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He expressed concern about Abeloth's origins, and was the only Master present to take Wynn Dorvan seriously when he said he killed Abeloth. Bien que victorieuse, la République est exsangue. Il est inspiré des pirates qui vivent et entassent leurs trésors dans une caverne isolée et circulent dans des barges flottantes.

Only people and those that have been attacked by Kyle Katarn. Forced to defend Hu'lya from Solo's attacks, Katarn sent his saber spinning at Jacen, only to have it deflected and return to his hand. Pour y mettre fin, la République est remplacée en 19 av. He also used sequencer charges, thermal detonators, and laser trip mines. Physiquement, elle a le même type de coiffure que les femmes guerrières pendant la révolution mexicaine (1910-1920)[a 32]. While journeying to the Valley of the Jedi, this first lightsaber was destroyed by the Dark Jedi, Boc; however, one of the Dark Jedi, Yun, turned from the Dark Side and blocked a death blow to Katarn from Sariss. Galen Marek is a varitable one-man-army, but 100% devoted to offense.

(inserts star wars part)...with a wampa. EDT (US)     The Moldy Crow was a Corellian Engineering Corporation HWK-290 light freighter that was used by Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors on their missions. [31], Soon after these events, Master Katarn was among the Masters present when Han Solo proved to Chief of State Daala that the Jedi who were being driven mad had recovered, causing her to order the siege of the Jedi Temple lifted. But not as a main character in all of them, unlike Kyle Katarn. When these results turned up nothing, Katarn returned to Coruscant to both welcome back the returning Grand Master Skywalker and to take part in further strategies against the Lost Tribe. By Lopieloo Watch. Katarn, behind Luke Skywalker, attends the funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker.

23 av.BY [24] As the conflict progressed, eventually developing into the Second Galactic Civil War, Katarn also suggested that Leia Organa Solo be exiled due to her actions which appeared contrary to the wishes of the government he continued to serve. He was a former Imperial stormtrooper who defected to the Rebellion. Living out on the rim, he had few other opportunities to obtain an education. 77 Favourites. 20 / 40, posted She informed Katarn of his blunder in revealing the location of the Valley to herself and her master, and was defeated by Katarn in lightsaber combat. Espèce [11], After seeing the footage for himself, Katarn became distrustful towards the Empire and defected, becoming a neutral mercenary. [36][37] On the odd occasion, he would develop a reverse Shien grip. Kyle Katarn during the briefing regarding his Mission to Talay. Vaincue mais pas annihilée, la Résistance parvient à unifier tous les opposants au Premier Ordre pour une ultime affrontement au dessus de la planète Exegol qui met un terme au régime totalitaire (L'Ascension de Skywalker)[a 15]. EDT (US)     Katarn arrived after the map had been removed. [26], Solo was a formidable opponent, even for Katarn's skills, and the Jedi Master had to protect the weaker members of the team as he dueled the former Jedi Knight and now young Sith Lord.

07-13-07 03:37 PM The Sith Lord pulled his lightsaber free and turned to finish off the rest of the team, unaware that the tracking device had been attached to his cloak by Dorvald, and that Katarn was still alive. Position As Katarn regained consciousness, he heard the young man's final words, stating that as a Jedi, Kyle deserved a battle. After the destruction of the Moldy Crow, Kyle Katarn and his partner Jan Ors continued their career with the Raven's Claw. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but geez I shot a lot stormtroopers in the knee last night.

Katarn converted into a mercenary serving the Rebel Alliance. Ors showed Katarn footage from the battle there that had been obtained by a reporter and her loyal droid.

Il est connu pour avoir terrassé Jerec dans la Vallée des Jedi. [6], After the end of the invasion, Katarn heard a rumor that the Sith still existed. After an intense shootout against a Phase III Dark Trooper clad General Mohc, Katarn proceeded to blow up the Arc Hammer and escape, destroying the Dark Trooper Project for good.

EDT (US)     Boc, another Dark Jedi, destroyed Katarn's lightsaber tauntingly in front of him before leaving to assist Jerec. 07-13-07 07:57 AM Kyle Katarn's preferred weapon was a Bryar pistol that had been given to him by his father.
His hatred was replaced with hope, and his lust for revenge was replaced with compassion. However, Morgan had etched a map to the valley into the ceiling tiles in the Katarns' house that was later discovered by Jerec. 23 BBY[2]

Why do I even care?

Le spectre de son père vînt cependant à lui pour lui rappeler quant à l'utilisation première de la Force : elle n'a pas à être utilisée pour faire couler le sang, mais bien pour préserver la vie. 07-14-07 00:20 AM

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