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- If lynched, kills everyone that voted for them. Sauron - Can mind control one target at a time. This is to help offset the fact that the Mafia will likely be inflated if he is on the team.The Mafia is given access to a Power Cop at 19+ players. Once per game, you may type in bold (Sorry [Mario], but your Princess is in another castle) and that player will be killed. Enter 7-30 in the box below to Get Roles instantly. The Follower is an investigative role which may select a player during the night phase.It will learn what night action the player performed, but not their target.This iteration is considered normal on as long as it follows Normal NAR.The follower is not infallible, however! I had debated doubling up the Town RB, MD, and Tracker earlier, so when I needed exactly 3 Town roles to stretch to 30 players, I figured is was just meant to be.You can technically stretch this out to 33 players, but every single role will be in the game, taking out all randomness. Detects as Superman. Once per game, you may target another player and force them to be Misdirected into another player of your choice. This is done via the host.
An ascetic modifier leaves the Follower unable to get a result. At 15 players I have a Neutral in the Mafia pool and at 17 players I have a Mafia in the Neutral pool. If he knows that he is a carbomber or not is entirely up to the host. They know who Bunny and Treehorn are, but Bunny and Treehorn don't know who the Nihilists are. At night, you may target another player, and that player will be Blocked and his action will fail. Sentinel - Regular Sentinel. You win when there are no more threats to the Mafia.You are the Mafia Misdirector. At night, you may target another player and that player will be Misdirected into you. Can be killed by Dark Phoenix.
Wolverine - Uses his senses to sniff out a lie. Three times per game, you may target another player and that player will die. This is to give them added information, given that the Town has above average information since they know the pool of powers this generator draws from.I personally feel these roles are pretty balanced. You win when there are no more threats to the Town.You are the Town Reverse Dragger and Write Up Cop. Dark Phoenix has one day and one night kill. At night, you may target another player and every other player who targets that player cannot be Blocked or Misdirected. At night, you may target another player and Track everyone else who targeted that player, learning who else targeted that player. - Uses his senses to sniff out a lie. Spider-Man also has his automatic camera set, so he can see who was targeting the person he is saving, but not what their action was. - Leader of Sentinels. Thank you for stepping by! Martyr, Paladin, White Knight, Private Security, Body Double, Human Shield, Protective, Manipulative, Multi-targeting, Claim Killer, Character Vigilante, Guesser, Riddler, Name Vigilante, Mechanics Seer, Mechanics Oracle, Oracle, Prophet, Mechanics Cop, Loremaster, Shaman, Recruiter, Missionary, Seductress, Full Cop, Sheriff, Seer, Investigator, Psychic, Bloodhound, Scout, Detective, Diviner, Analyst, Government Agent, Oracle, Commandant, Fortune Teller, Mortician, Forensic Cop, Undertaker, Medical Examiner, Manipulative, Mission, Role-changing, Third Party, Backup Cop, Retired Cop, Apprentice Seer, Latent Seer, Latent Cop, Archangel, Sorcerer, Herbalist, Angel, Guardian, Cleric, Mediator, Physician, Mayor, Politician, Noble, Elder, Multivoter, Judge, Informed Townie, Knowledgable Townie, Beholder, Communicative, Passive, Support, Mass Effect, Killing, Role-changing, Communicative, Third Party, Linked, Communicative, Killing, Third Party, Linked, Fake Gunsmith, Fake Blacksmith, Fake Armorsmith, Super Watcher, Crime Scene Investigator, Death Watcher, Passive, Support, Mass Effect, Role Reveal, Vengeful, Revenant, Dirty Old Bastard, Brutal, Woodcutter, Magician, JOAT, Witch, Druid, Conjurer, Mage, Prostitute, Jailor, Paranoid Doctor, Consort, Hooker, Escort, Nurse, Armor, Godfatherizer, Corrupt Lawyer, Chameleonizer, Nosy Neighbor, Invisible Man, Tabloid Reporter, Infiltrator, Spy, Bloodsucker, Woodcutter, Tree Stump Maker, Prince, Unlynchable, Unlynchable Townie, Armoire, Ghost Whisperer, Whisperer, Psychic, Spirit Talker, Mindreader, Mailman, Courier, Whisperer, Gossip, Telepath, Spy, Journalist, Message