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And for a limited time, they have let us know that readers or PopularCrime can take 20% off their first box by using the code POPULARCRIME at checkout. Thanks! Although Cox said that the episode brought up a lot of buried emotions, she said that she is glad that Unsolved Mysteries decided to shine a light on the case. We encourage you to visit the original publisher. Two witnesses who happened to drive by Endres’ salon that day, who were also featured in the Unsolved Mysteries episode, gave law enforcement some hope. We recommend to all of our readers. “This has been a tough case for Patrice’s family — you know for Rob, her husband, and for Pistol,” Meurer said. The Jones connection also suggests a more sinister murder plot, as Unsolved Mysteries reveals that Rob requested to have Patrice's skeletal remains laid out on a table, and Rob also states that he slept with Patrice's ashes, described as his "teddy bear," for approximately one year after her cremation. He said he also kept all of Endres’ belongings away from Pistol after her remains were found. F*****g red flags all over the god damn place. However, the actual case evidence suggests that someone else is responsible for Patrice's death. Other than that, officials said that the salon looked like how it always did. WTF,’ one person tweeted. She had been working as a hair stylist at Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan in Cumming, Georgia, and met with clients between 8:50 a.m. and 11:10 a.m. Unsolved Mysteries locks into a 13-minute timeframe between 11-12 a.m., as Patrice was unusually "short" during a phone call at 11:35 a.m. and didn't answer a call 15 minutes later. Netflix has now rebooted the series, which ran for a total of 14 seasons up until 2010. R.I. dental assistant charged with sexually assaulting 2 patients, Updates on Operation Venetic, the EncroChat Sting, Orono man is third to face charges in Minnesota in multimillion-dollar magazine scam probe, Police search for missing 17-year-old Bernadette Walker is about to enter fourth week as hunt for her body returns to Peterborough after her parents were charged with her murder, Madeleine McCann update: More evidence of suspected killer’s past crimes, Husband charged with murder after woman was shot, killed at Griggs Reservoir, Keith Raniere, leader of sex cult Nxivm, sentenced to 120 years in prison, UPDATE – More Details About Whitney Hostler’s Murder Emerge, Woman found dead in car in Plain Township, Police arrest Boise woman in connection to suspicious death, Police: Concern for Missing Takoma Park Woman. She left her son, Pistol Black, and husband Rob Endres behind, and her two family members feature in the episode. She said that she hopes that the show can help those involved move on. Even Pistol told Unsolved Mysteries that he believes Rob was somehow involved with his mother’s death despite Rob’s proof that he was in Woodstock during the day of her disappearance. Netflix has now rebooted the series, which ran for a total of 14 seasons up until 2010. He reveals that Rob was "thoroughly investigated," and that a timeline was created to account for his whereabouts on the day of Patrice's disappearance. More than a year after her disappearance, Endres’ remains were found approximately 10 miles from her salon behind Lebanon Baptist Church in Dawson County. Cox said, however, that watching the show brought up a lot of feelings for her. She said that, like many of the people who knew Endres in Forsyth County, she was shocked to hear of Endres’ disappearance just a couple of years later. Two witnesses spotted a blue car in front of Tamber’s Trim ‘N Tan, however authorities aren't sure if it's a 1992 Blue Chevrolet Lumina with a Georgia Wildlife tag, a '99 to '02 Ford Taurus, or a Chevrolet Malibu four-door. Rob acknowledges the fact that husbands are always the prime suspect in cases such as this, and references his degree in criminology before speaking honestly about Patrice and her disappearance. 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Slept with her ashes?? Some Unsolved Mysteries theorists believe that Rob personally killed Patrice. Here's the evidence from the episode "13 Minutes.". The Rob-Is-Guilty theory begins with a clear motivation for murder. The murder could've been premeditated or a crime of passion. Carried her skull around the funeral home?? ‘EPISODE 2 OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES IS THE NEXT CAROL BASKIN,’ the fan wrote. “I think it’s good for — like this is being broadcast on a worldwide platform. (File photo). Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix has sparked theories that Rob Endres killed his wife, Patrice Endres. Like she was just a wonderful person. However, Posey's belief that the killer was familiar with Patrice's daily routine only fuels theories that Rob orchestrated his wife's disappearance. Endres would come over to cut Cox's grandfather’s hair after he became sick with Parkinson’s and could no longer make it out to a salon. As she walked in, Endres would always yell over something like, “Hey, baby!” — “always something sweet,” Cox said. The following is all of the evidence against Rob — and also a few reasons why he could be innocent. When they arrived on scene the day of her disappearance, April 15, 2004, they found that the cash was missing from her salon’s register, and her lunch container was still sitting next to her microwave as if she were just about to heat up some food and take a short break. I have NEVER shouted "what the fuck" so many times in under 5 minutes than I did for the last bit of the Patrice Endres episode of Unsolved Mysteries. ‘I am completely disturbed by what I just watched and I remember this case vividly.’. “So many people knew her and loved her,” Cox said. 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Billy Bean dishes on dinnertime, Integrity Foot & Ankle uses surgical and non-invasive options to stop foot and ankle pain, Morrow Family Medicine makes community the priority patient, Local business woman focuses on the personal aspect of buying a home. He changed the locks on her son THE NEXT DAY, walked around with her skull, slept for a year with her ashes and said they never argued?? Despite the claims made by Pistol (above), the Unsolved Mysteries case evidence suggests that Patrice wasn't killed by Rob. One of the cases explored is the death of Patrice Endres, who was married to Rob Endres. Rob, who has a degree in criminology himself, is still vocal about finding out what happened to her. It’s hard to move on with your life until you get the answers in some of these cases. Police are still investigating her death and disappearance 16 years later. Q.V. Both agree that they saw a car there in that same spot that day. ‘So yeah, that creepy a** husband on Unsolved Mysteries def killed his wife. Popular Crime pulls in news of current and historical true crime cases from all over the world. In those instances, buying these products or using these services will not cost you any extra and will provide us a small commission that helps to keep on-line. Diving deep into her research, she found that he had confessed to Endres’ murder, and then she started to look more into her story. By the end of the episode she was left feeling sad, angry and upset. Meurer said that the entire reason for the show is to try to help bring attention and eventually bring justice to the families involved in the unsolved cases that they feature. Related: Unsolved Mysteries Theory: The FBI Covered Up The Berkshires UFO Sightings. And that’s the goal of the show is to help people have closure.”. Meurer explained that Endres’ case was not only intriguing, but it also fell under this umbrella of cases with unsolved clues and theories — including the statements from the two witnesses along with Endres’ missing wedding ring. His background in criminology suggests that a murder-for-hire plot would be clean rather than messy.

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