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Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Hi all! When I was 10, my cousins in Italy started calling me “Franca“. In fact, the yoga retreat participants started calling me ‘Franci“! It’s supposed to be funny and when he sings it, it is hilarious! Feminine form of Francesco, the Italian cognage of Francis, which is from the Middle Latin Franciscus, a derivative of Francus (a Frank, a freeman). What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day. 2000) - daughter of Erik Estra I love this name!! I think I will use it! Ultimately, "Francesca" comes from the Late Latin masculine name "Franciscus," which meant "Frenchman." My name is Francesca, and I have always been called Effy - as much as I like it, I sometimes wonder if there are any nicer nicknames that i'm missing out on. lol :D. We named our little girl Francesca, and we are definitely not Italian. What are some nicknames for Francesca? While I plan on calling her by her full name, I'd like to have a nickname back up so something that I don't like doesn't stick! And my name in Mexico, Panchita, comes with a loving gentle smile! ;) She's 3 now, and no one has ever tried calling her anything but her name. Francesca » Leave a comment below. My parents and I always hated the nickname Fran or Frannie so we never allowed anyone to call me that lol. We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! People think my name is Jessica all the time but other than that...haha. I am really beginner in studying Italian language and culture, though I know there are some special things in connection with Italian nicknames. My name always came up last and sounded loud as a punch. I mean, it's not like we made up a name. Definitely, my name was meant to be shortened. When i was younger I went by Fran but, as I got older I realized I had a beautiful name so started going by my full name.My dad called me Feck when I was little.I answer to Cesca, Fran, Francesc,Franny Pants, my friends kids call me CawCaw,but the worst one is what my nephew called me when he was little.Caca... Yup so all of my siblings children call me Caca until they are about 4 or 5 and can pronounce it correctly. I love the whole name but everyone keeps asking what her nickname will be! 2007) - daughter of American actor, director, and producer Jason Bateman Francesca Christine (b. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | Family & Parenting. Francesca Fiore - B Movie star played by Scott Thompson on Kids in the Hall Looking for the perfect name? Franci living it up on Pantelleria Island (Sicily). We have 4 names we are debating on below - I put the nickname we would use next to it as well: Liliana (Lily) Evalina (Evie/lena)Evangeline (Evie)Francesca (Frankie? 2000) - daughter of Erik Estra Francesca Nora Bateman (b. What are some nicknames for Francesca? Posts about nicknames for Francesca written by frangallo FranGallo's Blog Just another weblog Posts Tagged ‘nicknames for Francesca’ What’s in a name? Little Franny about to make a wish on her birthday! Guess what happened? Not to mention, it is so extremely Italian ethnic sounding that you must be of Italian heritage to use it, and match it with an Italian surname. I think it is very pretty and I like that its a little different and not a common name. When I look back at old signatures, I see I wrote it both ways! 2008) - … Our baby girls name will be Francesca. When I did something to irritate them, I became Ciccia or Ci  (“ci” sounds like Che as in Cheese). namecandy - Celebrity baby names, ask the Name Lady, & more. Create an account or log in to participate. When I was really little, I was Little Franny. English and Welsh Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in England and Wales (2013), Italian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Italy, English Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in England, 2010, Italian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Italy, 2010, English and Welsh Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in England and Wales, English Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in England 2015, Italian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Italy 2011. I wonder if her mother did the same thing, going through ten names before getting to her tenth child’s name? In return for military support, Francesca's father betrothed her to the ugly and malformed lord of Rimini, Giovanni Malatesta. When Grandfather Gallo and Grandmother Onofria (Mamma ‘No) married, grandfather insisted their first child be named after his beloved first wife, FRANCESCA. She also has a cousin with the same name (who goes by Franca casually). I wonder if I am the only human being with so many variants on my name? Pippina is no exception to that rule and the very sound of Pippina has a way of softening your heart when you hear it! My childhood and high school friends and some of my English speaking cousins call me Francy. Source(s): nicknames francesca: 0 0 Anonymous 5 years ago Francesca is actually my favorite name. It’s a mouthful and not so easy to say. They were discovered and put to death in 1289 by Malatesta. I think that the name is very pretty, and there are many nicknames too! My aunts and uncles in Sicily, the old generation, love to play with my name and I have been called:  Cicinazza (not well-behaved, naughty), Cicinella (denotes elegance), Cicineddra (very cute, adorable) and my Uncle Charlie even made up a song for me, “Basa mi Cicineddra” which I suppose would translate loosely to “Kiss me,  cutie-pie”, but “sounds” more like “Frannie Bananie, kiss me”. Our Pantelleria adorable guide, Tonino, who gave me the name Franci (sounds like Fran-chee), gets kisses from his admirers! DN is Francesca, shortened to Franchie. That was the custom, to marry your wife’s sister, because who better to raise your children? Find advice, support, and good company (and some stuff just for fun). The way he said it was tender,  lovely, and full of kindness! 