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This could be useful for business advertising, branding and signage. As used by Top Gear, X factor for the judges arrival cars, the BBC and ITV for many productions and films. The current format provides the area of registration, the date of registration indicated by two numbers and then finally, three random letters. Are Private Number Plates a good investment. A defective number plate is an MOT failure so plates need to be kept in good repair and checked regularly. The ordering service couldn’t have been easier. Design your own on our simple and easy to use plate builder! Being the industry leader in all things licence plates, we also offer personalised registration packages with start to finish customer service. Plates exactly as advertised. Spot a rising trend or bag yourself a popular name and a private number plate can be something of a goldmine. Our number plate maker has all of the tools that you need to design bespoke plates, with a great selection of accessories and text styles. Angel Plates manufacture show plates for cars & motorcycles using the highest quality equipment and materials available for vehicle number plates. Colourful, different, stands out with my personal plate & legal. If you would like any more information, make you you visit the link below: Rest assured, all our number plates are MOT Compliant and fully legal. 1 place to design your own modern, made-to-order bespoke plates in just a few minutes, specialising in 4D Number Plates and exclusive suppliers of 4D 'Roulette' and 'Batman' styles. Please remember this when placing an order. This site will not work without it. The rules regarding the construction and appearance of number plates were all revised in 2001 when the format for registration plates underwent another change. Our team is available 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday! National emblems or badges are permitted within a defined list, essentially the individual flags of the Union – England, Wales and Scotland – plus the Union Flag and the EU Flag. Have number plates made to your personal design specifications; including your choice of font, side badge and border. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Start designing your show plate now below. Highly recommended company, Ordered a set of plates, came exactly how I ordered in good clean condition with the personalisation I ordered. It is also illegal to show a white light to the rear of a vehicle at night which is why the yellow plate goes on the back of a vehicle, the definition of ‘light’ does include reflectors. I’ve ordered at least 4 times over the years from Show Plates Express. Number plates can be attached to the vehicle with screws but more popular now is the use of adhesive tabs which are double-sided and very sticky. If you would like to know more about our plate printing services, get in touch or check out our private plate pages. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Show Plates Express for a fast friendly service. You've come to the right place! Type your existing number plate registration in the box above to begin the number plate desiging process. The system updates each April. You will be proud of the unique and … There is also the option of number plate surrounds which are great if you are alternating between a standard registration and a private plate. Would highly recommend. Get registration plates made to British Standards (BS AU 145d) that are 100% road legal. Our Mercedes number plates are ideal for private vehicles and fleets, giving you the freedom to add your own slogan, choose a branded badge or simply create a modern set of replacement plates for your car. Plates exactly as advertised. Number1Plates is a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations. These are easier to use and quicker. Our helpful designs team are on hand to your ideas into motion. The desire to stray outside the rules and personalise just a little bit is almost irresistible for some people. A reputable plate maker will be aware of all the precise legalities and will not produce a plate that fails to comply with them. Use our Show Plates maker below to design your own plate in a matter of minutes. Show number plates presented on our site, are made of high quality materials using a high technology reverse print process. replacement car and bike registration plates, UK’s most comprehensive number plate maker, Fast dispatch and next day delivery options, Dedicated customer support Monday – Friday, between 9am and 4pm, The most used UK registration plates supplier, Buy registration plates from a DVLA registered supplier, Web exclusive – 10% discount added for all online orders, We Are An Official Legal Number Plate Supplier – Find Us On This. Choose from our large range of road legal replacement licence plates, show plates, pressed plates, 3d gel plates, 4d laser cut plates, fittings, & accessories! Black and silver plates may look fabulous on your 1952 MG Midget but might not be quite the look for your vintage Ford Sierra but you will have the freedom to replicate a plate that is faithful to the age of the vehicle and avoid the stringent DVLA requirements. Get custom number plates made at Premier’s number plate maker online. In our stock you can find replacement car and bike registration plates, show plates, aluminium number plates, pressed licence plates and more with prices from £10.49. It has been a difficult time for us all for the past couple of months. Buy Accessories, Get in touch with our sales team and we’ll make it happen! Covid 19 Update - We are open and processing orders as usual. Great service and plates arrived on time. Number1Plates is not affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations. I can not fault the easy of ordering, quality and turnaround time. Need replacement number plates fast? Failure to clearly display a legal plate can result in a hefty fine of £1,000 and may constitute an MOT failure. Highly recommended company. Make your plate stand out with our wide range of accessories/fixing kits. Good quality product, very professional and courteous service and a quick delivery. Absolutely brilliant! We are confident that you will be happy with your custom number plates and offer a replacement plate surface for those that don’t match our quality assurance standards. This is a completely new and frustrating way of living, that has taken the world by surprise. As with many things, a private number plate is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it but get two keen parties in the same room and who knows where the bidding will end up. Private plates or personalised registrations, one in the same thing, are subject to the same rules about presentation and construction as standard plates. Read: Why are number plates yellow and white? Even perfectly legal plates can fall foul of the law inadvertently. We are always looking to expand our collection. Order your bespoke number plates with online today! Learn More. Update your plates with the ultimate luxury customisation. This allows you to customise number plates more than ever before. The standard issue in the UK is white on the front of the vehicle with black characters and yellow to the rear, also with black characters. Welcome to Mod My Plates, the UK's leading online modern custom number plates / show plates manufacturer. So your show plates are manufactured with premium acrylic and reflective materials conforming to current standards, with high definition prints to … You can also use our number plate maker for fun and create joke custom license plates too! All products in our huge range of UK number plates are made from premium quality materials. Plates with a universal appeal will have a broad marketplace but there are niche plates which can sell well too, after all, you only need one buyer. Copyright © Replacement Number Plates, 2020, all rights reserved. The spacing between the letters and numbers is also pre-determined. But what is the situation with older vehicles? Common adjustments include not using the required typeface, changing the spacing between the characters or blocks of characters on replacement plates, placing the fixing screws in such a way as to create a different effect – perhaps the appearance of a word, the dot over an ‘i’ – and adding badges, emblems or symbols which are not on the permitted list. Get your 3D gel and 4D premium number plates with for an affordable price. We can also provide products for novelty purposes, where you can experiment more with your designs using our custom number plate printers. I ordered Inline lettering and they looks great on my RS6! The colours – white on the front, yellow on the back – and the reflectivity of the plates all adhere to a designated British Standard and the identity of the plate maker plus postcode must also be visible. The DVLA have, since 2015, permitted vehicles of 40 plus years in age to display the traditional black and silver plates. The DVLA have, since 2015, permitted vehicles of 40 plus years in age to display the traditional black and silver plates. Our registration plate builder is home to the industry’s largest selection of options and specifications. More recently we have added 4D variations. A number plate is also illegal if it is obscured by dirt and essentially illegible or cracked or chipped. As a DVLA registered number plate supplier, and the UK’s most used number plate maker you can get your registration plates made up online with us.

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