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Lucie is PMA certified Pilates Instructor with specializations in prenatal and post-partum Pilates as well as the use of Pilates as therapy for back pain, injuries and chronic conditions. The other benefit of Pilates to a weightlifter is the stabilizing muscles toned and strengthened in Pilates. It’ll be exciting to add variety. TOP 13 Best Stability Running Shoes for Women Reviewed 2019, Top 11 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Supination Reviewed 2019, Top 13 Best Running Shoes for Women with Bunions Reviewed 2019, Top 13 Best Running Shoes for Women with High Arches Reviewed 2019, Top 11 Best Under Desk Ellipticals and Mini Exercise Bikes Reviewed 2019. Your email address will not be published. This is done over a period of time – sometimes up to two minutes in one exercise without a rest, which is exhausting to the muscle group we’re working. . But unlike the gym, the movements work by both strengthening and lengthening the muscles giving an intensely toned, athletic look over time. We mentioned how strength training of all types improves flexibility and balance to a certain extent, but when it comes to Pilates vs. weight training, Pilates will win.

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The workouts are never the same and I always leave feeling I have worked every part of my body. However, Pilates exercise routes are safer to perform at home because of the predictability, as compared to weight training. There are countless exercises you can do at the gym — how you use it and what you do there is up to you. We’ve all seen the ads for Pilates training at the local fitness center, which is increasing the workout’s popularity. By following the six key principles, Pilates can help you break a sweat and give you that toned (and lean) body you’ve been after the past six months at the gym. Pilates is an exercise that is gaining more and more popularity, especially because of all the benefits it provides. by Muscle Class | May 10, 2019 | Training. This method of exercising is described as the body "working against itself", and is a core principle of Pilates. Pilates does not just focus on the big global muscles and instead targets and tones many small supporting muscles. Lucie was a college athlete competing in track and cross country.

Pilates isn’t like that. While Pilates can help you gain strength like the gym, it can also make you more aligned and balanced, giving you an overall better workout and leaner appearance! Best for Mental Health: All types of exercising can benefit mental health.

Gym workouts are great for bulking up, building muscle and burning calories. So both workouts are uniquely developed for building strength, but what’s the difference, and which one is better? Technically speaking, both Pilates and weight training work different muscles and build their endurance.

It improves bone density, it promotes fat-free body mass, it increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons...with all of these leading to better quality of life. The best option for busy people is Pilates, as it can be done in a class or at home.

With this strength can come a loss of flexibility. So go ahead and build big muscles in the gym but come to Pilates to stretch back out and maintain your flexibility. Best for Joint Mobility/Stretching: Pilates is the winner here, as it focuses more on stretching, balance, and flexibility. She also holds certifications in TRX, Spinning, and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

If you can’t decide, how about trying both? I have never in my life enjoyed exercising until I started at Vive!

Best for Fat Loss: While many exercises will help you take the necessary steps to lose weight, there are some that help you burn more fat than others. Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two exercises. Concentration allows you to focus on the exercise you are doing, so you can reach maximum benefits. What we don’t strengthen is our core. It focuses on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance for an overall body workout.

All in one e-mail! It’s a great form of exercise that’s suitable for just about anyone.

But if you’re confused by the whole Pilates vs. weight training debate, don’t be. Time flies by and you feel so good afterwards. In the long term, this prevents arthritis symptoms from getting severe. Pilates uses lighter weight and eccentric movements to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Vive active is like nothing I’ve ever done before. But prioritizing your health is so important! As you can see, Pilates and gym workouts both have their pros and cons, which is for you depends on what your fitness goals are.

Pilates could be the best thing you do for your weight-lifting, triathlon training, or marathon running if you give it a chance to work! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There is a good chance you’ll figure it out the next day With Pilates what may seem easy at first, often becomes more challenging over time when you learn how to recruit the muscles you want. Now, I still paddle just as much but I’ve also added four Pilates sessions to my week. Does CBD Actually Help With Muscle Recovery After A Workout? However, practicing different strength training exercises can help reverse this process to maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio. There are so many benefits of taking spin classes, including: You burn calories which can help you lose weight... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. I’ve done 5 classes of reformer Pilates at Vive so far and I’m loving it!

Am I supposed to be in pain after I take a fitness class? In Pilates, you are also working both sides of your body evenly, which is an added bonus, whereas, at the gym, you have to work each muscle separately. This can reduce a person’s risk of sustaining injuries due to falling.

This is due to the fact that you’re using the resistance of heavyweights, while Pilates develops your body weight’s resistance against the pull of gravity. It’s been the best mix up from my usual exercise routine and cannot recommend enough! When you are hitting the weights hard, Pilates should become a way to enhance those workouts and increase the results you see from the weight training.

But how do we know which exercise is the best for us? For starters, Pilates workouts don’t need equipment, while weight training does.

This reduces your risk of getting fractures due to falls and other reasons.

I have done 5 classes and am addicted to it already. With Pilates, Lucie is able to help her students find their core and create balance and symmetry in their bodies.

You’ve heard of aerobic exercise, which is casually referred to as ‘cardio,’ to improve your heart rate and breathing levels.

During Pilates sessions, you learn to consciously work your stabilizer muscles while doing all stretches and resistance training.

The atmosphere, vibe, trainers and music make for such a great experience.

Often times less weight is more challenging. Pilates is a low-impact exercise that is performed on a mat and involves flexibility, strength and endurance. Do you think there is a shift of the “ideal” body from the bulky gym body to the leaner pilates body?

I am loving the classes at Vive Active, such a great full body workout with engaging and motivating instructors. In order to reap the benefits of each of these exercises and see results, it is important to do them correctly and on a regular basis. Weight Training – Which One is Better for You and Why.

So, the main core of strength training is ‘contracting’ different muscles to develop their size and endurance but how can this be achieved? But for those that are closer to their ideal weight, our signature Vive Essential workout is enough to keep the fat off and build impressive muscle at the same time. You can also opt to enhance your strength training workout by using resistance equipment, like tubes or bands with squats, kicks, or arm curls. Don’t freak out if you leave and you are not sweaty or exhausted. We would recommend Pilates for a stress reliever but we’re leaving it up to personal preference. If you want to do intense workouts on a Pilates machine, make sure that you are not targeting the same muscles day after day in weight training and Pilates. All the instructors are so nice and welcoming.

Lucie owns 12South Pilates in Nashville, TN and offers private, duet, trio, group equipment Pilates classes at her studio. All of the trainers are so lovely and the whole vibe of the place is great.

A Pilates class allows your body to take up several different positions, which improves balance and flexibility consistently.

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