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Will try and get some pics of my latest project, trying to fix my lack of boost! The previous models would have issues between 60k and 120k miles however as always there are instances where vans come in on low mileage. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. We replaced the bearing(s) for £70. Remove the gear linkage and bracket as one complete assembly by removing three bolts – two situated on the side and one on the top of the gearbox – and stow. I think I'm right in saying that the early Trafics are front wheel drive,so have you disconnected the drivers side driveshaft from the back of the engine?.There should be a bracket on the back of the block which supports the bearing around the shaft,the shaft is then pinned to the gearbox.I could be wrong though,I haven't worked on a Trafic like yours for quite a few years. Vauxhall's with as little as 22k miles are needing full bearing replacements as well as replacement gears. Football Shirt and Book with Laser Tools, WIN! vivaro gearbox removal [Vivaro] ... On the gearbox mount next to the wheel arch there are some pipes bolted on but a big bolt at the top going into the gearbox do I have to remove the full mount and unbolt those pipes or will removing the bolt on top release the gearbox from the rest of the mount Make sure the gearbox bell housing bolts are secured, and the gearbox mount is installed before removing the transmission jacks. Disconnect the ABS sensor connectors and release three nuts connecting the lower suspension arm to the ball joint on the near side. Fitted in the Renault Master & Traffic, Vauxhall Vivaro and Movano and Nissan Primaster . The image above is at the very last stages of this wear and would have, in a short time destroyed the output shafts and differential gear. Hi there, I have an 07 Renault master with 6 speed box which selects gears fine and will drive on idle but as soon as you press the throttle it looses drive and makes a harsh Grinding noise. We generally have these gearbox types on the shelf ready to dispatch on the same day. A new replacement gearbox will cost you upwards of £1300.00 +Vat (excludes fitting) and will come with a limited 12 month warranty. As you can see in the image above, the bearing rollers have worn down to a degree that their retainer cage can no longer support them and drop out of position. This means the gears collide together and completely strip the teeth. Renault still deny that there is no problem with the quickshift gearbox & refuse to have anything bad said about Renault or their products, coming from a bloke who thinks that the Renault Trafic has a RENAULT engine in it :rofl::rofl::rofl: and the the Trafic, Vivaro & Trimaster all have different parts & can not be cross referenced. Join now! Renault charge £2400 to replace the box - at least I was quoted that - along with others on this forum. I'd rather push my Alfa than drive a BMW.... i thought that myself but my father said that it should just slide straight off the spline but it isnt shifting at all. Hierdoor word je minder snel moe en rijd je veiliger naar je bestemming.

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