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While on a road trip, we saw a stopped train in the rain, Put your hand on the window (road trip joke).

Q. Every TV program seemed to be about time when I get to Geneva.

Every damn time we passed a weigh station. Truck Jokes, Semi Puns, and Trucker Humor, Canada Jokes, Alaska Humor, Polar Puns, Redneck Jokes, Good Ol' Boy LOLs. Damn it. Did you hear that the cemetery is the most popular place in the world? got shot by the pizza guyyy.

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Now bear with me. How did the wife feel when her husband refused to wear his seat belt? As I pass a truck carrying horse food, I point to it and yell "HAY", My whole family, slightly startled, looks around, at what I'm so excited about, then realize, and in unison roll their eyes and groan, "No, Guess Who (the band) plays this song".

Q. Road Trip Laugh of the Day: My parents said I was born on the highway. Me: We just passed a rest stop too... Driving through hayfields and we pass a couple fields with larger round bales of hay, not the normal square ones.

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Threw their swords and shot each other/ It wanted to GO eco-friendly. Favorite.

One turns to the other and says, "Wow, this is the fastest we've ever gotten to the accident site.". Dad: Hey do you know why the have a fence up around the cemetery? A. Dad: Every store was given a different country, and we were Chile. A.

Road Trip Jokes, Traffic Humor, Exhausting Puns (Because Fast-Moving Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream When You're Stuck in Traffic or Need a Tow Truck!) Just don’t blame us if your Euro Trip mates abandon you while you’re sleeping after you’ve said four or five of them… A. Jack. Q.

A bright idea. ", Dad: "A few months!? Q. My cousin didn’t expect to like Cuba.

The main drag. Q. I was talking with a friend. Why was the squirrel late for work? Why did the traffic signal turn green and stay green? Now you can easily and quickly add contacts from your email account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

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Dad: "Oh, about 13.7 billion years", A co-worker and I were driving our work van through Peculiar, Kansas. Because car puns are so exhausting!


Let's pretend it was two hours. ", 28. When it's falling off a cliff. He offers me some and feeling snackish, "okay yeah I guess maybe I'll have a bit" he replies very quickly "you can have a bite too" at which point I realize it's a bag of bit and bites. What do you have if your car's motor is in flames? A.

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