer and enjoy! Or do you prefer Bundeswehr uniform? Ahha, so they do make Hi-Powers! Multicam is their official uniform for all applications too. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The originally stated knife (since removed) was a best guess at the time of original publication. Heritage-Airsoft offers you to build outfits for use in dark and/or urban areas. The only creation limit is your imagination! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Question: What is the 1st line gear loadout for a lrrp or SF. Heritage-Airsoft offers you outfits and equipment, allowing you to join the Vietnam’s tropical climate. Hope this helps some. The SAS also employ ropes when either fast-roping down from helicopters or abseiling down the side of buildings. For re-enactment? Please read the rules, Wiki/FAQ, and use the search bar! Because you always wanted to feel like Bruce Willis, John Rambo or the captain Dick Winters, Heritage-Airsoft offers you the opportunity to take the place of your heroes. Keep an eye on TG Knives Instagram as Tom will be opening his order books again soon. Cookies help us deliver our Services. We also learned in September 2020 that Obi Wan/Christian Craighead was carrying another knife – in his jeans. The author can occassionally be found training law enforcement and military snipers through International Tactical Training Seminars (ITTS) near Los Angeles, California. The Special Air Service (SAS) is the British Army’s most distinguished and renowned special forces unit. There are a total of [ 35 ] Special Air Service (SAS) Special Forces Weapons (Britain) entries in the Military Factory. If anyone can give me some information about what they wear it would be very helpful! I imagine some SAS members use the 1911, though. For more information on this firearms school and the upcoming course schedule, visit That’s why you can constitute a complete uniform of US paratrooper from 1944, outfit used in Normandy during the WW2. Heritage-Airsoft loadout: you’re the only limit! Heritage-Airsoft loadout: Cosplay, Softair and re-enactment. SAS assault teams will employ sledgehammers, battering rams, pneumatic tools and explosives to make entry into a terrorist stronghold. Product successfully added to your shopping cart. view youtube video featuring In this goal, Heritage-Airsoft will offer you soon completed made-up outfits, but that will give you a totally badass look! You want an Italian outfit? Depending on your job at my unit (2/75 75th RGR RGT) your loadout would be different. Discover our workshop services. gear. Blaster is an L119a1, Diemaco Lower, M4 Upper, 10" or 16" With Collar, Special FSB, Storm Grip, Car stock, Butt Pad, TA31 w/ Doctor on wing mount. It’s to know Heritage-Airsoft has exclusive articles concerning WW2 outfits, for one purpose: afford you getting a complete outfit as easily as possible. gear. What kind of plate carriers/assault vests do they use? Also, a huge, huge thanks to ComTac Systems – these Russian guys really know their stuff! You’re just an idiot at that point. Check out the PDF here Loadout: The Gear in One U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper Kit. Check out the PDF here SAS Counter Terrorism weapons Just to note that in September 2020, Obi Wan Nairobi went public on Instagram as Christian Craighead. share. I know that they run a multiple of loadouts im looking at getting an assault loadout, which from the information i've found, they are running a multicam, or DCPM uniform, with i think a LBT 6094 (but not too sure). I am thinking about getting some S.A.S. This section of the site takes a look at some of the weapons known to be used by the Special Air Service. This site uses cookies. Even a Five-Seven at distance could pass for a Hi-Power. I was wondering if anyone has any information. But nothing force you to respect this kit-lists to the letter. The SAS may also need to use the enemy's guns in emergency situations - ie such as in escape and evasion, when a trooper may need to take and use guns from fallen enemy soldiers. A CZ75 would be even closer though. Mags, holsters, helmets, guns, even your PC and pouches. well i think the 1911 would be a better alternative as the basic design of the browning high powered is off of the 1911, Yeah, the 1911 is a closer resemblance. if you look at the way they are dress you'll get an idea. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A counter terrorism division, and a special ops division. save hide report. or just chuck a baseball cap on your bonce and you're well away. For a pistol usp or glock is often used with serpa or safariland. loadout. They are certainly not using the 6094, no. 23 comments. Very common to see, MISC gear that has been spotted (usually only one image or one guy), M4 with Larue 11inch Rail, 14.5 inch barrel, M4 with DD 12 inch Block II rail, 14 .5inch barrel, M4 with DD 9 inch Block II rail, 10.5 inch barrel, Paraclete HPC in Khaki, Paraclete pouches in black spray painted Khaki. Probably in Coyote Tan. Questions from our readers online. It was confirmed in September 2020 that Obi Wan’s knife is a custom item from British artisan knife maker TG Knives. So you will easily create uniforms from many countries, to cover a maximum of fronts. Prior to the information appearing in Obi Wan/Christian Craighead‘s IG post above, Tom G from TG Knives got in touch with the blog to 100% confirm the connection. The SAS divide them selfs into two divisions. An airsoft outfit can be used for battlefields and specific environments. Im looking at creating a SASR (Australian SAS) loadout. Follow The Reptile House Blog on Facebook and Instagram, Enter your email address and click follow to receive new posts by email. Heritage-Airsoft loadout: Camo and various nationalities. A range of ladders are available for gaining entry through windows, or into airplanes. Not only might they be tasked with training foreign militaries with their use, they may also lead such forces into combat, using their weapons. MOPP gear Air items Single point release system Lowering line Quick release assembly Dive kit. Whether for a disguise for conventions (Japan Expo, Paris Manga, Paris Games Week, Shooting & Games Show, etc. The author can occassionally be found training law enforcement and military snipers through International Tactical Training Seminars (ITTS) near Los Angeles, California. Find in one place the gear, the equipment and the replicas you need for an awsome airsoft look. Check out the list above for Special Forces equipment they take overseas.

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