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Low range engagement was also instant, but the vehicle needed to be stopped, or nearly so. -- Perth SA GIGA 385 FYJ GIGA 455, ISUZU F SERIES We also stock a range of high quality used motorhomes and campervans from a number of different manufacturers. In October 2018 we had the opportunity to drive Isuzu’s AMT automated manual transmission model on-highway and off-road. -JOHN GUEST HOSE FITTINGS -360 AH OUTBACK MARINE LITHIUM BATTERY I drove it for a day around the greater Melbourne area, on roads varying from freeway to potholed, corrugated gravel. -- Canberra FYX, © 2017 | MULTISPARES. -EXTRA 60L WATER TANK WITH FILLER -2 x 150L WATER TANKS WITH FILLER / PUMP -CAMEK FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE Optional two-pedal control, introduced in 2018, should prove popular with fleets and motorhome builders. -- Toowoomba All models were built on the same 3395mm wheelbase and standard tyres were Michelin 8.5R17.5 XZT tubeless. CX It retained whatever gear the driver selected, so control was easy and positive, with no risk of unwanted upshifts or downshifts. -INTERNAL 12V POWER POINT The second-generation version was released in 2007 and still had less than desirable shifting habits. The controls were modernised, with two simple rocker switches to engage four wheel drive and low range replacing yesterday’s lever. Interior upgrades for 2018 included cruise control and a new audio-visual system, featuring 6.2-inch capacitive touch-screen with greater brightness and resolution. Isuzu upgraded the N Series cab in 2015 and in late-2018, when a two-pedal, automated manual transmission model was added. Beneath the cab were familiar mechanicals: Sitec 155 Euro V, 5.2-litre, four-cylinder, common-rail, turbo-intercooled diesel, with cooled EGR and a DPF. GIGA 415 We haven’t been fans of Isuzu’s self-shifter since its introduction in 4×2 N Series trucks back in 2005. Figures were114kW at 2600rpm and 419Nm in the 1600-2600rpm band. isuzu cx cx cxh cxz giga 385 giga 415 giga 455. isuzu ex giga 425 giga 455 giga 510. isuzu f series frd frr fsd fsr fss fyh fyj fyx. -AUTOSAT DIGITAL SATELLITE / RECEIVER BOX / CONTROLLER -TRUCK & BODY ISUZU NPS 300 4X4 APPROX. Axles were live, with manually-lockable free-wheeling front hubs and a limited-slip rear diff centre. -INNERSPRING MATTRESS -LONG RANGE FUEL TANK 220 L Shop, OUTBACK TRAVEL AUSTRALIA PO Box 667 Moss Vale NSW 2577, News, updates, reviews and more from Allan Whiting directly to your inbox. -- Newcastle The NPS can’t match the independently-sprung NLS for ride and handling over rough surfaces, but it’s not as bad as it used to be. BATHROOM FRD This natural river-gully area has been enhanced by creation of a virtual moonscape, with steep ramps and mounds that test gradeability, articulation, ground clearance and body clearance angles to the limit. FRR -HONDA 20EUI GENERATOR -SMOKE ALARM 70000KM Ergonomics were the same as in the 4×2 Isuzu N Series, so everything was well placed. Further development for Isuzu trucks began immediately following this acquisition and we still carry parts for these early Isuzu models. QLD NSW The box chimed a warning, indicating the need to stop and restart in first. Powered by Virtual Yard | Terms & Conditions. -- Sydney -FANTASTIC HATCH - MANUAL X2 I’ve driven 4×4 utes and wagons around this site on many occasions, but this was the first attempt in a light truck. Fifth cog was a leggy 0.72:1, meaning there was not much gradeability in overdrive, so even mild freeway pulls caused an instant speed drop. However, the NPS 300 isn’t intended to be a linehaul performer. In late 2020 Isuzu released Servicepack and Servicepack X ‘ready to work’ models with secure tool and equipment storage.

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