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I've heard that President Lincoln, whenever he heard Old Zip Coon being played, would automatically break into a jig. Kendall Whaling Museum, Sharon, Massachusetts.Retrieved from:, Johnson III, T. (2014). Lexicographer Stewart Flexner (1976) says: "Coon was originally a short form for raccoon in 1741... then by 1832 meant a frontier rustic, and by 1840 a Whig. The compositions that are showcas... Edited by Azizi Powell This post showcases the song "Fishin Blues" as performed by that song's original composer Henry Thomas.... Edited by Azizi Powell This post is Part III in a three part series about the 1994 song "Hey Little Mama" (Funky Y2C). O ole Zip Coon he is a larned skoler, AKA and see "Turkey in the Straw," "Natchez Under the Hill (1)," "Old Bog Hole (The)." See Azizi Powell's blog entry at pancocojams [1] So helpful! My old Missus she's mad wid me, Kase I wouldn't go wid her into Tennessee, Mass build him barn and put in de fodder, 'Twas dis ting and dat ting, one ting or odder. Songs & Chants (Lyrics, Comments, Videos), The Meanings Of Lyrics To "Hey Little Mama" (Funky Y2C), Part III, Examples Of Alpha Phi Alpha Chant "King Tut", Weeping May Endure For a Night, But Joy Comes in the Morning (Lyrics), Seven Videos Of Botswana Music Group "Culture Spears", The Flea Fly Flow (Cumala Vista) Rhyme & Songs That Helped It Grow, Kenyan High School High Jump Video & Its Soundtrack (Mr Israel -Young Man), African American children's rhymes and cheers, African American children's singing games, Afrrican American rhythm and blues and hip hop dances, American Sign language. K:C African American Gospel, Black Gospel; African American vernacular English, cane performances in Black Greek lettered organizations, children's game songs and movement rhymes, Historically Black colleges and universities' marching bands, New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, Paul Lawrence Dunbar. Another version of "Old Zip Coon" with new self-referencing lyrics by David K. Stevens (1860–1946) was published in the Boy Scout Song Book (1920). Went out to milkAnd I didn't know howI milked the goatInstead of the cowA monkey sittin'On a pile of strawA-winkin' atHis mother-in-law. 12, "Musick on the Brain." In the repertoire of Tennessee fiddler Uncle Jimmy Thompson (1848–1931), one of the first old-time musicians to broadcast over WSM in Nashville, and Opry star Fiddlin' Arthur Smith played a modernized version in the 1930's he called "Straw Breakdown." There is no evidence to Mark Wilson is not sure of this connection, however, arguing it is not the similarity of notes but rather "tune personality" that represents a better etiology, and by this criteria he is doubtful "Rose Tree" was an ancestor as its character in traditional performance is so different (see liner notes to Rounder 0529). You're welcome, Rebecca.Thanks for your comment. Recorded sources: - Edison 50653 (78 RPM), Joseph Samuels, 1919 (appears as last tune of "Devil's Dream Medley"). Click http:... Edited by Azizi Powell This post presents examples of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Chant "King Tut". So they took that man with the double chin All his worldy goods and the violin And they shipped him off to a foreign shore Where the natives had never heard the tune before Old Zip Coon he played all day Until the natives ran away He played and played by the light of the moon Till they wished they had never heard of Old Zip Coon, They have left him there by the deep blue sea Where he lives alone in a hollow tree And he plays that tune and it never ends So it isn't surprising he has no friends Old Zip Coon he played all day There's no on left to run away And still he thinks it's a beautiful tune And that is the history of Old Zip Coon, She looked at the nickel and she looked at me, She said, "This nickel's no good, you see?" De Nited States Bank will be blone to de moon; An de bery nex President, will be Zip Coon. or rival if you will, of Thomas Rice’s character Jim Crow. Help support the work of the Jim Crow Museum, Q: Which song came first, “Turkey in the Straw” or “Old Zip Coon?”~ Martina Lowden, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The book Dixon in the early 1830's. Early Sources & Versions Of The Song "Turkey In Th... Two Versions Of The Song "Old Zip Coon" (sound fil... Chicago Stepping Songs (Sound Files & Videos), Chicago Stepping (Information & Dance Videos). I tell you what will happin den, now bery soon. Any tune will do so it's not that tune." possum up a gum tree, coony on a stump, Performed by Tom Roush:, Library of Congress American Memory Collection,,,,, In sum, it appears that most credible sources date “Old Zip Coon” as the earlier song. This post provides info... Edited by Azizi Powell This post showcases the viral video of Kenyan high school high jumpers & a video of the song that was used as tha... Two Versions Of The Song "Old Zip Coon" (sound file & lyrics),,,,,,,,,, 19th century African American dance songs, Children & Adult Adaptations Of The "I Love Coffee" Rhyme, Two Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 'Old Zip Coon' he played all day, Until he drove his friends away; He played all night by the light of the moon And wouldn't play anything but 'Old Zip Coon'. Hear fiddler Don Richardson's 1926 recording at the Internet Archive [3] Turkey in the straw,Turkey in the straw,Roll 'em up and twist 'em upA high tuck a-hawAnd hit 'em up a tune called'Turkey in the Straw'. One part: AAB (Howe): AABB (Phillips, White).

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