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Though he has not appeared before Congress, he has "been asked to provide documents to Congress" pertaining to Solyndra. He is a former uncle-by-marriage of Governor of California Gavin Newsom. PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (East) LLC, listed as one of the investors in the project was given the staggering loan, which even dwarfs that given to failed company Solyndra. It gets some of the basic facts correct. Primack, Dan. ABC News reported, "The deal later came under scrutiny from independent government watch dogs and members of Congress, which said the administration had bypassed key … 'This is my son, Beau, who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate': Joe makes his worst gaffe yet by mixing... America (and the world) holds its breath: Millions vote to deliver their verdict on the most divisive ever... Meghan Markle 'voted early by mail in the 2020 election' source claims - after she and Prince Harry sparked... United States Postal Service FAILS to meet deadline set by judge to sweep facilities and deliver remaining... 'Losing is never easy. Check out Diane Feinstein’s husband’s connection with the American Samoan tuna industry and the hundreds of millions of grants that that he received. The loan agreement comes as questions are raised about the effectiveness of solar power as a major energy source. Funny that as Democrats scream that Saudi’s renting out an entire floor of a Trump hotel is an untenable emolument. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law’ company was a primary beneficiary of that money landing a $737 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy for Crescent Dunes. PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (East) LLC is listed as one of the investors in the project that has been given the staggering loan guarantee, which even dwarfs that given to failed company Solyndra. Welcome to the UniParty ripoff of America’s taxpayers. He formerly was president and CEO of the company. Seven lines of copy-and-paste text involving Rep. Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law and a … He was remarried in 1979, to Susan Ferguson. At least when it comes to what we can expect from corrupt politicians. He also serves as Managing Director for Argonaut Private Equity, a company that invested in Solyndra through the LLCs parent company. The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy’s husband. A whopping 737 million of that money went to the Crescent Dunes project situated in Tonopah, Nevada, to finance a 110-megawatt desert solar power plant. A whopping 737 million of that money went to the Crescent Dunes project situated in Tonopah, Nevada, to finance a 110-megawatt desert solar power plant. It’s hard not to suspect that she earned her money the old fashioned way … by stealing it from taxpayers. He didn’t provide us with any documentation to that effect, however. Multiple LIBERAL Outlets Warn That If Biden Doesn’t Win Election, Civil War WILL Occur In America. To envision the size of the pot of gold that Democrats envision for themselves at the other end of the Green New Deal rainbow we only have to look back to the Obama administration, the $3 Trillion in “stimulus” money, the Green Movement, and how it seemingly  enriched Democrats, their donors, and Nancy Pelosi in particular. exemption for fair use of copyrighted works. This allowed politicians on both sides of the aisle to grow rich, while our children were saddled with a debt burden from which they are not likely to escape. But he was only an “independent director” on the company’s board in September 2011 when the loan guarantee for Tonopah was finalized. Correction, Feb. 2, 2012: The original Ask FactCheck incorrectly stated that “Ron Pelosi is an executive with Pacific Corporate Group” and that he had been employed there when the loan was finalized. 22 Dec 2009. Steve Mitchell and Argonaut Private Equity might have a chance to recoup some of their losses in the Solyndra debacle now that the Department of Energy has given a $737 million dollar loan guarantee to a company backed by Argonaut that also lists Mitchell among its board of directors. Email Sent to All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the The Solar thing just got a little more interesting…….REALLY! Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, had invested just in time. He is chairman of the board of Wind Capital Group, a wind energy company that makes it corporate headquarters in St. Louis. Most important, the project has a 20-year agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to buy power supplied by the solar plant, he said. A huge champion of the poor, Nancy Pelosi’s $22 million Napa home boasts tennis courts and a Bocci ball court. 28 Sep 2011. Update, Feb. 2, 2012: In a statement to, Ron Pelosi also said that “the loan the company received had nothing to do with me.” He added that he “knew nothing regarding their proposed or actual transactions,” and “did not speak with any person in connection with their plans.” He said that “those who say I did are attempting to smear Nancy Pelosi and me for their own political purposes.”. “SolarReserve Completes Financing for Advanced Technology Solar Power Project in Nevada.” Press release.

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