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They also serve the advantage of allowing fishermen to extend their lures out further, without having to worry about their line sinking. When fish are shallow and with clear water, it is imperative that you get your baits away from the boat to be the most effective. Stock up on a few small, light planer boards and releases and see your catch rates climb. two cedar planks with threaded rods holding them togather pull pleanty hard enough to run lead core i even have a 300 copper that I can run pretty easily. needs a little work but it's an awesome offer. for reels i have two old penn 209s i got off of ebay for under 20 bucks each i use 150# power pro for line. This is the advantage to running in-line planer boards verses running a mast and trolling ski setup. Lines then need to be reeled in and the boards retrieved to collect the releases. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures when I put these together, so the finished product pictures will have to do. The release has a loop or ring on one end that is placed around the tether line, which allows it to slide down the line. It's easy! Since stickbaits (minnow-type baits) are the springtime favorites, any fish looking for a tasty meal will target in on these types of natural-looking baits. Planer boards and in-line planers are ingenious devises that help anglers cover more water and get lures away from the boat and in front of fish that aren’t spooked. I built a short 4 foot double mast using 2 inch heavy wall pvc, a pair of eye bolts and 2 reels out of hand me down damaged manual cannon riggers. i have a couple of ideas as far as the pulleys and and the "reel". Yellow Bird Side Planers are considered the first side planers on the market and are still a favorite among trollers who are pulling lighter, clean baits behind boards. Good luck on your project & thanks for the kudos. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Planer Board Mast, Double reel 3 ft. system; USD$ 402.99 ; Item is available. One thing I'm wondering is with the mast in the holder did you find the need to have any side supports on the mast, kind of like a tripod setup or was the seat mount/mast strong enough on it's own. • The 8 in. I bought (2) 2" x 4" x 1" deep plastic boxes at Radio Shack along with switches for under $10. The only pully made for this type of line is the Big Jon pully. You can also only run one line per board when using in-line planers. In-line boards jump and dart in the waves and pull back and scoot forward when making turns imparting an erratic action to following baits. This is the link to the motors I purchased and a pic from their site. About Us A decent reel system seems to be easy with a simple pully from a sailing supply store. I'm currently at the point where I'm playing around with dipsy divers and doing quite well. i also made my own usedpressure treated pine coated with polyurathaneto seal them , the mastwasmade out of aluminum tubing the reels utilized aluminum for the handles and side plates abs was used for the spools made it all in work in the machine shop during lunch breaks. Like the bigger boards, most varieties of in-line boards come in port and starboard versions. I am now offering my boards for purchase so you can catch your own trophy fish. By the time you try to jimmy rig somthing, might want to look into buying the right thing the first time. These are the planer reel parts dis-assembled. once again thanks for the mast, I got the pulleys all set now, only have to fix that one reel which should be easy enough) and off to the water (once it thaws ), You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. When resetting that line, you will be able to “park” the board and lure back in line where it started. For more information… As for boards,my favorite is double keeled otter boards. 0 CommentsSpring Surface Fishing with Planer Boards, 0 CommentsTrolling Tricks: Down and Out for Walleyes, 0 CommentsTrolling for Walleyes on Lake of the Woods. Boat launches are once again bustling with activity along the bay and the Lakeshore. I have an old aluminum mast, one of the reels is broke. Your Leaders in Trolling Technology I chose the cheaper shipping and received in 2 days! The Informative Fisherman did such a great job explaining how to set up and use planer boards (specifically the original and best, Yellow Bird Planer Board), we’ll let him do the talking on this part: After you have properly installed your planer board system, you are ready to start fishing. Let out the line 50 to 100 feet as normal and then attach the board. Many fishermen like to install more than one planer board, so that they can utilize more than one line at a time. The BigJon assembly is really just a 1/2-20 (fine thread) bolt with a 3/16 hole in it for a pin that the clutch assembly rides on. The slack needs to be quickly taken up before the angler makes solid contact with the fish. document.write(""+dayarray[day]+", "+montharray[month]+" "+daym+", "+year+""), RIVIERA TROLLING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED DUAL PLANER BOARD MASTS. I would highly recommend the use of a planer board to any serious fisherman. Feel free to post it here Jim, it's a sticky and will help guys who might want to upgrade their store bought or homemade masts. Lee has over 40 years of Great Lakes angling experience and has been instructing anglers for over 25 years with education seminars and timely freelance articles in outdoor publications. • The 2 piece, 72 inch mast comes complete with two planer swivel pulleys to ensure smooth deployment of your planers. test tow line. As the premier outdoor and conservation company Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s supports initiatives inspiring everyone to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors. I pulled triple board riviera boards with 4 foot 3/4 inch galvanized pipe but never more than 150 pound test line so the weakest point in the system  is always the one that is the cheapest and easiest to repair while on the water. This upgrade cost me around $50 each. I'm sure they would handle double skis without a problem. Overkill. As a bonus, you may even tie into an occasional steelhead returning from their spawning run in the tributaries or even a powerful chinook salmon cruising the shoreline in search of a meal. Terms of Service This benefit, plus the fact that these systems allow an easier way for you to use more than one line at a time, makes planer boards more than worth the money they cost, and even the effort of installing a mast system. 