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For the purposes of simplicity, however, we'll just be looking at heated options, today. Adhesive films use thin layers of specifically designed bonding agents attached to some sort of backing material to get the job done. The graph on the right of Figure 1 refers to adhesive tack. In addition, the properties of the polyurethanes are readily adjustable to meet different activation temperature requirements. This is why it's seen so much success in different industries, as the applications are far-ranging and varied. We offer polyurethane raw materials for waterborne and solventborne heat-activated adhesives. What is the Carrier or Backing Material on Adhesive Products? Improved chemical resistance is another big factor. A heat activated adhesive is a type of adheive, usually applied to a tape backing, that will not bond at normal temperatures. They form a skin after only a few minutes. With so many options of tape available, heated, pressure sensitive, and not, it should be noted that heat activated pressure sensitive adhesive exists. They are formulated for a range of heat-activation temperatures and bonding and lamination applications in the automotive, footwear, furniture and packaging industries. This increases the strength of the material bond significantly. Heat-activated adhesives are available in configurations for any job you can imagine. This makes them more or less appropriate for different tasks. One industry that has seen a lot of play in this regard is the textile industry, where heat-activated adhesives combine extremely well with various fabrics. Bonding occurs between the two objects and the adhesive tape itself begins to cool after being heated. • Bonding of footwear materials  And heat activated pulls ahead every time. This is less of an industrial option than the other adhesives on this list, and is generally much less expensive. Suitable for materials from plastic to metal and wood, there's very little you can't actually join with a good heat activated adhesive. Of course, heat activated tape isn't the only variety out there. • 3D lamination for furniture fronts (waterborne only) There is no tackiness, and it will not stick to itself, making it incredibly easy to work into various cracks and crevices without major hassle. Our portfolio contains polyurethane raw materials for thermo-activated adhesives with a recommended activation temperature of 50°C to 100°C. And the versatility cannot be understated. More detailed information and instructions on how you can revoke your consent at any time are provided in our, Polyisocyanate crosslinkers that enhance waterborne PU coatings, Polyurethanes for solventborne heat-activated adhesives, Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives, Dispersions for eco-friendly, waterborne adhesives, Raw Materials for High Performance Adhesives. In addition to outstanding adhesion properties, thermo-activated adhesives formulated with our polyurethane raw materials offer: Backings can be coated with the adhesive on one or both sides. The tape itself feels like paper and only becomes sticky under heated conditions. More detailed information and instructions on how you can revoke your consent at any time are provided in our, Raw Materials for High Performance Adhesives. At a lower temperature, you may run into wetting or adhesion issues with the actual substrate itself. available in a range of thicknesses and designs, the availability of electrically conductive variants. You'll PSAs sticky at room temperature, making them quick to prepare and to apply. With so many possibilities available to you, heat activated adhesive films do a lot to let you use them in any and all situations. Let's take a closer look at the three main types of adhesive tape, in general, so we can compare their benefits: Otherwise known as "PSA", pressure-sensitive adhesives use chemicals that activate under pressure. Applications for heat-activated polyurethane adhesives include: Not only is it stronger than alternative adhesives, but it also works on surfaces those films just aren't compatible with. Moreover, these backings may actually be created from a range of materials. There's something out there for you. You'll find tapes cut and wound into rolls, for easy use and storage. This means that, whatever substrates you're working with, you can reposition it properly before applying heat. But, in terms of high-end, industrial joining, it's difficult to beat in literally any way. • Very good heat resistance and long-term durability when crosslinked. Our solventborne adhesive systems offer bonding technology for a wide variety of adhesives, Polyurethane raw materials for 100% solids adhesives and sealants, Our waterborne adhesive systems offer a more environmentally conscious approach to laminating and bonding, Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials: innovative, sustainable and diverse. Desmocoll® hydroxyl functional polyester polyurethanes are designed for the formulation of solventborne adhesives. Mar 26, 2020 9:30:00 AM. They absorb moisture from the air after application and thus cure. Once set Polyurethane adhesives do not melt when heated, thermoplastic polyurethanes which do melt have also been made available. Laminating, forming and thermoplastic welding all have their uses for this tape, among many others. This strength is important to the overall utility of these tapes. Polymers undergo a number of transitions during the heat-activation bonding process as the temperature changes (see Figure 1). Reactive polyol and polyisocyanate components for almost any adhesive application. The curing speed is, therefore, very high. Heat activated adhesive films offer a lot of versatility in their design and application. When activated from a heat source, your adhesive goes through two stages: One of the big draws to heat activated adhesives is that it is completely dry before being heated. After drying the polymer film is typically tack-free at room temperature. They are industrial in scope and have actually grown extensively in popularity over the last few decades. Desmocoll® hydroxyl functional polyester polyurethanes are designed for the formulation of solventborne adhesives. Sealing their garments quicker and more easily than ever before,  heat activated adhesive films found a place in this community early on. Want something that allows for high heat, or allows you to wash the material multiple times? Look to heat activation for work with the following materials: As a result of this compatibility, thermally activated adhesives are also used in a wider variety of industries. That means they are not tacky, will not stick to the user or themselves, and can be applied in whatever configuration they need to be. At elevated temperatures, the molten polymer film is tacky and suitable for connecting substrates. Waterborne 1K polyurethane adhesives can be formulated using latent reactive isocyanate crosslinkers or, with selected Dispercoll® U grades, using a polycarbodiimide crosslinker.

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