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June--On the afternoon of June, 30, "XGIMI: Renewal of Vision" Release Conference for New Product was held in Beijing. Features Cast video on TV via DLNA and chromecast instantly! Sign in. He once served as Deputy Manager of Comprehensive Decision-making Department of thewired network branch of Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co.,Ltd, Deputy Director of Finance Center of Hunan CATV Network Group Co.,Ltd, General Manager Assistant of Fund Management Department of Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co.,Ltd, Deputy General Manager and Finance Director of Hunan Radio Communication Investment Co.,Ltd. Apr.--“Mango TV” internet video platform is officially launched, utilizing as its domain name and platform brand name of “Mango TV”, turning an all-new chapter for Hunan Satellite TV new media. 芒果服饰(中国)有限公司 © 2020 MANGO 沪ICP备16006731号, By clicking on "Receive notification", you accept the. Choose from a list available for all age ranges. Mango TV originals refers to work or content that are produced by Mango TV itself, compared to a large proportion of content that it exclusively broadcasts from Hunan Satellite TV. He once served as Director Assistant and Director of Finance Department, Director of Production Department,Deputy Director of Entertainment Channel of HBS, and Deputy General Manager of Mango Entertainment Co., Ltd, etc. Help; Orders Returns; Shops Apps Company Franchises Work for Mango Press Site map e w n Y 2 ... MANGO. [8], In 2015, Mango TV has experienced a shift from 'Exclusive Broadcast' to 'Unique Content',[further explanation needed] during which period the number of users has increased to 60 million on the platform. [2] Mango TV specializes in creating online videos and is an online platform providing all of the content that is presented in TV channels, and all other copyright works from Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV. - Connect and chat with your viewers. Apr.--Golden Eagle Networks (renamed now) obtained Internet News Information Service License and Information Network Transmission License for Audio-Video Programming from Information Office of the State Council and The State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) respectively. Loanwords, Mimetic Jul.-- Hunan Broadcasting System obtains the fifth national internet TV licenses, permitting the expansion of the two businesses of internet TV integrated services and content services. of Venice, Horse [18], Its estimated value now is 13.5 billion and was planning to go public in 2016. March-- On 28th March, Mango TV re-creates a new peak of network traffic, which is shown as VV surpassed 880 million and active clients firstly reached 10 million. It is originated from Korea show and featured content in both thrill and humor.[16]. Patrick's Day Irish, Carnival Nov.--On 10th, Lv Huanbin Attends the Mango TV Investors Meeting.Mango TV Investors Meeting chaired by Nie Mei was held.50 invested units and more than 110 investors have attended the meeting to have a face-to-face conversation with Mango TV. May--On 7:30 a.m. 18th May, Beijing time, which was 4 p.m. in US, 2015 US Billboard Music Award opened in Las Vegas and Mango TV broadcast the whole show exclusively. With a series of club activities holding successfully one after another, the Make-up club also shares some lessons about beauty and discuss the topic of how to be an elegant and professional business lady. Some of his adplans have won the Most Profitable Idea Awards of Advertising Operation and Management Center, Top Ten Advertising Profitable Cases Awards and other awards. He led Mango Fun to accomplish the first round of fundraising and be included into major asset restructuring of Happy Purchase (SZ300413). Etiquette (MSA), Feng Nov.--Mango TV was awarded “the Pioneering Brand of China’s Mobile New Media” in the 4th China’s Internet Brands Meeting. MGTV presents you top rated Chinese varieties, series and entertainment videos. On March 8, Mango Xiaoguanjia did something nice for the female employees of the Company. March 2014—April 2017: Served as Director of the Strategic Investment Department of Mango Media Co., Ltd. March 2017—June 2017: Served as Deputy General Manager and Strategic Investment Director of Mango Media Co., Ltd. June 2017—August 2018: Served as Deputy General Manager of Mango Media Co., Ltd. June 2017—Present: Serves as President of Hunan Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. July 2017—Present: Serves as Board Director of EE-Media Co., Ltd. May 2018—Present: Serves as Party Secretary of Hunan Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. August 2018—Present: Serves as BoardDirector and General Manager of Mango Excellent Media Co., Ltd. November 2018—Present: Serves as Deputy Party Secretary of Mango Excellent Media Co., Ltd. May 2019—Present: Serves as Executive Director of Happigo Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Watch free new Chinese TV Program, Drama, Online Movies, Headline News and more, Watch Chinese Series, Movies, Varieties, Comics and Youku original productions, Stream or Download from a massive library of Movies and Episodes - Watch Offline, 親愛的義祁君、長相守、傳聞中的陳芊芊、韞色過濃、幸福觸手可及、慶餘年三生三世枕上書、知否知否應、雙世寵妃、親愛的熱愛的、陳情令、創造營等電視劇電影綜藝免費追劇. Dec.--IPTV services are launched, representing a development milestone for “Hunan Province Triple-play”. “Lecture Room” is technically established by, which aims to become a happy base of employees’ learning, communicating, sharing, and training. Receive virtual gifts that you can turn into real cash rewards, and be the next social media star! was awarded “the Featured Brand of National Commercial Website” in the 4th China’s Internet Brands Meeting. Users can enjoy all the copyright works of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV provided by the box. In June 2018, Happy Go (300413.SZ) got the formal approval for restructuring of assets, and Mango TV, as one of the “dual-core driving” strategy implementers designated by Hunan Broadcasting System, joined Happy Go with MangoFun, EE-Media, Mango Studios and Mango Entertainment as a whole, officially becoming the first state-controlled video platform in the Chinese A-share market. Dec.--On 31th, Super Girls 2016,co-presented by Hunan Satellite TV, Mango TV and EE-Media and mainly produced by and broadcasted in Mango TV,was announced restart. Business News; Statement of Anti-piracy Lin [20], Critics stated that it would be better for Mango TV to obtain fully controlled operating authority. Study, Hospitality He is committed to putting the media strategy of HBS into action. Uncover the limitless possibilities of a global perspective by offering your employees a Nov.--On 7th,After the all-day and full-view live broadcast for 90 days, Perfect Holiday, the large self-produced show of Mango TV, dropped the final curtain on Nov 7. Words, Academic Subscribe for MGTV VIP with your Facebook/Google ID, or your phone number to experience more programs same time with TV in high … Mango feels most parents would allow children ages 18 and up to watch this film, however parental discretion should still be exercised. Discover the latest trends in Mango fashion, footwear and accessories. Employees were required to answer the questions within the time limit. This match has helped enhanced the cohesion of departments and provided an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their youthful vigor. (MSA), Arab National Type I News Website/ Internet Audio-Visual Program Service Permit (AVSP)/ OTT TV Permit/ IPTV Provincial Broadcast Control Platform Permit/ Internet Publication Permit/ Internet Culture Business Permit/ Value-added Telecom Business Operation Permit/ Mobile and TV Content Service Permit/ National News Unit with News Available for Website Reprint, Ranking among Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies for five years, Ranking among “The World’s 500 Largest Media Companies” for four years, Ranking among the top four in the industry. Promote language learning to the community; become an enabler of exploration and He once served as Chief Director of programs such as Flowers, Family Joy, New Year Gala of Hunan Economic TVand producer of When Happiness Knocks the Door and Director of Program Center of Hunan Economic TV Channel. [9] In October 2015, Mango TV built collaboration and signed a memorandum with BBC World, seeking for more opportunities on co-production in the global market.[10].

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