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The gods tensed as they could hear lightning rumbling around Olympus. The gods break promises all the time. "I left for your mother, so I could get her blessing." The author would like to thank you for your continued support. His light manipulation was shown powerful enough to effortlessly take down Tartarus. "You must be demigods, for surely you are not gods and i doubt that you are any regular mortals" Zeus continued pompously. Also, Satan is shown as initially peaceful and rarely lets his wrath be seen, but once angered he is an almost unstoppable force even to another Archangel. Stretching out from Percy’s immediate … Asked Hades in a bored tone. Zeus roared, causing more lightning to rumble. In which Percy Jackson is a non-cis male person — including fem & trans!Percy.

"Bet it had something to do with you..." Mumbled the brown haired girl.

Thinking it could be a new start Percy accepts, he just doesn't realize what he has gotten himself into.

All stories in this community is also of a decent length to satisfy your cravings.

He is powerful enough to shadow travel into anywhere he wants with no more than a thought, and can create/destroy black holes with a single hand wave. With beauty and powers that make mountains fall, men and women flock to see him, only to get rejected in turn. He runs a way and the fates meet him and turn him into the most powerful God that cannot be killed. She gave him a kind smile and nodded her head. "YOU DARE CALL ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND AFTER DISAPPEARING FOR SIX MONTHS. Share via Email Report Story Send. Percy Jackson was not having a good day. I'll try my best to make it good. "Well it's not your choice is it Chase" Percy says with coldness in his voice as he steps out of the shadows. Characters Beyond Percy Jackson. He was first described as perfect in everything, a true Son of Morning and God's favorite son, even above other Archangels. an au in which percy accepts zeus's offer to become a god in tlo. Stated Zeus with venom. He threatened. As an Archangel and one of the first beings to be ever created, Satan is extremely powerful. Immediately he had all the Gods attention, Poseidon was the next one to speak.

Prince Perseus was different. Percy Jackson's Summer at Camp Half-Blood was going just fine until the day he planned to propose to his girlfriend of five years, Annabeth Chase. Zeus was about to retort but he was interupted by his wife. Even something as seemingly simple as freeing Calypso he could not trust them to do. Stories of all kind are welcome here. (or percy is a god and annabeth definitely doesn't like him). This is the story of The Two Hunters. Percy looks up again for the second time, and his eyes shock them all once again, but there is a new emotion in them. with Gaia to over through the gods. He continued. "WHO DARES TO COMMAND ME?! The teens gulped at his demand, the other gods however were not impressed. The Greek children of the big three, after the ceremony was over, were given bronze keys.

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