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The hard ground “by the way side” prevents the seed from sprouting at all, and the seed becomes nothing more than bird food. Its relevance to both the current pandemic and Lauren's situation lies not only in the similarity of the situation (sickness, death and social disruption), but also that the solution requires a multi-faceted group endeavor, and must be matched to the scale of the problem. PoS Discussion. I'm still trying to sort through her philosophy (not sure what I make of it yet), but I'm loving how it's been synthesized and delivered so far. It is still raining. Add to that all those extreme manifestations of climate change, poor governance and extreme poverty, people like to blame others for their circumstances. More Details, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 1-3, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 4-6, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 7-9, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 10-13, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 14-16, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 17-19, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 20-22, Parable of the Sower: Novel Summary: Chapters 23-25, Thomas Jefferson: the Man, the Myth, and the Morality, Teddy Roosevelt: the Man Who Changed the Face of America, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Dad starts a watch where 2 people patrol for intruders. Everyone knows, however, that other thieves will return, and soon someone may be killed. It's very cool to see the early steps in creating a religion. The section where they were talking about the Bubonic Plague really resonated with me. It has not rained for six years. It is raining, which has not happened for six years. 5 - What do you make of Lauren's concepts of godseed and earthseed? However, I get the feeling that Lauren's point of there not being enough time to worry about teaching is going to be correct. The older people look back to the good old days and hope they will return. Lauren is developing a philosophy of life - a pseudo religion, in which the basic tenet centers on the concept of change. Do you think it will be relevent in real life given current events? Survivalist literature is not enough to save the entire world. I think that the situation that happened with Keith will allow Lauren to gain more knowledge about going beyond the gate without being in a large group. Lauren confides in her friend Joanne Garfield. These people need more subtle guidance - though it may be doing the rest of the community a disservice. Joanne is unconvinced. Parable of the Sower is a futuristic novel that takes place roughly over the course of three years, from 2024-2027. At one point, one of the rabbit thieves is compared to a rabbit, which got me thinking about how human population growth is more invasive and damaging than any other. The whole idea of Earthseed is about how humans must find new planets to live on to thrive, to leave the closed system and find new resources. It turns out he has stumbled upon some decaying corpses which he does not want the children to see. The Earth has been ravaged by over-use resulting in a scarcity of resources. How do you feel about the relevance of the content to some issues we are facing today? What are your thoughts and feeling about these chapters? Many of the people in the neighborhood leave church in the middle of the service in order to set out barrels and other containers to catch the rain. In the present moment, he is absolutely correct. Not really. Analysis The next day, Amy Dunn is shot dead by someone from outside who fired at the metal gate in the neighborhood wall. Something I noticed in this section is that we have several layers of closed systems in the book. 3 - What are your thoughts on her dad’s philosophy that they should “teach, not scare” their neighbors? Dad is furious and it takes 2 hours to get Keith to admit fault in his actions. Lauren's father hears about it and confronts Lauren, telling her that what she is saying frightens people. I definitely believe it. Order our Parable of the Sower Study Guide, teaching or studying Parable of the Sower. There are risks to choosing such but Lauren's father made calculated risks and if rhey are to survive together, they must learn together. It becomes exhausting. As for why her religion contains so many plant based metaphors... A key component of Lauren's religion is a sort of equality among all life, "[w]hether you're a human being, an insect, a microbe, or a stone" you are a part of this thing called God. This reminds me of Münchhausen's trilemma. As everything burns, Lauren escapes, shooting one of the pyros in the process. Do you agree with him? It is not enough for Lauren. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments or would like any additional information. In this section we see rabbits are kept in their cages to breed and breed, killed constantly for their meat and pelts. Three-year-old Amy Dunn has set light to the family garage, which was burned down. The watch manages to scare them off.

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