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Esherick’s work is often cited as the bridge between the early twentieth-century Arts and Crafts movement and post-World War II modern furniture making. Their clients included John D. Rockefeller, Henry Flagler, the Plaza hotel, and the White House. Would like to learn more about it. For example, Welsh Quaker cabinetmaker David Evans (1748-1819), who lived and worked at 115 Arch Street, began to batch-produce coffins and Venetian blinds in the late 1780s. My father left a Henry F Hoover cabinet to me. (8), 21 projects Philadelphia: Three Centuries of American Art (Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1976), pp. They may have an idea how valuable his furniture is. Egg and dart molding is characteristic of many pieces of furniture attributed to the Dunlaps as well as combinations of scrolls, open interlaced pediments, and carved intaglio fans. Being a furniture maker from Cincinnati, I’d like to pay homage to the furniture makers before me by incorporating some of their shared styles into my own designs. does anyone know what either of those markings mean? DISSERTATIONS Did any of the craftsmen sign their pieces with a symbol that looks like a Capital letter H bisected by what looks like a batton. Wow, what a find you have! Chester County Historical Society, 225 N. High Street, West Chester, Pa. Furniture periods in America were strongly influenced by regions abroad, namely in Europe and Asia, and were distinctly variant from the 17th through the 20th century. I am the curator of the Gov. Now you know how old bedroom set is. Dorman, Charles G. Delaware Cabinetmakers and Allied Artisans, 1655–1855. 1 (Winter 2011): 1–165. Earthshack. This c. 1880 walnut partners’ desk is attributed to Pabst and features expertly carved winged figures at each corner terminating in lions’ paw feet. Raised on a farm along the east bank of the Delaware River in West New Jersey, Evans completed his apprenticeship in 1704. A Quaker family working in Newport, Rhode Island, the Goddards were active during the 18th and early 19th centuries. 252 ROBERT W. MCDERMOTT JULY teenth centuries followed closely the styles set in the great furniture centers of the east, principally Philadelphia. This piece was created for the music room of Judge Curtis Bok’s home in Radnor, Pennsylvania, just one piece of an extensive installation commissioned by Bok. Branded on bottom R. Walt Philadelphia after Walt it goes light can’t read. The owner’s name is painted across the top in German Fraktur lettering. Charleston in 1803 had thirty-six. More than twenty examples survived into the twenty-first century in museum and private collections. Much of Jugiez’s known work was architectural carving for public buildings and the homes of Philadelphia’s elite. George died in 1881and his son continued working until 1911. Advertising as a cabinetmaker and an upholsterer, William Camp was an important maker of Federal furniture in Baltimore, Maryland. For years this table was mistakenly attributed to Ireland or England, as both the overall form and the carved ornament, particularly the massive lion’s mask at the center of the apron, were highly unusual for colonial America. I looked through the book to see if any cabinetmaker had the name that would fit the initials of SBC. CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are the registered or unregistered trademarks of CustomMade, Inc. in the United States and other countries. This mahogany high chest was acquired by Michael Gratz and Miriam Simon in 1769. George Henshaw Sr immigrated from England in 1844 to work for Andrew McAlpin. It probably did not matter much to them how the objects were constructed, so long as they were well-built and suitable in overall appearance. After 1750, however, several furniture makers advertised in Philadelphia papers. Nope not in the book. Most of them closed up shop and went onto other trades. George Henshaw came from England in 1844 making elegant furniture that was popular in England. Head’s account book–one of the earliest surviving joiner’s account books  from colonial America–was fortuitously saved, making it possible to attribute pieces to him when there is also a clear provenance. “The Philadelphia Furniture Industry, 1850 to 1880.” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1980. Characteristic features of their furniture include robin’s egg blue paint used on compartment interiors, inlaid pilaster forms, sliding tambour shutters, inlaid festoons on reeded tambour slides, and a lunette or half-ring pattern inlay on top edges and skirts. Roux opened his furniture business in 1837 and was later joined by his brother Frederick and his son Alexander J. His interest in woodworking began in 1920, when he started carving designs into frames for his canvases and quickly progressed to larger wooden sculptures and furniture pieces. Advances in transportation between 1820 and 1840, including improved roads, new canals, and the introduction of railroads, created new or expanded markets for goods throughout the United States. Unlike the veneered furniture then made in England, Head’s work uses the figure of the wood (here, black walnut) to achieve a decorative effect. In 1796 Baltimore had twenty-six cabinet-makers and several chairmakers, and thirty-seven in 1810. Custom Furniture Makers near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For example, Philadelphia Chippendale chairs typically have certain construction features such as side rails that are tenoned through the rear stiles and two-part vertical glue blocks—regardless of the maker’s ethnicity. We have 2 pieces of furniture. Thanks. (6), 23 projects It features compass work star and heart motifs as well as flowers and sponged decoration. Outside the city, many locally distinct vernacular traditions developed, particularly in areas of heavily German and Quaker settlement. FAQ | Winterthur Portfolio, vol. The work of John Head is a rare example of early Philadelphia furniture for which there is clear documentation. Others who worked with wood included carpenters, coopers, shipwrights, and wheelwrights. Anything would be great thanks again! Although he made and sold elegant and expensive furniture, the bulk of his business was in the selling of mahogany and other imported fine woods in large quantities. DUCOFF-BARONE, DEBORAH, "THE EARLY INDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE PHILADELPHIA FURNITURE TRADE, 1800-1840 (CABINET MAKING, CRAFTS, CHAIR MAKING, PENNSYLVANIA)" (1985). Not sure about the word Mesder?? Evans was raised in West New Jersey and made furniture for many prominent Philadelphia families, including those of William Penn, Isaac Norris, and James Logan. possibly Robert Mitchell an Irish born cabinetmaker 1811-1899. Hanover, N.H.: University Press of New England for the Chipstone Foundation (see especially 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2011, 2013, 2014).The Magazine Antiques (see especially issues of May 1984; September 1985; May 1987).

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