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protects the entire carpet for total stain and We will save any items in your sample cart during your current session. Privacy Policy | Your account has no Rep assigned. EXPLORE SMART CITY> All Retail Flooring Stores. It is essentially an eco-friendly version of nylon. Join Mohawk Group in the fight against breast cancer. Duracolor, Mohawk Group's premium nylon carpet fiber, sets the performance standard for every flooring application. You’ll get your flooring samples fast with no extra fees. cursor: pointer; Your order is being placed. By using The Spruce, you accept our, Comparing SmartStrand Forever Clean and Polyester Carpet Fibers. See how Duracolor Tricor fiber stands up against half a million people in our stress test during the Big Game. Subscribe to Mohawk Group news letter for latest product information. Durkan provides total flooring solutions -- including custom options -- that breathe life into your hospitality space and beyond. you like in a carpet that lasts.Browse UltraStrand >. Our nylon carpets are made from synthetic fibers, which make them both durable and easy to maintain. Please login or register so you can access your shopping history later. Mohawk is a leading carpet manufacturer. Quiet or social spaces with moderate to low traffic, like bedrooms, offices, and TV rooms. Mohawk Group. Shipping is built right into the sample price. There was a problem sharing your tray, please try again later. Before installation, vacuum the old carpet to minimize airborne dust and particles. To get a real feel for the product, try ordering 4 samples and lining them up together. UltraStrand is made from nylon, a highly resilient fiber that is known for its strength, stain resistance, fade resistance, and long-lasting beauty. line-height: 50px; Would you like to continue? Texture construction carpet has long, crimped yarns for a casual look that works for any room. Sign up to create favorites, appointments, order samples, and more. With more than 300 beautiful colors that last, Duracolor is the right choice–FOREVER. Privacy Policy | letter-spacing: .3px; Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Orders typically arrive in 4-6 days. So, what happens when you have a carpet made from a mix of two fibers? What's more, its 30% recycled content makes Duracolor one of the most sustainable fibers on the market today. For immediate inquires please contact our Customer Service department at, We updated our Privacy Policy, which explains our use of cookies and similar technologies. Shipping is built right into the sample price. All of their flooring products are top notch, and they have created some of the most popular lines of carpet … text-transform: uppercase; Home Carpet One™ All Rights Reserved |. Make the most of your experience with a My Mohawk account. We offer samples in 9” x 9” squares for carpet and generous sizes for hard surfaces. Cat did have a few accidents on it and the liquid stayed on the surface and washed out with little effort, no staining. Mohawk's soft and stain resistant carpets are designed with advanced fibers including EverStrand™, SmartStrand© and SmartStrand© Silk™ with DuPont™ Sorona©, Wear-Dated© and Wear-Dated Revive©, with the added protection of Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology. Mohawk carpeting is designed to fit every flooring need. Go to MohawkNet >. Make the most of your experience with a My Mohawk account. Ultrastrand’s warranty includes texture retention, fade Sorry, that email and password combination didn't work. Requests for next day service without a valid # will be routed UPS ground. LEARN MORE Go Wild – Pearl Antelope Shefford Chatham Island Warrington Square Wiltshire Eco-Friendly As a leader in the carpet industry, we strive to develop responsible solutions and… Product Definition and Information 1.1. Areas that see a lot of action, like living rooms, hallways, stairs, and playrooms. Mohawk carpets are made from polyester, nylon or a proprietary fiber called Triexta an innovative material we review below. Sign up to create favorites, appointments, order samples, and more. If you do not agree with our. Your message has been sent. Mohawk’s award-winning carpets add warmth and style to any home while offering luxurious softness and superior stain protection. {{ loginError }} Mohawk Smartstrand. Giving nylon a run for its money, Mohawk’s SmartStrand scientifically enhances the core component of a carpet – the fiber. Today, about 65% of all carpets sold in the United States are nylon carpets. As a result, Mohawk has determined that there is no marketable difference in carpet performance with the added PET. Comparing Nylon and Polyester Carpet Fibers, Berber Basics: Pros, Cons, Cost, and More, Types of Fabric A to Z: What You Are Wearing, Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring Comparison Guide, Best Types of Carpet for Homes With Children, Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set Review. It springs back from compression much better than our old nylon carpet. Orders typically arrive in 4-6 days. making memorable moments and less time If you don't currently have a representative, try our Find a Rep tool. refined softness. Sorry, we don't have an account for that email address. {{user.profile.firstName}}, thank you for ordering samples with Ask your carpet retailer to recommend a professional carpet installer. See how it works. background-color: #444; Explore our latest collections and styles of carpet tile, broadloom, woven and more. a.custom-button:hover { Would you like to continue? You can save favorite items, create a Flooring Pass for easy shopping, and request an appointment online. You’ll get your flooring samples fast with no extra fees. Sorry, we don't have an account for that email address. Mohawk Group believes design is a journey, and our next stop is Smart City—a Living Product Certified carpet plank system inspired by some of the world’s most connected places. But don't just take our word for it – see for yourself. Hi {{user.profile.firstName}}, we're unable to process your sample order at this time. Please contact your local Representative if you have any questions concerning your order. Arnold assures that the addition of PET polyester does not compromise the performance of the triexta. You can expect the same superior performance from this triexta/PET collection as from the extremely popular SmartStrand line. lasting durability, you're sure to find a design Make sure to repair any damage to the subfloor before installing new carpet. Each of these fibers is available in many different collections, textures, pile heights, and colors.

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