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In March 1997, Baker became the Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Western Sahara. Bush ran unopposed two years later and was gaining attention at the national level. He earned a bachelor of laws (1957) from the University of Texas School of Law and began to practice law in Texas.[6]. They married in Dayton on November 7, 1953, with Paton as the best man, and by the following fall they had the first of their four sons, James Addison Baker IV, or Jamie. The thing that grieves me most is to see you suffer so. As Secretary of State, he helped oversee U.S. foreign policy during the end of the Cold War and dissolution of the Soviet Union, as well as during the Gulf War. All rights reserved. [5] In January 2019, Baker left Brookings to become the director of national security and cybersecurity at the R Street Institute, a conservative think-tank in Washington, D.C.[6] He also teaches at Harvard Law School. In December, 2017 he was replaced as general counsel and reassigned to a different position within the FBI. This article originally appeared in the October 2020 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “The Hero Son.” Subscribe today. His first home in Texas was a rented two-room duplex in Odessa, where the family had to share a bathroom with a mother-and-daughter prostitute team next door.

Barbara Bush used to joke that since Election Day often fell around the same time that hunting season opened, Baker would pick shooting over voting.

Recommend to friends. While serving as Treasury Secretary, Baker organized the Plaza Accord of September 1985 and the Baker Plan to target international debt. He is turning or has already turned 71. Reagan rejected the Phillips-Wright request, but in 1985, he named Baker as United States Secretary of the Treasury, in a job-swap with then-Secretary Donald T. Regan, a former Merrill Lynch officer who became Chief of Staff. In 1981, Baker was named White House Chief of Staff by President Ronald Reagan, in spite of the fact that Baker managed the presidential campaigns of Gerald Ford in 1976 and of George Bush in 1980 opposing Reagan. But Baker told Bush he was interested anyway and began sounding out possible donors and supporters.

President George H. W. Bush appointed Baker Secretary of State in 1989. “My dear sweet loving and loveable Jimmy,” she wrote, “I am suffering so much and cannot get relief. [20], Baker was notable for making little and slow efforts towards improving the state of Israeli-Palestinian relations. Jimmy’s friends “were a little bit afraid” of his dad, recalled one, Wallace Stedman Wilson. Mary Stuart chose the architect and designed what would be her dream house. He was also the central figure in the formation of his son’s character. As he reached his late thirties, Jim Baker, son, grandson, and great-grandson of lawyers, was growing bored with the law. [20], More tensions rose in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with a massive influx of Jewish people from the Soviet Union moved to Israel. Thank you my love for the best life anyone who has ever walked this earth has had. The art museum and the city’s leading service charity were established by his grandparents. The next James A. Baker, who also ended up being known as Junior, really did fight in combat, serving in the trenches of France under General “Black Jack” Pershing during World War I and at one point capturing three German soldiers singlehandedly. One by one, his friends’ parents arrived to take their sons home. Subscribe or link your existing subscription. He became a close friend of George H. W. Bush and worked for Bush's unsuccessful 1970 campaign for the United States Senate. Darman continued in the next administration as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

On June 15, 2002, Virginia Graeme Baker, the seven-year-old granddaughter of Baker, daughter of Nancy and James Baker IV, was the victim of lethal suction-pump entrapment in an in-ground spa. Though Bush lost to Lloyd Bentsen in the election, Baker continued in politics, becoming the Finance Chairman of the Texas Republican Party in 1971.

“Bake,” he told his friend, “you need to take your mind off your grief.”, “George, that’s great, but there are two things,” Baker replied. Baker has a sister, Bonner Baker Moffitt. Prior to becoming an attorney, he studied at The University of Texas School of Law. Growing up in Dayton, Mary Stuart had been friends with Teensie Bush, a cousin of George. “If I was ever going to become an alcoholic, that’s when I would have done it,” he said. Don’t be sad. Register or Login.

The following year, he was selected as Gulf Coast Regional Chairman for the Richard Nixon presidential campaign.

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