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From the build to the install to the performance gains to the sound. Took 3 1/2 hours only because I had to work from the ground. Quote Reply. (As of October 16th, both the RWD & AWD downpipes are sold out. GREAT GREAT GREAT product! Description: The Jun Bl Secondary Downpipes for the 2018-2020 Kia Stinger 3.3T are a 100% perfect bolt-on system that requires no modification or welding. They replace the OEM Secondary downpipes directly and squeeze all available horsepower from your 3.3T Stinger engine while also increasing torque. Faster spool-up times mean more power and/or better fuel economy. After extensive research and development, the ARK Performance Kia Stinger 3.3T Downpipes are coming soon to a Stinger near you. On many turbocharged vehicles, the exhaust pipes coming in and out of the turbo contain numerous bends. ... Micro Blue, MY20 KIA Stinger GT Carbon Fibre Edition, Window tinting, GT floor mats. Thanks again! It adds up to a big increase in performance. Images are for representation purpose only and may differ depending on application, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 AutoTalent. The Stinger GT exhaust is one of the weakest links in the performance and the 2.0l turbo engines need a good upgrade to carry over the weight of the Stinger with grace. Was not in the market for the such product until I saw it another Stinger. Worth the wait for a proper fit, compared to other companies. These are such an easy install and it creates more power and a better sound to add to your exhaust set up. Installed Downpipes today. Notify me when this product is available: A downpipe is a part of the exhaust system that connects the turbo exit to the catalytic converter. Ark engineered these secondary downpipes for optimal flow & performance. The Kia Stinger 3.3T - Ultimate Performance HFC Downpipe + Mid Pipe Kit (BUY NOW) Description: Ultimate Performance LLC is proud to offer their new high-flow catted downpipe/mid-pipe combo for the 2018+ Kia stinger 3.3L. Description: A downpipe is a part of the exhaust system that connects the turbo exit to the catalytic converter. All Rights Reserved, Wagner Tuning Performance Intercooler For Kia Optima 2011-2015, KW Suspension Variant 3 Coilovers KWV3 For Kia Stinger CK 2018+, Wagner Tuning Performance Intercooler Kit For Kia Ceed GT 2015, Wagner Tuning Performance Competition Intercooler Kit For Kia Stinger GT 2018-2019, Fi Exhaust Valvetronic Cat-Back Exhaust System For Kia Stinger GT 2019, All orders will include an AutoTalent window decal. Ark expects them back in stock before the end of November. Created with 304 stainless steel & machine smoothing. It adds up to a big increase in performance. The sound provided and the feel of your vehicle being able to breath better is amazing also. New hardware and gaskets. Because a turbocharger is essentially a pump, it’s important for the pipes entering and exiting the turbo to have unrestricted airflow. The MBRP cat-back exhaust system is a complete unit with front, medium and dual-tip muffler sections along with complete installation hardware that bolts on directly to stock mounts without any need for alteration. A lift and air tools allowed for a simple 30 minute install that almost anyone can pull off; bolted right on to my current Borla exhaust system, and gave that system an even more aggressive sound. The bolt-on flanges and support brackets allow for effortless installation and accurate fitment. By reducing exhaust gas restrictions, the turbocharger can spool up more quickly. Technically, the “downpipe” section of an exhaust system connects the headers or exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter(s). Love the way they sound. For most vehicles, the downpipe section is essentially incorporated with the catalytic converter section, and since there’s very little performance or fuel economy benefit to replacing a modern catalytic converter (they’re just not that restrictive), most vehicle downpipes are never given much thought. While it's generally accepted that installing a downpipe will add "just" 10 to 20 horsepower, that gain is noticeable anytime the turbo is engaged. Install was a breeze and the kit came with everything needed. The kit will WILDLY improve turbocharger spool time, as well as power across the RPM range. No problems and the welds were beautiful made. Since these pipes are post-oxygen sensor there is no Check Engine Light and just pure gains!! As a result, many after-market exhaust manufacturers offer over-sized exhaust downpipes with mandrel bends. Initial supplies are limited with more expected to be available at the end of June 2019. However, on a vehicle equipped with a turbocharger, an after-market downpipe can offer a significant improvement in performance. I really could not be any happier with the purchase.... KHARTunerz comes in clutch again! Everything they create is designed & tested in CAD / CAM software before it is fabricated into a physical part. Primary Cat (Turbo Outlet, O2 Housing, Downpipe) >, Secondary Cat (Secondary Downpipe, Test Pipe (Sometimes called Midpipe by certain companies) >, Catback (True catback = Midpipe + Axleback)), Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines - FRONT - KIA STINGER 2017-2019, Kia Stinger 2017-2019 Seibon TS Style Carbon Fiber Hood, Megan Racing KIA STINGER / GENESIS G70 Rear Adjustable Toe Arm. Unleash the power of your Kia Stinger GT 3.3T with the Ark Performance Downpipes! Jun 28, 2020. However, they will be arriving in limited quantities, so preorder now to reserve your place in line when they arrive back in stock, as they will sell out again fast), Replace your restrictive factory downpipes with the Ark Performance Kia Stinger Catless Secondary Downpipes, Crafted from Stainless Steel for ultimate toughness, These Ark downpipes are a 1:1 bolt-on replacement, Achieve a deeper exhaust note and an aggressive tone, Gain better flow through your exhaust and more power without getting any Check Engine Light, All necessary hardware included in the box, You also might like from the same collection, Kia Stinger - Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifter Extensions, Kia Stinger - Element6 Carbon Fiber Lower Grille, Kia Stinger GT- Stoptech Performance Premium Rotors, (New) Kia Stinger - CK71 Daytime Running Lights. It might be a stretch to say, but the pull is like a toned down launch control pull. These downpipes are great, awesome quality, solid welds, and they look good too. Haven't had it dyno'ed with this new downpipe and mid pipe and maybe this sounds crazy but I feel this car can now hang with the likes of the BMW M4 (yes apples and oranges but I'm still going to talk my talk). Works well with HFC and Borla exhaust. If these pipes are bent using a cheap, crush bending process (a common situation for many vehicles), they can restrict exhaust gas flow in and/or out of the turbo. ARK Performance introduces their new Catless Secondary downpipes available for both RWD and AWD Kia Stinger GT 3.3TT 2.5" SS 304 Grade Material Brushed Satin Surface Finish Replaces Restrictive Factory Downpipes for maximum HP gains Replaces Restrictive Factory Downpipes for maximum HP gains, Unleashes the raw power and sound of your Kia Stinger 3.3TT, Direct bolt on to stock exhaust (all hardware necessary included), These are a direct 1:1 replacement including all hardware for your KIA STINGER. While it's generally accepted that installing a downpipe will add "just" 10 to 20 horsepower, that gain is noticeable anytime the turbo is engaged.

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