450 # test could pull a small car out of the ditch. Planer boards are a flat device that is usually made from wood or foam (as these materials float best); they are attached to fishing lines, and allow fisherman to have more than one line going at a time. So the bolts I purchased are 1/2-20 x 3" bolts from Lowes. The Otter Boat is a revolutionary planer design that tracks straight and performs well in rough seas. I have used the planer line from Traxstech (heavy mono I think) and now use Scotty downrigger braid. Featured Items Sale. Once a troll is set up, the boards are attached to the end of a tether line attached to a planer board mast reel. also has anyone seen and plans for board you can fold up? yes i checked there, and they are basically junk for this purpose. I fish planer boards the entire season, but it is the most effective method by far in the spring. I think I'd really like to play around with at least one planer board and I think your makeship mast is just what I should do since It's taking me forever to afford a second downrigger on my 17.5 princecraft. Tony from Great Lakes Planers makes some excellent ALL metal pulleys but they would be a little more than a box store. Cut a plastic wire spool in half and bolted the ends of another onto the cut ends. ". Not sure about those triples in the last GLA magazine though - but there is always manual retrieve. Thought Id share a homemade Planer Board set-up for anyone interested. Yellow Birds can be rigged to remain on the line so you can take them of manually when fighting a fish or allow them to trip and stay on the line offering less resistance during the fight. Trying anything else is trying to reinvent the wheel. The line closest to the planer board is placed in the rod holder closest forward to the bow. Purrfectfit Posted Yesterday at 02:18 PM, By just figuring out what will work best for me and what i can build. You probably need 7-10 amp fuses. We have designed our planer masts to be the most durable product available on the market. Sign up for a new account in our community. P O Box 507 Port Austin, MI 48467-0507 Phone (989) 738 - 5700 Fax (989) 738 - 5820 E-mail The line that caught the fish is then reset closest to the boat. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I keep saying I will make a set of doubles ,but the ones I have work great. The board doesn't interfere with the fight that way and doesn't slide all the way down to the fish and potentially knock the lure out of the fish's mouth. You can be among the first to get the latest info on where to go, what to use and how to use it! E-mail, var mydate=new Date() I got the pulleys there too. Capt. Most of the cost was in the motors. I didn't want to destroy the original parts in case this didn't work out. I have homemade boards and mast. This was part of the design so that if this didn't work out for some reason I could still use in manual. You have to drill pretty deep, probably about an inch. If I get a chance I will put up some pics. Church Tackle makes a variety of in-line boards from their for applications from pulling small spoons to dragging long lengths of heavy lead-core line. There were no reels, just the line tied to the mast and out to the boards. Sometimes a board gets caught on a floating log which will dramatically increase the drag to one side at which point either your line or your mast (deck connection) will break. Have fun... You did a great job. One big advantage of larger planer boards is that you can run multiple lines off of one board. Most importantly, I’ve made sure all of my planer boards were organized and in the ready position on the boat. Pm me if you like I have some pics i can dig up and send you. I'm going to go out an meet up with Ontherise, he has a mast he has offered me. I spool them up with Trilene 40-pound Professional Braid with 10-pound Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon leaders. You can see how the clutch plate fits over the pin in the bottom of this photo. One of the few drawbacks of in-line boards is that you have to fight the fish with the board on the line. P O Box 507 In-line boards generally impart more action to the trailing lures than full-sized boards. Every piece of aluminum is machined and crafted from solid aluminum and anodized to military specs. In-line planers are just a smaller version of the bigger planer boards, but they have several advantages. FAQs What about a little pully from a sailing supply store. Here is a picture of the backside of the starboard and port reels showing the sealed and painted motors: I used a piece of 1/2" x 3/4" x 4" piece of aluminum to mount the line guide. This provides fisherman with a huge advantage, since they can get their bait further from their noisy boats, without having to worry about their hooks/ lures sinking and getting caught on something. The board is then let out gradually using the reel on the planer-board mast.

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