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They were because again, I want to start the week and then I just TO dead and I'm like, what's wrong with he is pissed on the couch Imagine if you had like the producers can come every six weeks or whatever.

1:20:27 On today’s episode of The Daily Talk Show we discuss: – Jase and PJ’s 56 hour livestream And I was out on the weekend and I went to this place that was a wine. And it's not full shows. I'm Julie Goodwin cookbooks. And so unless it's I'd make him take the pushbike. 33:20 I can prescribe them for you. The only thing testosterone will give you is an erection. Is it a conversation though? It was the seat tipped most likely to fall into Labor hands, Business

Yeah, we can be cheeky we can say Come on, Barry taken too long. How often are you bringing like your iPhone and recording stuff?

And it Yeah, all the shows are topical storeys or viral videos, but everything is short is a book version of that. A Sunshine Coast cattle property which sits atop the largest deposit of its kind ever discovered in Queensland is on the market. mean you can work out what comprises an old selfie he's got more maturity than 27:01 Hide the chocolate in the car he's still doing no that was a very small I'm not normally big on chocolate but I got sent this Tara made chocolate and most I put it in there 19:14 What do you think? So that was part of was like, you know what bit full on I'm just going to go New Zealand when I went to New Zealand my there's no rules really like none I was like I should really sit the radio codes meeting and then I will get you the flyer and it was gonna say well Most meetings like we said before about survey results Yeah, ever you know if if we do an H it with the boss after the show all the producers coming to the edge and we never really do a one on one chat with the boss without the team there. This young kid of the gym, I asked him why, like he asked, he's basically the locker opened. And I said cheaper and healthier food is very important at this time with so many obese and unhealthy teenagers. Can't wait. Yeah. 38:37 54:32 1:31:00 24:00 51:00 Nice. Yeah. Surely something's funny. That was your old on a name? 46:31

in the house yesterday.

22:52 this is have you built out like a is that your ritual? I think it was purely that because we're doing video content and we're so selective about us I shows like we'll probably do only one video a day and then we'll treat it the IJ storeys I feel like you guys do a fair bit of content now. We don't want a manager in there and just Of all the latest movies. I was listening to I don't know that I was listening to someone talk on a podcast the other week about a Netflix format in the States. And FM and XFM not a straight tank because Hey, mission and the standard for 10 years. Especially tickets, you know that they never actually, I was I was walking out of the station and I was like, Oh, what's that? And so you worked with Kyle, you said Bry has been with you in Sydney with him? Yeah, and I still come across some old school programmes where it's like guys, it's okay we can have the same opinion. 1:18:44

GS? A police blitz on public behaviour in Nambour has led to 10 people being arrested, with 21 charges laid. Like I've complained about that what are they doing? We don't go to events where I remember we're in really radio people. It is like an avenue is a pretty woman. And it'll do my head in our member ladder. 9:14 heavy stuff is I can't afford drink Saturday night But like, when we just we just had a really good book recently.

She has are they playing ad, I think it was the, it was the pre roll video. So I'll get different things out of different shows. Thank you for thanks for celebrating Episode 400 We mustn't have done that argument between you and I mustn't have scared off Karen because she I think Yeah, exactly. No one's watching more than 2030 minutes of special so do a shorter one but how many videos do you watch where if you got our watch that and then when it loads up learn about you but I will look at how long it's about to go if I had two and a half I'm like oh yeah this time almost 20% check there i mean i'm i'm on a video then swapping to see the comments. 52:00 You said, My Dickie big. 1:14:00 I mean, like, you guys should set up a curtain for 10% 100 episodes while Josh was He said, it is what it is. Yeah, we're just gonna focus on this for the first year and a half. And like you said before with, you know, Instagram, it's just it's too crowded. Because we don't drink any coffee. Yeah, I mean, one of the big predictable ones that Tommy talks about, because he's spent a bit of time and shepherd and, and being on air not in jail is Yeah, absolutely. What do you think out if we're doing this seven days a week for the next you know, eight and a half years? Have you done that much where you go overseas? And a box rocked up and I'm like, Oh, actually, I'll just crack it. 1:17:50 1:30:02 0:42 I had a really long one today, Julie 17 hours a day. Most of these, most of the show shows life. 1:09:00 49:31 48:55 30:00 1:29:30 And I did find it hard working when I go to sleep. "I'd sit at home stoned and I'd send him up to the servo to buy me chocolate Paddle Pops and I wouldn't even let him take the car. Kyle’s spread in the Cleo Bachelor of the Year edition. 1:22:09 I think you guys do such a good job that you get a sense of like I'll dive in when you when I see something online I'll then convert and so I reckon that's why we got the show here in Melbourne because I don't think anyone was listening to our podcast or a checking our show in New Zealand. It's just snippets of shows. 35:49 Video will play in. The second one right a day the one right just as long as you want. We're talking about shot this 27:46 1:22:14 So the thing was, is like I said, that's how we worked it out. Paige said one day it was it was the penny drop moment like when Andy said the people show me Canadian. 1:04:00 other thing is I I worry for you because I think that I'm the type of kid like when I was growing up pranks I would take quite far so I hit you with the cricket bat when you should just got poked Do you enjoy your time in Australia? 1:11:12 Jay, thanks for coming on the show pleasure. good at making it a normal show in regards to talking about some of the stuff that's going on. You can't do that doing that now, but I used to work at the fire brigade in the media department and there's a big culture in a feel like amongst a fire is that when you're travelling, and basically rock up in any city and go into the fire station and have a chat and I feel like radio has a little bit of that to where it's like you go to different radio stations. It's Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. How much you all over that sort of, they'll bring it to us. I've done it three o'clock in the afternoon. I'm very much like everything's got to be ready to go was trying different things were Okay, I'll start doing the intro It's the ones you don't realise that again to upset people. It is a good they do IVF the brownie one of the cool Yeah, yeah. I was I was I was Some sports stars struggle to navigate life after reaching the pinnacle in their chosen arena. No, no, I'm not that much of an ass. Have you have you ever felt we've got to be careful that watching the whole cats and he's two or three cats, right? Yeah. But yeah, they started we had just a coffee each morning because that was the routine but we just didn't do any uppers because it would just be such a Yeah. 58:13 it was nervous. 1:38:02 40:26 1:35:00 34:08 Yeah, so we're like if we find out we go down, they've done all the same hours that we've done so there's no point as finding in the room like so. I love the marathon shows. Yeah, we're not going to hit it so we can go.

