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Ans: Northwest floor elevation has some principles, it should not be elevated than the Southwest floor level, but it should be elevated than the Northeast floor level. There are best Vastu remedies available for getting good benefits from a south east corner plot and they have to be followed with the consultations of a Vastu expert. It can be concealed in the main gate frame also. This direction is more vital and important to all. The Northern Northwest (NNW) pointed with red color. This is The tragedy. Conversely, as a Vastu expert myself, I believe the incorrect usage of the north-west results in instability, indecision and diseases. He is the essential energy for living beings just like as AIR is the source for life on the Earth. 4. Often people are confused with the exact geographic description of the northwest block. These following suggestions are same for houses that have the north and west side roads and even shops and offices that have roads on the north and west sides. This being the case many people do not want to spend quality time with a vastu consultant. 9. This repetition is essential to drive home the subtle difference between the notations of the NW block and NW facing house. Ans: This may lead to many troubles, don't do such things. Please help in this regard. Please guide him easy remedies for all dosh. If you would like to buy this property, our recommendation is, don't buy this property without proper competent vastu pandit recommendation. But it has to have street focus because of house encroaches the road. WNW is a sign of victory. Ans: Very dangerous, one should not extend either Northwest or Northern northwest too, this may lead to robbery, court litigation, fire accidents, mental worries, suicidal attempts, may be observed male progeny loss. One should read many useful points in this page to understand whether this NW properties are good or bad. Even in Apartments also we can find such north west flats. Rakesh house has North and West roads and there is vacant place towards Northeast, and houses constructed at Northwest and north even. ... Colours according to Vastu Shastra play a vital role in bringing balance to our minds as well as bodies and to stimulate our energy. Gurunath house northwest has vacant site, and Northeast has Shyam house. Please note that if the surroundings structure is like this way, please keep pending of constructing the house. Hello Sir, my house has been built. Do you prefer any kitchen color or remedy for apartment or can we apply Feng Shui, Respected Sir, I am planning to buy North West corner Seven years old house in four roads junction, house facing North road house entrance East facing entrance and Main door at Eshana Please suggest whether any adverse impact you foresee. The house has encroached on the western side and thus has invited Northern Northwest street thrust and Southern Southwest street thrust (See the red arrow marks). Too consult a Vastu scholar when you are confronted with a proposal to buy or acquire a Northwest plot or a house. In the Factory / Industry the finished products are to be kept in the North-West corner. south-east by installing strong fire element in the fire zone. Please tell the solution for this. Here are some guidelines on particular colours, which will help you to choose the right Vastu colours for every room. May it be a direction for the career or road or plot, it is important to choose the right direction for a healthy, successful and happy life. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. Unfortunately, apart from being occult science, yet it is profoundly sane and yields to logical thinking. Please send me your views on north west facing apartment Sydney. Marriage is the foundation of human life. The right direction to construct the bedroom is in the North-west direction especially for newly married couple provided there are other elder people in the family. We can see these kinds of plots in many places. Ladies become quarrelsome and many litigation problems may arise. Our honest suggestion is don't play with your life by saving a few dollars for vastu consultancy. "The teacher to a student: Conjugate the verb "to walk" in simple present. His left-hand shows the blessing symbol of life. Often the North-West Corner houses are most sought after for purchase like the north and east facing ones. If it is covered, then it may little troubles the residents. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. In our office desk we kept some feng shui items, is they good to keep on office desk. Ans: Girls bedroom, kitchen, guest bedroom, cowshed, toilets, staircase, lift or elevator, living room (if the home is west facing), car parking or garage. Wind element is located in the north-west zone. (Hindu Calendar), "Ascendant Sign Calculator" గురువు గారు, 10 రోజుల క్రితం మేము ఒక ఇల్లు చూసాము. Ans: For some style of structures, we can have balcony, for some styles not accepted. Ans: No problem, for more information please read vastu pooja room guidelines. Stair case can be built in the north west corner, north center or west center portions. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA, We are tech professionals and working in USA. God Vaayu has some other names like Pavan, Anil, Vyān, Tanun, Vāta, and his abode is Pawanloka. Please suggest a remedy for this as I am facing a court case for a long time with no positive signs of the settlement. please tell me north west facing plot is good or bad. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Children would benefit out of good education and proper earning potential. Less margin towards the north and east creates vastu fault and should be cured to save premises from its negative impact. Generally, Northwest shops are not recommended. Looking for complete remedies for Northwest facing home. