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*cough* dominant *cough*  He is radiant here and I really really want to pet him it. This time around we are taking a deep dive into the buttoned glory of Kurt’s cardigan collection. Eddie Waters is an actor and freelance writer based on the coast of the United States. 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Those Fendi baguette handbags? And now you can remind everyone too! During the filming of season four, Heather Morris, who played Brittany S. Pierce, announced her real-life pregnancy. 3) Need Anything From Ikea: Another entry that should not look good but on Kurt looks amazing. Please feel free to submit and request! Buy designer clothing & accessories and get Free Shipping & Returns in USA. Hi there! Friend, romans, fellow fetishists… I bring you the first installment of Kurt’s Sexiest Sweaters. As a throwback to their humble beginnings, the final number of the show reunites almost every member of New Directions, each sporting an individualized red costume. The scoop neck sweater paired with the button up shirt and all tied up with the animal print tie is deadly enough on it’s own… but Kurt adds an incredibly sexy form fitting and ankle length cardigan for an extra punch. Tina, Mercedes and Kurt plan out the night before and bake Quinn a Earl Grey cake. I DO! (For some, the others don’t really like it but there’s enough desserts they don’t care.). When attending competitions, the William McKinley High show choir was often under-funded, so their outfits represented their lack of financial support. Utter torture for Adam indeed. They’re all pretty tired of turkey and pumpkin stuff, so they try and bring some new foods. This time around we are giving some appreciation to the items that Kurt makes his own because fashion has no gender. Puck and Kurt’s gift was unoffically the melody (though Kurt gifts her a nice pair of boots she liked.). To distinguish them from the competition, costume designer Lou Eyrich factored the budget of the oft-neglected New Directions into consideration. They're so 20th century. Before graduating Hummel was a member of the New Directions, briefly played on the McKinley Titans and had a stint…, Kurt Hummel football jersey tshirt Remember when Kurt Hummel was on the football team? She loves them all. Visually, Tina represents the greatest amount of growth from her initial appearance; introduced as an introverted goth, as Tina blossoms into a more colorful, confident character, so do her personal stylings. When outfitting the cast of Glee, costume designer Lou Eyrich took into consideration where the characters would realistically be able to shop in Lima, Ohio, where the show is set. Kurt Hummel pairs his first look with a shoulder bag. Sue Sylvester is the perennial antagonist of the series, terrorizing both the adult and teenage characters over the course of all six seasons. Polyvore sets inspired by characters from various TV shows, films, books etc. Sylvester is perhaps the easiest character to outfit, as her costumes were primarily track suits in assorted colors, including one that is combined with a wedding dress. Taking a look back at the show that broke the charts, here are ten hidden details behind the costumes of Glee. "Theatricality" took inspiration from the Haus of Gaga, cumulating in a group performance of Bad Romance. ", NEXT: Glee: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved. Tina Cohen-Chang remained a staple in the Glee cast for its entire run; an original member of the club, Tina was a series regular for the first five seasons before moving to recurring status in the final batch of episodes. 5) The Hope Chest: This sweater might’ve cost him the keys to his baby but this form fitting, red, long sweater is worth it. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Welcome to the second installment of Kurt’s Sexiest Sweaters. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder one) (Quinn seems like a Roald Dahl fan to me.). Welcome to the third installment of Kurt’s Sexiest Sweaters. every kurt hummel outfit: 2x06 never been kissed. 1) I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter:  Here he is looking radiant in lemon yellow (with matching boots). Whereas their competitors arrived with coordinating, high-budget outfits, New Directions were repeatedly decked out in monochromatic, less expensive wardrobe choices. Puck and Rachel bring some traditional Jewish foods. Notably, Hummel never repeats an outfit throughout his tenure on Glee, aside from his brief stint at Dalton Academy. In order to conceal the burgeoning baby bump from viewers, the costume designers found creative solutions. they really popped off in the wardrobe department there, maybe i cried while getting caps for this ep, re-watching glee and yes hi this is a good outfit, the first one is my FAVOURITE kurt outfit, happy october happy spooky szn from tinas skull dress in the first one, trying to get caps for give up the funk was interesting , also that second one is literally the only shot of tina in that scene i think, i wanna see what her hair is skdjfasljfslkdjf i wanna see her outfit smh, this season has some of the best kurt looks i’m so excited, okay i know it’s actually rumors but fuck that, also sorry you guys have to see brittany and kurt making out that’s just the only shot where you can see his whole outfit, there were almost too many kurt looks this ep, also there’s one outfit missing because tumblr only lets me post so many photos but i’ll add it in the notes, honestly at this point this series is just for me, also i’m just waiting to get to the s3 and 4 kurt outfits.

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