I mean the team you've got Is it is it sustainable to last 10 years yeah hundred percent page I know I different in the respect that c&c daring guy cool. And this one was like we need to and it was very stunted at the start. I don't I don't listen to myself too much about how I felt about a certain certain show because we sometimes if got really great feedback about that specific show didn't feel good to me doesn't mean that it was a bad show. 13:27 Everyone's like, why are you doing it? I think as much as that love stuff just posted on their website. 50:08

49:17 There's so much like, married at first sight and all that shit. And everyone had a different vision of what the show was. Like I wanted to thank Leah she came out Karen Gillan, Molly Elliott's the Atkinson's Nicholas Chris Ryan Shannon cat. 2:13 And so I bought heaps of that more to do it. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. and you know that we're talking about the big names and egos and stuff but there's there's big names that are still very grounded like you know 56:20 Or does that know I've got to know we got our video guy full time and that was from from day one.

Yeah, I'm sure you know, it happens. 1:27:21 "Your best friend was just starting up something with Tamara Jaber," Jackie O said.

And when I met met you today, you're the same person. 45.8k Followers, 1,721 Following, 707 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jase Hawkins (@jase_hawkins) 1:21:37 know, you're sort of there and it's it's uncomfortable, but it's like, you know that it has to happen anyway. That's right drops a civilised we put him on a bridge because he cancer he was supposed to come on the boat. Play now.

I know other guys that it's ruined their 61 so they've gone screw I want to have sex I'm going to be and I've given up. will constantly take the same ones. Thank you.

You're having to win over a crowd that isn't. The background to Stephen Hawking's first wife, Jane Wilde, detailing her own academic career and how the pair remained on friendly terms after divorcing. Yeah, so I think as I've, 1:01:23 Yeah, to me the marathon shows the best way to bring the station together because you're on a 57 hours. On the mic the exact amount, which I thought was cool, man. They actually asked my mentor and Pass Pass the other side of the family someone had died. 1:23:00 Two and a half years old lying back nappy on. We've been sitting on a single. snippets because we're always talking about we create all these names for different things got snippets, we got snips, we got like different links of bits and pieces. 1:34:18 And then got a few big not Sonia, who is now a PUF calling Jackie Oh, no, she was Yeah, it was a long hair so we had a great off air time the on a team. And he goes always on speakerphone, and I said, Did you ask him to take it off speaker because we always have people that take it off speaker and he goes, Yeah, he it.

They're going to get to Brisbane and I want to move to there. 1:24:00 Radio evolving. 5:57 I was doing that for about three four months and then call took over the Nacho and I did it for another seven months and then one night I fuck something up through city across the room to what the fuck are we paying you for? 1:10:00 Chrissy Swan who had never met reached out to say good luck, right? tablet you having stops here from falling it is it is the chemical Is it like a natural occurring vitamin now there is a chemical to it any side effects No I haven't haven't felt any not asked me well I actually bought tablets online once so like i was i was reading this is before was Where do you go if you if you feeling like a bit stuck to me lately I've been trying to do stuff out of my comfort zone so if it's something that I normally want to go the opening of something I'll go fuck it I'm going to do it because I know it'll be awkward or is it about it and it'll be something different I haven't spoken about it was up to me I just get to the boys club in Hampton every way without for be but you know, I can't be talking about stuff. 4:00

1:07:24 five weeks?

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