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Since then he’s stayed in the headlines of gaming news with his charity work, hosting the South x Southwest Gaming Awards, and more. It has very little operational noise which is excellent for vlogging and podcasting applications where you’re not going to have a lot of background noise to begin with. The thing that makes this arm better than a lot of others is its feedback. The Rode PSA1 arm is designed to work with just about every Rode condenser mic (including the previously mentioned Rode NT1), as well as with several other popular microphone brands. SOUND EFFECTS CHALLENGE is a live action episode by Matthias, featuring Markiplier and Wade and Tyler. I put in lots of hours researching YouTube as a platform, from how to start your channel to how to grow it to millions of subscribers. While some of these items such as his mirrorless camera for vlogging are definitely on the more expensive side, his OBS screen recording is entirely free to use. Free Sounds Collection 6,865 views. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After years of persistence, however, he built a steady following and even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014. Of course, a condenser mic isn’t much good on its own. The 399-point autofocus system is nothing short of incredible either. Hi there, I'm Zach and I am main writer and editor here at Looxcie. However, it never hurts to take some recommendations from the pros, so make sure to check out other YouTubers we reviewed like Sam Kolder’s gear and David Dobrik’s cameras. The velour earpads also contribute to an incredibly comfortable fit. It has a cardioid polar pattern which absorbs sound from the side and works best when it’s hung about 8 to 12 inches away from your mouth. Derp - Sound Effect - Duration: 0:01. If you’re one of his fans or a creator aspiring to reach Markiplier’s level, then you’ll to know our intel and check out below some of his gear that he uses for his gaming setup. Enjoy. If you’ve never heard of Markiplier and you’re a gamer or somebody who just appreciates rough humor from a friendly character, then check out his channel. Markiplier’s Lighting: Neewer Camera Ring Light, Markiplier’s Headphones: Sennheiser HD 598 Cs, Markiplier’s Microphone Arm: Rode PSA1 Arm, Markiplier’s Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Hyper-fast autofocus and 399-point phase detection, Hot shoe adapter compatible with most cameras, Over-ear, open-back design fits naturally and comfortably, Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R) technology, SYS 38 transducers for dynamic, low distortion audio, Features desk clamp and desk insert style attachments, Setup unlimited scenes to transition between, A wide array of personal configuration settings available, Plenty of official tutorial videos and free educational material, Apply a wide range of pre-set color gradients to your clips, Shortcuts allow you to quickly slide through your clips. OBS streaming and recording is an open source project that is entirely free for all users and operates seamlessly on Mac, Windows, and Linux. When you’re as big of a YouTube star as Markiplier is, you can’t afford to produce subpar or average-quality videos. Adobe Premiere Pro is loaded with features that allow you to scroll through your clips and still shots frame-by-frame and add all of the editing effects that you could ever need precisely where they need to be. Aside from the incredible comfort and attractive style, however, they also have perfectly balanced sound. OBS also gives users the ability to record and stream through an unlimited number of scenes which provides you with plenty of creative control over how you want to stream back your video and allows you to skip the boring scenes that aren’t commentary worthy. There’s even an option that allows you to add closed captioning to any video of your choice. Various pieces of software can perform these, and many of them can cost hundreds of dollars. The Rode NT1 is also an incredibly quiet microphone. The built-in shock mount ensures that vibrations don’t travel through the arm and into the microphone itself which can cause distortion or popping in the playback. Now I want to share all my knowledge to content creators, vloggers and YouTubers. You’ll need to have an arm to properly support it and position it at the right angle and distance from your face. The majority of his videos are shot from home and simply feature his irreverent gaming commentary (complete with plenty of yelling and unfiltered profanity) during his gameplay of some of today’s most popular video games. However, Markiplier is keeping things simple with this particular item. It features a wide array of available settings that allow you to do fine tune your recording and come up with a well-balanced audio recording. All of these work together to produce a very even and balanced sound. He wasn’t initially very popular with the YouTube admins when he first started in 2012. This headset is incredibly comfortable and offer an open ear design where the headband curves around behind the ear and over the head. He uses pretty standard foam sound insulation which you can see present in most of his videos, you can find it for a decent price on amazon, or you could make your own with egg cartons and some cardboard! They softly cup your ear and ensure that you won’t feel any residual soreness even after hours of wearing them. You can fine-tune everything from the height to the angle, and once the arm is in place, you won’t have to worry about it falling out of place. Over the years, he’s experienced both personal loss and success but has kept his head high through it all. This design relieves pressure from the ears and sides of the head while still providing a snug fit. Since Markiplier is almost always shooting his point-of-view video game vlogs in a dimly-lit room, he makes use of this Neewer camera ring light on an everyday basis. Markiplier being my fav gamer and inspiration. It’s a well-rounded, balanced, and sturdily built little unit that’s perfect for almost any application. First, let’s take a look at camera that Markiplier uses: Also Used By: jacksepticeye and FunForLouis. In today’s article, we’re showcasing the 34th most-popular YouTuber/ influencer Markiplier, and give you some of the equipment that he uses to film his videos.

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