Sender, Mission, Third Party, Informative, Multi-targeting, Minstrel, Town Crier, Newscaster, Dawn Narrator, Voteless, Minor, Good Samaritan, Pacifist, Non-Voter, Reviver, Angel, Retributionist, Healer, CPR Instructor, Witch Doctor, Retributionist, Specific Bodyguard, Character Bodyguard, Targeted Bodyguard, Role-changing, Multi-power, Power-gaining, Transporter, Amplifier, Rescuer, Cheerleader, Vigilante, Compulsive Vigilante, Overeager Vigilante, Misleading, Passive, Third Party, Mass Effect, Communicative, Role-changing, Informative, Manipulative, Role-changing, Multi-targeting, Mimic, Burglar, Thief, Doppelgänger, Pirate Baker, Bouncer, Blocker, Escort, Consort, Hooker, Prostitute, Drunk, Witch, Disabler, Informative, Support, Multi-targeting, Multi-power, Multi-power, Informative, Power-gaining, Role Reveal, Chaos Maker, Flying Great Pumpkin, Multiple User Personality, Self-Tailor, Chameleon, Mimic, Impostor, Morpher, Blackmailer, Dentist, Kidnapper, Old Hag, Spellcaster, Juggernaut, Expert, Unstoppable Force, Bruiser, Hitman, Protective, Manipulative, Killing, Communicative, Gravedigger, Amnesiac, Preservationist, Scavenger, Villager, Citizen, Human, Townsperson, Innocent, Mission, Third Party, Communicative, Linked, Lunatic, Killer, Sniper, Renegade, Soldier, Barbarian, Savage, Assassin, Warrior, Hitman, If this is your first visit, be sure to Okay so some serious copy paste. If you are assigned to make the kill, your action cannot be Misdirected. Also, I've added some of my own Ideas. At night, if any player targets you, that player's character will be included in a scene in the write up with your character. Rules for Mafia (as outlined on, adopted by the great folks at, and finally edited by me, ChiRocker):1) No whining.2) During the Day, the Town (a.k.a. If lynched will teleport out of the noose, switching in the first person who voted for them. Master Sentinel - Leader of Sentinels. Once per game, you may target another player, and that player will not appear in the following write up. At night, you may target another player, that player will be Blocked, his action will fail, and no other player will be able to target that player, forcing them to fail. Is not aware of the other Sentinels and they are not aware of him. The more complex roles won't appear in smaller games, and I feel I have included enough "balance" roles to make this format work. At night, you may target another player, and that player will die. Mystique - Can choose the role they want to be detected at for the night/or choose to act as a thief. You win when there are no more threats to the Town.You are the Town Reverse Tracker. At night, you may target another player, and that player cannot by Blocked or Misdirected. Spider-Man also has his automatic camera set, so he can see who was targeting the person he is saving, but not what their action was. The Jesus - Duellist + Jesus (unlimited use/1 per day), The Marmot - could pick a target and have a random action done against them (detect/protect/kill). Order of Roles Given: Role 1 – Mafia – JanitorRole 2 – Mafia – Pool (RB/MD/TR)Role 3 - Neutral – Pool (LAW/HP/BG/RG)Role 4 – Town – CopRole 5 – Town – DoctorRole 6 – Town – Pool (RB/MD/TR/JK/CMD/RT)Role 7 – Town – Pool[Everything before this is a minimum game of 7 Roles][Everything below this is added 1 Role at a time until a maximum game of 30 Roles is reached]Role 8 – Town – PoolRole 9 – Neutral – PoolRole 10 – Town – PoolRole 11 – Mafia – DonRole 12 – Town – VigRole 13 – Neutral – SKRole 14 – Town – PoolRole 15 – Mafia – Pool (+The Survivor/Neutral)Role 16 – Town – Pool (+BD)Role 17 – Neutral – Pool (+Magnet/Mafia)Role 18 – Town – Pool (+Guide)Role 19 – Mafia – Pool (+Power Cop)Role 20 – Town – Pool (+Dragger)Role 21 – Neutral – Pool (+Jester)Role 22 – Town – Pool (+Reverse Dragger)Role 23 – Mafia – Pool (+Snoopy)Role 24 – Town – Pool (+Princess)Role 25 – Neutral – Pool (+Cult)Role 26 – Town – Pool (+RB/MD/TR)Role 27 – Mafia – PoolRole 28 – Town – PoolRole 29 – Neutral – PoolRole 30 – Town – Pool. At night, you may target another player, and you will learn that player's alignment. At night, you may target another player, and that player will be Blocked and his action will fail. Mafia Town is a slightly changed version of Mafia making it more complex. Cop Used with 16 or more players. You will be notified of the Character’s name of your target.

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