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The novel coronavirus has triggered an unprecedented tragedy on the human race, inspiring the World Health Organisation (WHO) to term the spread as a pandemic. This surfaces content you would have not likely identified before and help you find relevant material for your story much quicker. They design the plans, complete calculations and specifications of the house, while staying within their client’s budget. “Today, the ability to launch new services quickly at reduced operational costs is essential for content owners and distributors to remain competitive, and both Dalet and Ooyala have been helping them address this challenge in our respective areas of expertise. His logic was the Indian government was wrong in promoting foreign medicines. Managing digital video assets more efficiently Some customers will tell you they want green walls, but by listening to the actual need and using our knowledge of existing workflows, sometimes we realize there is no need for a wall in the first place. So OTA still has room to grow, as well.” The integration of the Ooyala Flex Media Platform business has opened vast opportunities for Dalet customers to deploy successful strategies that better address their audiences with agile multi-platform content distribution in a wider range of markets, such as sports for teams and leagues, brands and corporate organizations, as well as Media and Entertainment companies looking to scale up their digital offerings. For your convenience we’ve organized the top six factors that will make the most positive impact on your workflow: “When working with video content from varying sources that needs to be published online (live, near-live or on-demand content), every workflow, metadata layer and media processing step adds time and complexity getting content to the audience. For more information visit By that, Spiteri means that, “it’s now fairly easy to be able to package your content and scale it up or down based on the conditions the stream is being delivered in.” Their Headquarters is in Noida, sector 16 A Their whole team is very talented and interactive. The foundation for Dalet productivity-enhancing workflow solutions, Dalet Galaxy is the enterprise NRCS and MAM that unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. (C) This is achieved through our device reach, flexible and scalable integration, and commitment to supporting our customers. How I can use a MediaBin? The expanded Dalet product offering answers the needs of existing news, sports, programs, radio and archive customers requiring solutions to enable enterprise orchestration, intensive production and multi-platform distribution workflows. Spiteri says other interesting advancements coming down the chute include increased reliance for some providers on the notion of an API-first platform—what he calls “a headless OVP” for certain kinds of applications. On the one hand, many technological, logistical, and standardization aspects of securely delivering scaled content over the internet to consumer devices or businesses are now stable and are burgeoning at this point, so that more creators and distributors than ever can efficiently push their programming to the public. Color-Correction Noted news broadcasters that rely on the Brainstorm real-time graphics engine include CNBC, NHK, RAI, RTHK, RTVE, TVN and many others. Don’t miss that important notification on Microsoft Teams or Slack! Jeremy Schoen It is part of the Zee Media network of channels. AFP All other products and trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. Zazil Media Group Interlacing or deinterlacing can be used to drastically improve the visual performance of your fast-moving content. The process is very similar when connecting Dalet Galaxy five to Slack or the Ooyala Flex Media Platform to either Microsoft Teams or Slack. When manipulating these aspects of the encode it's important to have a full view of the input asset making the decision to trigger these ‘filters’ for either content of a particular source, a particular technical metadata characteristic, or as part of a human-driven QA process. Thursday, 12 September First of all, I had to look up WION news as I have never heard of it, I remember Palki Sharma form CNN IBN. The Platform has consolidated its poly-cloud credentials and is available for deployment in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Some of the aspect ratio issues that may come up within the Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR), Storage Aspect Ratio (SAR), and/or Display Aspect Ratio (DAR). Solutions Architect, Dalet APAC We don't think so. They use the fabric of the Web itself—the core technologies are acting as part of a framework and infrastructure that allow us to deliver content at scale. Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, announced today the release of its next generation platform for news graphics and workflows, Dalet CubeNG. A Planning Editor, for instance, might add a couple of social posts and a wire that are relevant to a particular event. The latest OoyalaMAM, web interface, which has been designed with direct customer input, provides an exceptional user experience that enables fast adoption of tools and workflows. Dalet Galaxy five tracks every graphic object, allowing graphic designers, journalists, producers and other staff to search on any and every graphic element, making it easier than ever to repurpose graphics and objects, keeping a broadcaster’s brand consistent across all distribution outlets while maintaining efficiency. Dalet solutions and services are used around the world at hundreds of content producers and distributors, including public broadcasters (BBC, CBC, France TV, RAI, TV2 Denmark, RFI, Russia Today, RT Malaysia, SBS Australia, VOA), commercial networks and operators (Canal+, FOX, MBC Dubai, Mediacorp, Fox Sports Australia, Turner Asia, Mediaset, Orange, Charter Spectrum, Warner Bros, Sirius XM Radio), sporting organisations (National Rugby League, FIVB, LFP) and government organisations (UK Parliament, NATO, United Nations, Veterans Affairs, NASA). This approach empowers our joint customers like the NRL to build integrated solutions and remain in total control of their asset life cycles,” comments Lee McMullan, Market Director - Multiplatform Distribution, Dalet. Bitmovin Designed To Deploy Content Anywhere And Integrate In Any Workflow Dalet platforms are scalable and modular. Acquired in July 2019, Dalet has accelerated engineering of the solution across four key areas: User Experience; Core Platform Performance and Features; APIs; and OTT workflows. In the opinion of Lincoln Spiteri, VP of Engineering at Dalet, a major manufacturer of media workflow technology solutions, the OTT video content streaming revolution is currently in a vibrant, but dichotomous place. Dalet is traded on the NYSE-EURONEXT stock exchange (Eurolist C): ISIN: FR0011026749, Bloomberg DLT:FP, Reuters: DALE.PA. Ooyala Flex Media Platform It also supports on-premise bare-metal deployments. “Our philosophy of ‘being one with the world’ holds that news is the common thread that binds us all together and makes critical the ability to deliver news in the moment, from anywhere to any channel,” says WION Editor-in-Chief Mr. Rohit Gandhi. Dalet® is a registered trademark of Dalet Digital Media Systems. A Dalet project is often dynamic and customers’ minds evolve and ideas are born. While the vast majority of our customers’ needs are covered “out-of-the-box" by our solutions, sometimes a new feature is needed. At 160,000 square feet, the building combines the operations of four properties that were previously in two separate locations, including WBTS, NBC 10 Boston; WNEU, Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra; cable news channel NECN; and NBC Sports Boston. Fully integrated across the Dalet Unified News Operations solution powered by Dalet Galaxy five, the state-of-the-art, full-featured Dalet CubeNG graphics platform leverages the industry-leading Brainstorm real-time graphics engine to deliver superior 2D and 3D branding and visuals. In an interview outside the parliament, the minister was quite certain that Vitamin D kills the coronavirus. And there’s more… It's in your able hands what to do -- follow precaution, or such fake remedies. Supporting both SMPTE ST 2110 and SDI standard workflows, the high-density ingest and playout platform allows media facilities to invest in their future IP infrastructure without disrupting their current operation. They also work closely with the sales and pre sales department in case a change requires new budgeting options and financial adjustments. Once approved by a producer, final content is readily available for use in the built-in production control room automation and exported to the CMS as a multimedia story object. Viewers are tuning in via continually evolving devices and channels; they also crave fresh content that engages them in a more immersive, increasingly personalized way. Automated QC reports from external products can be analyzed by Ooyala Flex, workflow orchestration can take remedial action to correct any QC issues, and submit corrected media to automated QC again to ensure compliance. “I’m sure several of the platforms are heading that way. Dalet Digital Media Systems today announced that World Is One News (WION), the youngest venture of Zee Media Corporation, launched WION underpinned by Dalet Unified News Operations. Exceptional In-the-Field Multimedia Production Experience - Dalet Remote Editing See It In Action - Ooyala Flex Media Platform and Bitmovin Webinar on June 18th So, how do you overcome the most glaring QoE issue: aspect ratio-related issues? [1][2] Its website was launched on 15 June 2016[3] and the TV channel on 15 August 2016 as a free-to-air satellite service in many countries.[4][5]. Dalet solutions and services enable media organisations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximising the value of assets. The embedded, high-performance Brainstorm real-time 3D graphics engine significantly expands on-air and file-based graphics capabilities with its support for 4K and user-defined options, added primitives for building 2D and 3D graphics, support for Unicode fonts and languages, and outstanding transition logic. Show API Reference A key assignment of the Solution Architect is to conduct the Solution Design Workshop, which is usually composed of three stages. Suited for both on-air and file-based graphics creation, the Dalet CubeNG unified approach enables news broadcasters to easily create dynamic branding and up-level visual storytelling across traditional, digital and social channels. The job execution framework (JEF) and related SDK are available to customers who wish to extend the platform beyond what is achievable via scripting. “This installation is a perfect example of the Dalet Unified News Operations solution. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform extends its support for delivering content to a range of OVP providers, including the latest enhancements to the Brightcove Plug-in.

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