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" Hindu Puranas say that the six energy drops (FOETUS) of the lord ESWAR was carried to a sacred POND by the VAYU Bhagawan. Here are some Vastu tips for the North-West direction. Vastu is a medicine given to a person to fight ailments, even before the attack of the ailment. It is highly helpful to have one appointment with best vastu consultant at plot purchase stage or finally at the house planning stage itself and he will guide for a better house plan, because this place is a very sensitive so we cannot play games with this direction, particularly business people has to take all the precautionary measures in selecting the plot and constructing the house at this place. It is for this reason that it gets trapped either by man or by other wild animals. Many people who are firm believers keep these items in their houses or at least one is always present. please suggest me. Northern Northwest Street Focus, this is also not auspicious. Somebody also calls this as "Air Direction". Their influence will be live wire – instantaneous. Dear sir, can we get any benefits, after buying NW home. South is service road. So this house may not bring expected good results, before buying this kind of homes or plots, without Vastu Shastra consultant recommendation, don't buy. “Great Personalities speak about thoughts. So, let’s have a look at some of the tips given in Vastu Shastra for North West facing Plots and Properties and make the direction an auspicious one: 1. Thanks and regards - Sameer - Talegaon Dabhade. Vastu consultant in Canada, looking for advice? If the house is Vastu complaint, having intelligent children, financial security, mental peace would be assured. Then you can able to find out what is the difference. 5. This house has North and West roads. When there is a vacant plot opposite to Krishna House i.e., Northwest portion and there is Murthy house at Northeast direction, then most of the cases this system may damage Krishna House residents happy future. Any other thing in this world can be compared with a thing of Nature but not this one. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. To conclude, as it is always said, no direction is wrong or inauspicious; it is just that all the directions come with certain positive and negative points. Please let me know. Some of the factors which are important from the Vastu shastra aspect of view for a plot are – From whom you buy the plot, direction of the plot, environment or surrounding of the plot, obstruction in front of the main gate of the plot etc. In the house plan we are looking for good sunlight and attractive elevation. Vastu Shastra says that the ruler of the direction leads to tensions and disharmony in the house, if the house is not constructed and placed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra. Waste water, rain water and drainage should not be passed out from the South-West direction. NNW influences the state of mind, finances, and opportunities. Their life and birth of children and their development depend on the utilization of this direction. . otherwise Northwest is also a good position to have a kitchen. Outside the compound wall, to the south side, if there be huge installations, apartments etc. North is park facing and side road is west and its block. That Foetus is the Lord KARTHIK who has six faces. Find the Southwest or Southwest of West and design the bedroom there. We came across houses having extended NW, to female folk going astray (extramarital affairs) and thus run there and the family lives. This leads to financial stability. If the vacant site filled with any structure, then Gurunath gets relief or this is the perfect remedy, he can expect good results. The effects of the south-east corner plots, falls on females and second generation children living in the house. In this page, we will discuss salient features, merits and demerits, Pros and Cons, Advantages and Disadvantages, Do's and Don'ts, some Guidelines, Dosh Nivaran and Remedies etc. Wish to know about Kings and their palaces vastu? West orientation is favorable for the conservatory, you can also plan for high raised floor level for this glass house. Boarder will get vitamin D. Dear Sir, I read in this site that due to NW-N door of the plot, residents will face court cases and disputes. Something Which May Not Be Commonly Identified In Society:-. If one says it’s a northwest block, it means the block has got roads both North and West directions. North-west is aesthetically known as governing place of Vayu, whose surviving attributes are that of constant change.This significant direction renders the occupants fame and success while any extension in North-west should be avoided. (in this direction), it will lead to more problems. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. More open area is to be left on east and north sides. Is it beneficial or cruel. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. ఇతర వాస్తు శాస్త్రవేత్తలను ఆడిపోసుకోవడం తప్ప వీరికి ఇంకోపని ఏమి లేదు. Observe this Rakesh house. Every one as a human being is expectant of having nice Vaastu which not bears any Vaastu dosh or defect, Happy health, polite children, prosperity and resources of good income through business or profession and elevated status in society with over all mental and marvelous peace. 4. North West Facing House Vastu Vastu shastra believes that the northwest facing houses are ruled by the Moon and hence the effects are supposed to be attended with care. • Auspicious Items: It is said in Hindu Mythology that nothing can beat the vibrations and positivity of Om, Swastik and Trishul. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. 5. Ans: No, not at all, only some NW homes are bad, some are good, need to assess everything steadily before buying the NW property. These following suggestions are same for houses that have the south and east side roads and even shops and offices that have roads on the south and east sides.

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