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Do not place and God idols or hang photos under the staircase. Search. The pooja room should be used only for pooja and not for storage or other miscellaneous purposes. East Facing House Vastu : Are They Really Auspicious? If they are, repair them immediately as it might cause conflicts in the family or may lead to. Search for: About The Authors. The number of elements which form the basis of existence are odd in number – 5 elements. If a linear staircase is constructed, it must begin from north to south or east to west (inside or outside the house). You can place a lamp stand in the pooja room in south-east or eastern side. Colors According To Vastu For Staircase Avoid pooja room or place under a staircase. Metal should never be used while constructing the pooja place. Make sure that all the idols are always in perfect condition. Do not have prayer place above, below or next to any toilet or kitchen. If the prayer area is in kitchen then keep it in the north-east corner of kitchen; you should face east while praying. How to decide the placement of staircase as per Vastu? April Fools Day Prank Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign, What Do The Tarot Cards Tell About Your Zodiac Sign, Know Your Perfect Partner As Per Your Zodiac, Born on The Cusp Know What is Your Zodiac Sign, Gemstone You Should Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign, Know Your Lucky Number As Per Your Zodiac, Effect Of September Equinox On All Zodiac Signs, Understanding The Master Numbers in Numerology, What Is Your Lucky Color As Per Your Zodiac Sign in 2019. are conducted. Do not have prayer place above, below or next to any toilet or kitchen. Never ever – under any circumstance – conceal any money or other valuables in pooja place. However, now the trend is changing again and people have started to keep a separate room for Pooja and significant religious purposes. It is believed to be a way to exhibit gratitude and show respect. Even avoid placing. Windows and doors should be in the east or north direction, and the doors should be made up of two shutters. Staircase Vastu: Can a Toilet or Kitchen be constructed under a staircase ? Vastu for Bedroom: 9 Ideas Nobody Told You About ! There are certain objects which should never be present in the Pooja room. Make sure that idols are placed in such a way that they do not face each other. Staircases in good Vastu zones should be constructed anticlockwise and in the negative zones should be constructed clockwise. In big plots or factories etc. You may use grey in West, red in the South and green in the East directions. There are various Pooja room designs for home available, and you should select an appropriate design as per Vastu. The space under the staircase should be used for nothing but storage of common household items, say Vastu experts. Never keep a dustbin in the pooja place; it reduces positive energy of the room. Staircase Vastu Tips:Important DO’s and DON’Ts, designing a shop or showroom as per Vastu, Staircase Vastu : Must Know Do's & Don'ts. Ensure proper lighting in the staircase area. Ensure that the new and fresh idols/pictures are placed in the pooja room. You should never sleep in the pooja room as it is considered to be very inauspicious. Also, the puja should be performed on the ground only. with water. Ensure that none of the steps are broken or chipped. is essential as this room is used for prayer, meditation, etc. Explore the universe of Horoscope Astrology and get a deep insight into your future! A hint of negative energy in this space can prove detrimental to your home’s peace. Be cautious and do not place torn pics or the broken idols in the Pooja room because these may affect your focus. The number of days in a week are odd, the planets are odd (7 planets excluding Rahu & Ketu). It is important that the pooja room has adequate ventilation and free flow of air, sunlight, etc. One of the most important rituals that should be followed is that before entering the sacred place of Pooja, you should wash your hands, legs, etc. Please consider a donation. This should be strictly avoided. Copper utensils should be used at the pooja place, especially when you collect the water. It goes without saying that a Pooja room or home temple should never be placed under a staircase. There have been many instances where a family – or an individual – faces severe money and health problems; when accurate vastu analysis of such houses was done; it was found that – in most of the cases – the staircase of home was the root cause of all the issues as the staircase was not complying with vastu rules and guidelines. Horoscopelogy is your access into the world of Astrology. Avoid pooja room or place under a staircase. White or light yellow colored marble work in prayer room makes it more auspicious. Another important fact to be kept in mind is that the staircase should always go up from East to West or from North to South. No one should sleep in the prayer room (except if the prayer room is in bedroom). Rooms such as bathroom, kitchen, or pooja room should never be built under a staircase. There is a theory that even the animals are always found in a pack of odd and a group of birds is always in odd number. Torn/faded pictures, rusted items, dry flowers, etc. Use white, light yellow or light blue colors for walls of pooja room. It is better if the pooja room’s roof is in the shape of the pyramid; it is considered to be very sacred and auspicious. The pooja room should never be constructed under the staircase in any circumstances. And under the staircase is certainly not the best place for the almighty. With time, people started to use only a particular shelf where they kept pictures or idols. Log in. are different as per the house structure, and hence, Perfect Bedroom Design As Per Vastu Shastra, Zodiac Signs Characteristics and Personality Traits, The Most Essential Five Tarot Card Readings For Better Life, Powerful Effects of Destiny number in your life. Sometimes, a small workstation is also created under the staircase, to utilise the area optimally. As far as possible, even avoid a kitchen under the staircase. If that doesn’t work for you, the north … Do not hang photos of animals and birds in the pooja place. If it is a big factory or a plot, then it should be ensured that the Pooja room is constructed in the middle of the premises. Never make a Pooja room under the staircase. There are specific rules of Vastu Shastra for Pooja room, and it is essential that these rules are being followed diligently. 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Ensure that some food items like Prasad, fruits, sweets, should be offered and placed in front of the idols of the deities. Do not chisel off the wall to make place for keeping idols. Never keep the idols brought from old temples in the prayer room. To make you understand the risks associated with vastu non compliant stairs, I have compiled a list of problems caused due this DEFECT. Staircase Vastu : Must Know Do’s & Don’ts. In ancient times, people were more religious and kept a separate room for prayers and related activities. construct pooja ghar at center; this is very auspicious. South Facing House Vastu: Attracting Wealth or Debts in [2020], Vastu for Factory : Powerful Tips to Maximize Production With Highest Quality Standards, Vastu Purusha Mandala: Floor Plan of the Universe, Vastu For Money: How To Skyrocket Your Savings. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more. Staircase Vastu: Best and Worst directions. Just like your own self or your family members, God must have a space of his own. Never make pooja room in basement or first or above floors. Never keep broken idols. Staircase Vastu tips to build a powerful energy center in your house.

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