2008) - daughter of Amy Jo Johnson, "Francesca Vecchio" is Ray Vecchio's sister in the tv series "Due South." Both very nice and upstanding and intelligent people. Francesca Christine (b. With a y instead of ie- I just prefer the way it looks. Francesca is just too pretty to have a boring nickname. Joe has a daughter named Francesca living in Boston, who also goes by Fran. Thank you for the advice. Now I like the nickname Franky. 2007) - daughter of American actor, director, and producer Jason Bateman So in your opinion, what is the best nickname for Francesca? Blog at Point is--if you don't like any nicknames, just be very upfront to people from the start that her name is Francesca, and that is what you'll be calling her. You won't. She was blond and blue-eyed, a rare Sicilian beauty. This action cannot be undone. When I was in Germany, and I introduced myself as “Fran, short for Francesca“. the spelling/pronunciation does throw people off but almost every time I go to Starbucks and say Francesca they spell it correctly. It is pronounced Fran-chess-kah. My parents called me Francy or Fra when they were happy with me. I know it's not super-common in America, but I figured people had at least heard the name and knew how to pronounce it. On the other hand, also while in Pantelleria, Tonino, our fabulous guide, started calling me “Franci” and I loved it! The Sicilians of old times believed an aunty made the best step-mother. So, I am named after my aunt who is named after her father’s first wife who was not related to either of us. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Somehow, the “n” and the “c” merged together to make my name look like FRANKY. I HATE franny Fran and Frankie lol my hubby and I finally both love a name! Francesca - Frankie - Francie - Frannie - Cesca (Chess-ka) - Chessie - Freya Isadora - Izzy - Dora - Dorie I love all the middle names, but I personally wouldn't incorporate them into the nicknames - it gets a bit much lol and it I love the meaning of my name which means “honesty, to be honest, to be frank.”  Another interesting piece in the story of my name is that my dad’s father (my paternal grandfather) was married three times. However, my mother absolutely without a doubt despises her name, thinks it's ugly, and only goes by Franca. And I was assigned a fellow male Peace Corps volunteer as a roommate for the hotel in Philadelphia. In my experience the only time people have gotten my name wrong is when they spell it with a "ch". The funny thing is that she always went through the names in our birth order. Franny and Franky are such masculine nicknames. We respect everyone’s right to express their thoughts and opinions as long as they remain respectful of other community members, and meet What to Expect’s Terms of Use. Francesca Nora Bateman (b. When you hear Pippina‘s name in your head, you feel the love my dad felt for her. When I was in the Peace Corps and I arrived in Philadelphia for a week-long in-country training before leaving for Africa, I hand-wrote my name as “Francy” for the check-in at the hotel. So where did it come from, this name? Unfortunately, she, too, died young and finally my grandfather married his third and last wife, my grandmother, Onofria. So, I'd tell people we are calling her Clementine, that's what we are calling her. While I plan on calling her by her full name, I'd like to have a nickname back up so something that I don't like doesn't stick! All my name tags said “Franky” on them. Rick, some of my American cousins, my sisters, and a few friends call me Franny. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ;) My daughters name is Clementine. My name is "Francesca." Not what you asked, but I'll tell you anyways. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. When I spent my Junior year abroad studying in France, I was Francoise. We have had some pronunciation problems, which surprised me. The name was borne by the 13th-century Francesca da Rimini, the beautiful daughter of the county of Ravenna, Giovanni da Polenta. There's not a single nickname I would ever want used for her. Hi, Could you please tell me what are the nicknames of Francesca and what's the difference between their usage? Don't you dare do that to a child.". The shortened names are terms of endearment. Our baby girls name will be Francesca. Add your nicknames in the Comments Click here to cancel reply. Everyone in Sicily has a shortened name. Paolo, Malatesta's handsome younger brother, acted as proxy in the marriage and he and Francesca soon fell in love. This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice. When I was eight years old there was a girl in my dance class named Francesca. I also like Frenchy. I do find it odd that you find it ignorant when people call your daughter "Fransesska" as I have heard and seen this as an alternate way of prounouncing it (which is still pretty!) We work hard to share our most timely and active conversations with you. Growing up I've known 2 Francescas. This discussion is archived and locked for posting.

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