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The present head of The Curzon family, Kedleston It focuses on Venetia Stanley-Smith Kajiyama, a British-born woman who has lived in Japan for forty years and has currently lived in the Ohara district of Kyoto for over a decade. On the English broadcast, the order was random. I have come to the conclusion from visiting houses that had money lavished on them, that it is not about the money at all. Konichiwa! Episodes are sorted in the order they were published on Japanese television. 13 – At Home with Venetia in Kyoto Winter 2017 (2017冬~京都 大原 ベニシアの手づくり暮らし~ ) (First broadcast date: February 5, 2017)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Special Ep. I thought I wouldn’t wait for the D-Day anniversary to re-post, Thanksgiving II: Gratitude, brick by brick, Peggy Hopkins Joyce by Raymond P.R. My theory is that although not as drastic as riding a Concorde or space shuttle, the human body isn't meant to have traveled so fast, therefore some molecules just hasn't caught up to London yet. I don't know if some of you remember her now defunct home decor magazine that was called O at Home. You'd think me very shallow, and no, like you it's not Oprah's!xx, I appreciate that we can be so different in taste but the weird thing is that I really like your style and that is what is important! once I get past the hostile urge to take over her house. The place seems stuniing!Gloria xxx, You are so knowledgeable! She has inherited her mother's flair for decor and flower arranging and an aristocratic demeanour. DEAR ABBY (DECORNO VERSION): What to put on my walls. Thanks also for the thought-provoking comment on my blog today! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I need to get her latest shows on DVD or NHK somehow. Do the "Ground Force" people still do television in the UK? Lovely to have you here Victoria! They film the Japanese countryside and name the plants in either plain English or the Latin names which for a very amateur is educational. I was told by an old friend of mine who kindly commented that there was a show called. She doesn't do the whole pre-prison Martha that exuded "Don't I have the perfect life" ethos - Venetia is quite candid about her own life. 19 – At Home with Venetia in Kyoto Summer 2018 (2018夏~京都 大原 ベニシアの手づくり暮らし~) (First broadcast date: August 25, 2018)!adUgyKBT!2_cATgFinuTKJm4CUQk9Ig, Special Ep. )I'm not an expat, but my Japan born wife and I have a second home in Habikino City. Not one iota. South Africa - Johannesburg. The Herald’s comprehensive and varied coverage chronicles the past achievements, current concerns and future aspirations of its distinguished community. Have it delivered:) xo Caroline, You are right Caroline - must ring Fedex to retrieve the rest of me :) x, I am a little frightened that you likened my Easter eggs to something Martha would have hatched given your "issues" with her, but I know that u & I are soul mates so I will think it is the "good side" of MS that you are comparing to MSH...that being out of the way. Episodes that were not shared by u/sharing or me have Japanese names because I don't know the English ones). She grew up in Jersey, the Channel Islands, Spain and Switzerland. Vol.01 - Daffodils in Spring (春を呼ぶ水仙) (First broadcast date: April 5, 2009)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.02 - Friends at the Morning Market (朝市の仲間たち) (First broadcast date: April 12, 2009)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.03 - 春の摘み草 (Spring picking grass) (First broadcast date: April 19, 2009), Vol.04 - 春を祝う(Celebrating Spring) (First broadcast date: April 26, 2009), Vol.05 - 陽光に誘われて (Invited by the Sun) (First broadcast date: May 10, 2009), Vol.06 - 古き良き友 (Good old friend) (First broadcast date: May 17, 2009), Vol.07 - A Gentle Breeze in the Garden (風薫る庭) (First broadcast date: May 24, 2009)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.08 - An Early Summer Stroll (初夏の里歩き) (First broadcast date: August 23, 2009)!zE8hXaRb!hpVl-2RnsO7KQlKmpDeJXg, Vol.09 夏を迎える (Summer is coming) (First broadcast date: June 28, 2009), Vol.10 - Hearty Hospitality (もてなしの心) (First broadcast date: July 5, 2009)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.11 - 雨の日を楽しむ (Enjoying rainy days) (First broadcast date: July 26, 2009), Vol.12 - Mother Earth's Summer Blessings (夏の大地の贈りもの) (First broadcast date: August 2, 2009)!meolXYDY!HLYsXzsxardZ0d9xGjXnwA, Vol.13 - 夏の思い出 (Summer Memories) (First broadcast date: September 6, 2009), Vol.14 - The Fleeting Summer (過ぎゆく夏) (First broadcast date: September 13, 2009)!meolXYDY!HLYsXzsxardZ0d9xGjXnwA, Vol.15 - 移りゆく季節 (Moving Season) (First broadcast date: October 4, 2009), Vol.16 - 秋の音楽会 (Autumn Concert) (First broadcast date: October 11, 2009), Vol.17 - 長く大切に (Long and Important) (First broadcast date: October 18, 2009), Vol.18 - やすらぎの秋 (Yasuragi Autumn) (First broadcast date: October 25, 2009), Vol.19 - 大地の恵み (Blessings of the earth) (First broadcast date: November 15, 2009), Vol.20 - Hometown Pride (古里(ふるさと)のぬくもり) (First broadcast date: November 22, 2009)!meolXYDY!HLYsXzsxardZ0d9xGjXnwA, Vol.21 - わびさびの心 (Heart of Wabi Sabi) (First broadcast date: November 29, 2009), Vol.22 - 深まる秋 (Deepening Autumn) (First broadcast date: December 6, 2009), Vol.23 - A mountain Bond (山がくれた絆 (きずな)) (First broadcast date: December 13, 2009)!adUgyKBT!2_cATgFinuTKJm4CUQk9Ig, Vol.24 - クリスマスがやってくる (Christmas is coming) (First broadcast date: December 20, 2009), Vol.25 - 明かりを灯(とも)して (Turn on the light) (First broadcast date: January 10, 2010), Vol.26 - 古いものを美しく (Beautiful Old Things) (First Broadcast Date: January 17, 2010), Vol.27- 冬の温(ぬく)もり (Winter warm) (First broadcast date: February 7, 2010), Vol.28 - 山里に雪 降る (Snow falls on a mountain village) (First broadcast date: February 14, 2010), Vol.29 - 自然への感謝 (Thanks to Nature) (First broadcast date: March 7, 2010), Vol.30 - Longing for Spring (春を待つ) (First broadcast date: March 14, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.31 - 春の大掃除 (Spring cleaning) (First broadcast date: April 4, 2010), Vol.32 - Time of Rebirth (再生のとき) (First broadcast date: April 11, 2010)!zE8hXaRb!hpVl-2RnsO7KQlKmpDeJXg, Vol.33 - 風のある景色 (Windy Landscape) (First broadcast date: May 9, 2010), Vol.34 - 手仕事の暖かさ (Warmth of handwork) (First broadcast date: May 16, 2010), Vol.35 - The Fragrance of Freshness (新緑の香り) (First broadcast date: June 6, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.36 - 夏にそなえて (In preparation for summer) (First broadcast date: June 13, 2010), Vol.37 - When Roses Bloom (バラが咲くとき) (First broadcast date: June 27, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.38 - Pastime in the Rainy Season (梅雨の過ごし方) (First broadcast date: July 4, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.39 - 涼を楽しむ (Enjoy the cool air) (First broadcast date: July 25, 2010), Vol.40 - ハーブという贈りもの (A gift called herb) (first broadcast date: August 15, 2010), