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Something to think about through an islamic perspective. He got up and grabbed me. In the movie, she goes outside to thank all of her fans for receiving the award and it very proud and happy then goes up to see her daughter and finds out she has a wire hanger and beats her with the wire hanger. I had gotten into my mother’s makeup. This film is about a woman with mental illness, played by Joan Crawford, who adopts two children, Christina and Christopher. Disorders are primarily discovered through psychological testing, however, A psychological disorder can be defined as patterns of behavior or mental processes that affect a person’s capability to carry out every day routines and interactions with others. We are shamed into silence by family and community members if we complain about our mother’s mistreatment of us. Emotionally Immature: Personality disordered individuals are often described as a child in an adult’s body. EICC When I was 30, my therapist had me read Christine Ann Lawson’s book, “Understanding the Borderline Mother: Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable and Volatile Relationship.” The book identifies the four major types of borderlines. If you try and set boundaries with your mother, your mother’s bad behavior may in fact escalate. She said she couldn’t live without him. I would write poetry about how empty I felt. Adults are able to grow new neurons in this area in the course of normal development. If you see my mother tell her that I miss her and I need her and I want her to be a part of my life more than she could ever imagine. I will talk more about this later. The four main personality disorders that were recognized are Obsessive Compulsive disorder (also known as OCD). I won’t speak too much about my experience with grandma because once I reached middle school age, I completely stopped acknowledging her. But McBride persuasively broadens the scope beyond the archetype. I was already running late and wouldn’t be able to pick them up. They may wake up one day excited to start a new job, but end the day feeling insecure and unsure that they can do the job (Rathus, 510). Joan Crawford, who has a preoccupation with cleanliness, makes Christina call her “Mommy Dearest” in the movie. Talking About Mental Health in a Muslim ... How Your Appearance Can Impact Your Mental ... How To Recognize Signs You Were Raised By A Narcissist. She went into a rage and started telling me how “fucking stupid” I was. Before you can accept your mother’s limitations, you might need to address the trauma you have dealt with growing up. Borderline personality disorder is defined as the individual having severe instability in moods, relationships, and behavior. Throughout the movie Joan Crawford shows many examples of being bipolar. The movie Mommie Dearest, captures moments in Crawford’s life that show her struggles with her personality disorders. I can’t even count how many times I heard the “I was a stupid kid and married an asshole” speech.. Is there some sort of all or nothing policy here? Children growing up in a home with a mother who has a personality disorder often wonder if they too have a personality disorder. You might say “I love you” when you hang up the phone with me but you don’t love me enough to try to be a better mother. When I would get hurt, or worse, lose my temper with her, I would hate myself for not being able to rise above it. These personality disorders can commonly be seen in about 31 million Americans, which densely equals out to 15% of our population population (Davis, n.d.). Fears Abandonment: A mother with a personality disorder has fear of abandonment and may take the form of infantilizing their child or children. Thank you for this article. In other words, a person may be obsessed with perfection in their work, however this does not mean they have obsessive-compulsive disorder. By the time I was 14, I was a runaway, hanging out with people who were much older than me, and experimenting with drugs and sex. My mother would typically return from work after I got home from school in the afternoon. Pulling the victim card had become  the norm when I held her accountable for anything. A mother with a personality disorder believes she is entitled to unilateral control over the children. Together they had a very successful training center in Manhattan for computers. We would like to assume change is possible and relationships can be resolved but what if they can’t? Tell her if she can find the strength to stand, I will be standing right next to her and I will catch her if she falls. I just cover it and move on with my life. I cried through the whole ceremony. By the time I was 7 years old, I was waking up in the night with anxiety attacks, night terrors and vomiting spells as a result of his abuse. A movie that can help you learn how to identify and have a better understanding of these disorders is “Mommie, Many people believe that psychological disorders are unique, however they are becoming more common, in fact around 26.2% of people suffer from a psychological disorder in a given year. She would bring this up often, “why don’t you learn how to spell sheriff.” I also remember her accusing me of lying all the time when I wasn’t. These individuals can be incredibly immature and seem to be stuck at an early age of psychological and emotional development. But trapped in a black and white world, I can only see shades of grey.”. Disorder types expand beyond only psychological, many other disorders fall under the category of being personality disorders, which are defined by patterns of uncompromising, Mommie Dearest was a biography by Christina Crawford. One scene shows a small monkey being placed in the middle of a table with only his head sticking out the top. She would tell me stories of how the psychiatrists at the hospital would visit her when I was born because she didn’t want to hold me. This lack of closeness between siblings often leads the children to feel isolated and alone. He paid attention to me, listened to me and loved me like I was his own. Personality Disorder In Mommie Dearest 844 Words | 4 Pages. The Toxic Impact on the Emotional Well Being of Children But that damage need not be written in stone. Jzk k for your reply, so where is the contact form? In the movie Mommie Dearest the main character, Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway), has many of the common signs that … It hurt when you would fall and I would have to pick you up off the floor and you didn’t even know I was there. In addition to the emotional damage caused by living with a toxic mother, prolonged childhood trauma can be toxic to the brain. Personality disorders are patterns of inflexible traits that disrupt social life or work and may distress the affected individual (Rathus, 2016). We love our mothers but they can drive us crazy! When she left him, she invited my grandmother (her mother) to live with us to help while she went back to school. I remember her friend trying to talk her and discourage her from saying this in front of me. Nobody can understand it unless they lived through it themselves. My high school years were really difficult. Many parents with personality disorders do not acknowledge any inappropriateness in their behavior. That night I took her car and went to Joseph’s. All rights reserved by Jazz Hands Productions, LLC. (This was a boyfriend she had when I was in preschool). What saddens me is knowing there are so many innocent children being raised in this bewildering and mentally hurtful environment. Through my tears, I asked her if she thought I was special. We’re made to feel bad and unjustified for even suggesting mothers’ could be like this as it is such a taboo. You might say it with words, but you don’t say it with actions. I knew this was going to escalate between the two men so I asked Joseph to leave. During the time of Christina living with her mother, in that time she noticed Joan suffered from various psychosocial factors. Although therapy cannot undo your past history, it can help you learn healthy and appropriate coping skills while removing or reducing your stress. You also have to set limits and boundaries with her. She snickered and added, “Sorry, I can’t keep track.” Anyway, back to graduation day… The morning of the ceremony I received a phone call from her. The series also shows a beheading, footage of an autopsy, a suicide and a cannibal orgy. My mother had gastric bypass surgery when I was 11 years old. That would be the end of the discussion. I would hate her for not changing her behavior. It is no stretch, then, to say that having a toxic parent may be harmful to a child’s brain, let alone his feelings. I don’t even know know what to do with this information. Almost immediately she replaced food with alcohol. during her pregnancy with me due to depression and binge eating. There really is just no reason for me to subject myself to the original source of my triggers. You can use the contact form to contact us but we don’t just give advice online. Do you feel as though you made fucked up choices then and it was doomed there after so who cares? Within the Muslim community it’s difficult to get anyone to listen to us or validate our feelings when we talk negatively about our mothers. Thanks to Allah I married a very good man. In general, there are ordinary good-enough parents who struggle with raising a “difficult child” but there are some good children who have the misfortune of having a truly toxic parent. Joseph would later die tragically and I will speak about this later. This can be a hard disorder to find because. Infantilizing a child to the point of debilitation can provide a personality disordered mother with attention, social status, money (e.g., state benefits or prolonged child support) and/or maintaining a connection to the father of the child post-divorce because the child has “special needs.” In the extreme form infantilization can lead to Munchausen by Proxy. I had gotten a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and was about to graduate with a Master’s degree. We can’t imagine a parent willingly sabotaging their child’s mental, emotional, or physical development.

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