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"He's dead. If she hadn't increased the intensity of the fire in her hearth when Kronos' scythe ended up in it, I would be as good as dead. The room left them moving between you and I. I may not be a fighter like them and I may not be worshipped quite as much as them, especially Zeus. Everything just getting from bad to worse. If Hestia wasn't holding him by the ear, I'm pretty sure he would've blasted me with his master bolt right now.

By now, I'm sure we were probably making everyone confused and/or nervous about what they probably thought that I wanted. Annabeth announced. Rachel said as she ran her fingers over the ceramic designs. "They could build houses, make cities, all sorts of things.". Hera reminded. I started, but hesitated to finish.

A Caduceus. "Don't!" Annabeth answered. I asked.

It went from a simple make out session to us practically devouring each other. "Percy Jackson's Greek heros!" All of the others either didn't trust me and thought everyone was better off with me dead, or they just hated me all together and wanted to kill me for the hell of it. But I will say this much. All I did know for sure is what I've been able to pick up from Hestia. The outer walls were of rough gray stone studded with pieces of seashell and coral, as if the slabs had been hewn straight from the bottom of the ocean floor. It's great to see you again." "His long sight whipped him on his back." "Into the Night" by Santana, with special guest star Chad Kroeger, lead singer and lead guitarist of Nickelback. They haven't been showing it at all when they came over to me to congratulate me at all, but they couldn't hide it from me. You are totally dead." Annabeth demanded. We're starting with Hestia. "I feel like this is going to be a scream contest!"

Hestia just snickered a little, but it wasn't a teasing, mean, snicker at all. It turned out Prometheus was right. "Quite true." "I'll leave you to that then. He's happy to have it back, but his arrogance and tendency to be a hothead is just ridiculous. Come on, I'll show you." She screamed, "HELP!". You know him?" Hermes said, his eyes were gleaming mischievously. We should be encouraging it and cherishing every second of it. I apologized. But I wasn't. And I felt like my eyes were going as wide as dinner plates right now, even as she pulled her lips away and looked back at me. "No, no, no!

Hestia answered. "That was nice. So after losing many good friends and suffering many loses, I, with Annabeth and Grover by my side, went to Olympus to try and think of where to go from here. "Titans' life coach?

And as if being pressured by my dad wasn't putting enough pressure on me, his least favorite niece Athena had to come along and also put pressure on me.

I know—exciting, right? "You insolent little-" Zeus started, only to be brought all the way back to his throne by Hestia. I demanded. I countered. Annabeth replied. Athena, Annabeth, and I couldn't help but look shocked at everything Hestia just said. I thought as I brought my hands right behind her and lifted her up against the wall of the house. "And it became the center of western civilization." "Are you using my name as a pun, Percy?" La Madre Grande.

And I'll be damned before any one of you decide to try and ruin what we have. We weren't able to get myself fully inside of her with how tight she was. Hestia stated with her smile not leaving or faltering in the slightest. It just had such a powerful and wonderful affect on me, and I loved it. Hestia said, coming over from out of nowhere. Just then, the music started to slow down and everyone was gathering with a partner for a slow dance. "Lady Hestia, . I got the feeling he was being truthful. But I was also sure something had moved that curtain. No, the possibility is too horrible. "You all set?" That's all there was to it. If you weren't like us, you couldn't have survived the Minotaur, much less the ambrosia and nectar." But it ended up being Thalia that joined the Hunt instead. I said, tracing my finger from in between her collar bones and down to her chest. But I thought I'd be better off getting out there on the dance floor instead of being nothing but a shadow on the wall. Annabeth said, making everybody groan.

With this look, it would be no wonder why Priapus wanted to rape Hestia so badly. "The woods are stocked, if you care to try your luck, but go armed." YES! And that is why out of the two enemies of Kronos, Percy is the one who is the strong one, and you are the one that is weak. I know that sounds so weird with how she's a goddess and technically my aunt and all. As I fall curl in a ball on the beach, in the only piece of it that is there and dry. Hestia told her. In one important way, though, Hestia was not like Rhea. "Why do I have to stay in cabin eleven, anyway?

But at least it's not the usual she cheats on him. So each cabin had a different god, like a mascot.

"And that right there is your fatal flaw Athena." So like how he did, I gave up and allowed myself to freely express and cherish what he and I feel for each other." Her hearth became the calm center of the storm whenever the Olympians argued. . Aphrodite exclaimed.

Hey, she's kind of pretty. She's afraid to marry, or have children; because of her old memories.". I asked confused.

"Bachelor number zero? "Regular or undetermined?" "The Long Island Railroad, of course. Hestia started as she went to the wall of the house and leaned her back onto it. But maybe you can help me." I asked, pointing to the first few cabins, making Annabeth turn pale. "Well it's wonderful to see you Lady Hestia." Annabeth asked as she, Hermes, and everyone else was looking at Hestia and/or I with confused expressions.

I had become one with the plumbing. Annabeth asked. Zeus had even bigger head in those days.

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