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Hey didn't catch your name, i would call you HONEY, but you are much sweeter than that. “Well, I’ve been working with slag for the best part of four years now, mate,” he replies. Are you trying to save yourself some time by cutting out that extra letter?? Puns are a popular topic for illustrators because they offer fun and diverse topics to draw and because they're cute and clever. save. Resealable packages don't stand a chance of ever being opened the right way! Laugh your socks off at funny jokes, funny quotes, funny memes and funny YouTube videos. Struggle 1,234,198 of having a unique name: Just letting people mispronounce your name because you're tired of correcting them. Because they think Katie is a name for LITTLE GIRLS. He was just sitting on his own, building sandcastles…. It's very popular as a middle name, so most people should like it. How is it possible to be the bossy, crazy, best friend's sister next door? Because they think Katie is a name for LITTLE GIRLS. is the site for Meet Singles. And ever since THIS ONE showed up, people seem to think "Katy" is the default spelling. Cause I can tell you are all ready a super spreader. This is Josh! ", Most of your friends' dads call you "Kate.". to help give you the best experience we can. They'll never remember. Lv 4. Yeah, we all wish it had happened in 1997 too. You have an instinctive, reflexive distrust of your dastardly cousin — the Katy. See more ideas about Jokes, Funny pictures, Bones funny. Find Meet Singles, Sex Toys and more at It is weird to tell someone to change their name just because they're 30 or whatever. Katie Lee. Are you in a hurry? Isn't really a joke but my friend is called Grace and she told me ... i've never heard of any jokes about that name. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Grace the disgrace. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Jordan Katie Price Joke There’s one thing Katie Price hasn’t fucked that we’d love to see her do. Mind you, he still looked happy doing it without his bucket and spade there. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Jordan Katie Price Joke 1 Frankie Boyle Jordan Joke: “Jordan and Peter Andre are still fighting each other over custody of Harvey. *, Katies are rudely stereotyped as the vaguely complimentary but mostly boring "girl next door.". It's not worth correcting. I love the name Grace lol. Are you Katie A. or Katie M. or Katie P.? Yes Knock, Knock Whos there? It's TOO MUCH PRESSURE. You'll (ALMOST) never be short on souvenir swag. hide. Your name isn't recognized for the extensive, mysterious full names it's possibly short for. 232. On the plus side, Katies are literally always so beautiful you could practically die looking at them. On the first day of school you always had to be like, "ACTUALLY, I go by Katie. I'm not a big fan of your last name but don't worry, I can change that. Sometimes the first Katie in a place gets OG status, and then the rest have to have their last name initials added, and it causes all kinds of in-group resentment. Obviously!!!!! share. Maybe it doesn't even START with a K or C. And maybe your grandparents. Somehow, you get asked ALL THE TIME: "Katie — is that short for something?". And there's always that one girl whose hippie parents just HAD to spell it all *uniquely.

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