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Be the first to know. When I joined Netstar as Marketing Manager last year, I got the chance to take it myself. At a great celebration in honor of King Lion, the Monkey was asked to dance for the company. No cheating... make sure you're totally honest! Are you a monkey, lion, turtle or camel? Help her to see the bigger picture and the importance of moving forward instead of staying in the weeds. This is sadly, a potentially bad thing rather than anything automatically positive. Our product and tools bring practical application and successful execution to your leadership philosophy. It’s important to learn how to adjust your communication style and bring out your other animal sides when dealing with others. Over the last five years since I first read this book, I have had the pleasure on numerous occasions of meeting and working with the author, Dr Larry Little. Studies prove that the four animal types are extremely consistent in their behaviors and decision-making processes. The Tranquil Turtle is person-oriented (not people-oriented). Take the test to find out your type. As a lion I don’t need much praise or to stop and celebrate but as a leader, I know that I have worked with team members who are people oriented (turtles and monkeys) and need this reward. It also tells you which your dominant animal type is. The aim was to debunk myths we might believe about the other types, and to understand that although we may see ourselves a certain way, others will inevitably see us differently to how we think we are perceived. I asked Larry for some advice for those taking the test for the first time, who might not know what it is about. If you use it, your understanding of the Make A Difference personality types will equip you to better communicate with those that you love, live with, and lead. Turtles and monkeys are PEOPLE oriented whereas camels and lions are TASK oriented. Well they are the Leading Lion, the Competent Camel, the Tranquil Turtle and the Fun Loving Monkey. There are several volumes in this series but start with Make A Difference: In the lives of those you love, live with, and lead (ISBN: 1475945493). Let us schedule an initial meeting to explore the challenges you face and whether we think what I can bring to your company suits your needs. But I truly welcome anyone interested in discussion as it will only help me ensure we really did have a kairos event. Question: Who do you guess will win? So, what does it mean? It also tells you which your dominant animal type is. Turtles are known to be wise and value one-on-one relationships, but can sometimes procrastinate. It is also crucial to always remember to return to your ‘home quadrant’ (your own animal type), often enough so that you don’t burn out. The results are the same but called by different names. People oriented (they like to please people) and extroverted. There is also a link provided by the author to an online testing tool, the result of which is a score for each individual animal arriving at a sum of 20. Another test rated me as a Sanguine-Choloric. To some of our surprises the traits that we might love in ourselves are the ones that others find difficult about us. We can immediately identify with these animals as we read through the characteristics of each. So with this as the basis that we want to build effective relationships and teams we all agreed you have to start with communication. Our hope is that you will use this tool to gain a better understanding of yourself, and of others. Sign up to receive the latest news and insights from us: ©2020 - Netstar IT Support. So we can serve each other and our clients with better communication and effective teams. Well they are the Leading Lion, the Competent Camel, the Tranquil Turtle and the Fun Loving Monkey. Monkey “You’ve got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy and colourful and lively.” The monkey has high levels of both directness and openness. It’s quick, fun, easily memorable, and incredibly helpful. Realize that his reaction may be strong and do not personalize his response. This type of conflict can cause acute distress within the workplace. We believe that leadership is not a gimmick, a trend, or a fad; leadership simply means having the ability to influence someone with whom you’ve built a relationship. Don't Threaten. The outcome tells you what combination you are of four different types, Lion, Camel, Monkey, or Turtle. We were asked to split up into our various groups of animals and carry out some tasks. As a footnote to this insight, a Canadian called Laurence J Peter formulated something called the ‘Peter Principle’ which documents the idea that the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate’s performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. The Much Loved Monkey is a personality that loves people. He or she will spend an excessive amount of time creating obstacles instead of solutions. I have tested myself on numerous occasions over the last five years. One of the most common mistakes people make is assuming that all conflict is the same. Since Lions are driven by accomplishing tasks, that is what they generally do; they task. First, we are big believers that understanding the communication style of each person we interact with, whether internal or external to our company, makes it easier to ensure effective communication can happen. Conversely, the healthy Monkey will approach conflict by using her people skills to create healthy communication and dialogue around the issue. I thought I would share my thoughts from the class and how we plan to leverage this kairos event in hopes that you might be able to use some of the teachings yourself. Each person can have traits in one or more of these animal areas and there is no “right” mix for a person or position. I also realise that the Camel side of me will always have high standards, and I need to sometimes go easy on myself and others if I feel these standards haven’t been met.

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