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Molina, Hector. Here’s another one I grabbed: Here’s another observation. Im a recovering catholic and have never seen that, Dont care, In many images it does appear to be an upside down cross. Maybe you should check the mirror yourself. SPONSOR ME, Copyright © 2010-2020, Get notified when new comments are posted, (will not be published or viewable by others), I do believe his “morons” comment was meant to cause umbrage. (he’s not banned at this time). As to wearing pink, first thing I thought of was that someone close to them is dealing with breast cancer. Why??? Correct. The Petrine Cross is also associated with the papacy, reflecting the Catholic belief that the Pope is the successor of Peter as Bishop of Rome. Me and a few thousand activist Hawaiians and a few handfulls of rednecks will be giving them the middle finger. He acts all sweetness and light but he has a dark soul. That’s why they call it a “tell”. Thank you for all your hard work and years of dedication. If a boss treats their employees like scum, the boss IS scum! Just my 2 cents. DJ5280. It’s actually all over Twitter. Will the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you doing?’ Totally co-opted by Satanists. They don’t exist. Even if that is what Mrs. Gates is wearing, she is, as an American, well within her 1st Amendment rights, even if I disagree with the symbolism. Been to catholic school & an alterboy, but the fable of Peter continues, no historical record or Christian record regarding Peter ever in Rome, let alone crucified upside down. Do you know what an Aggies calls a “Tea Sipper Punk” at work?. If Gates and Hillary and the others have worn these crosses upside down it can’t be good. I remember tossing a snotty teenager out of my house on his ear & threatened to call the cops. So, I’ll just let them know they can Far Cough as far as I’m concerned and if they’ll agree to leave me alone and stay off of my land, I’ll leave them alone and stay off theirs. Cid. I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic academy till 8th grade, and I cannot recall seeing this up-side down cross thing back then. Particularly the private secretaries and assistants. Oh, by the way, I didn’t kick him out. are ushering in the end of days and are orchestrating the New World Order that will crown Satan as king. Sometimes I’m in a more forgiving or teaching mood than other times. Recently the Gates (first noticed with Bill Gates) are often wearing pink these days. Kudos Ken! Yes, Peter was crucified upside down feeling less worthy than Christ, etc. Close examination shows the pendant is NOT flipped over, the chain is clearly supporting the upside-down part of … Additionally, for some people, the cross with one longer arm could have no meaning at all. But I asked for all your opinions, and am not trying to convince anyone otherwise. Accessed 15 May 2020. Source: My Great Grandmother was from a small town outside Naples Italy and literally smuggled over to America by my Great… Read more ». “The History of the Origin of the Sigil of Baphomet and its Use in the Church of Satan.” My house, my rules.” He later became a pastor & came back to thank me for the lesson in teaching him humility & respect for authority. Raised Catholic, although seriously “lapsed” now…I have never once seen nor heard of this…would be considered blasphemous, as far as I know. I was raised Catholic and the upside down cross is a blasphemy. A Cross of Peter is an inverted Latin cross There are symbols that originally had positive ancient meaning that now are considered a horror. A Crucifix (with the body of Christ) the symbol of our Lord. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! When you have more money than you could ever spend then the next intoxicant is power and control. Most days I wouldn’t mind it if more than half the people just up and vanished! Melinda Gates has been a frequent target of misinformation campaigns during the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic. She openly wore this outside her blouse on national TV. I’m just not buying those excuses. It’s a judgement call during time of incident (coupled with past history with said person if that history exists) as to how I respond, what I say, whether or not it warrants a ban, etc. An upside down cross is NOT common to catholics. Geeeez. The conditions are perfect this year for a werewolf sighting. I want to sell you. How many tens of thousands have they poisoned in Africa?… selling their snake oil sugar coated as a vaccination for the po children? I am with you Ken. They just call themselves globalists now. Finance, and NBC’s “Today”), Gates criticized the U.S. federal government’s response to the pandemic under U.S. President Donald Trump and discussed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s work on finding a vaccine to build people’s immunity against COVID-19 to end the crisis. They have a vision of what they want the world to look like and they are using their billions to pull the strings of those that can make the changes they seek. The masters will present it as the newest and greatest “advancement,” slap a high price tag on it and the idiots will clamor for the right to hand over their money. The Gates try and play God via their foundation. But, it is NOT a “Christian” symbol. The word “conspiracy” is an excuse used by those who may have difficulty grasping certain notions (particularly those which are uncomfortable to think about or talk about). “Idea”? Whereas others are somewhat (or more) aghast at the imagery. Re: ‘Butthead’ I don’t believe the insult had anything to do with Bill Gates having money, which he most definitely does. That’s what opinion is all about – which is what I asked for (opinion) when I posted this post content. I miss the good ‘ole USA, but I’m afraid she’s gone for good. Satanists are free to employ any symbols which they feel have resonance, so if such an upside-down cross has personal meaning they could use it. It makes me question whether it’s really about ‘what’s best for everyone’, or if it really is a depopulation agenda they, and others like them, are running. Due to the low resolution of the video footage and lack of explanation from Gates herself, it cannot be proved whether the cross had four equal arms or one longer arm. And it has a very chilling and eerie feeling to it. In sum, given the fact that an upside-down or inverted cross could mean anything — including a dedication to St. Peter’s crucifixion, not necessarily a symbol of allegiance to Satan and denouncement of Christianity — and the fact that Gates has publicly identified herself as a member of the Catholic Church, we rate this claim “Mostly False,” with the caveat that she did wear a necklace with a cross-shaped pendant for interviews with journalists in 2020 and the position and exact shape of the cross is difficult to discern in available video footage.

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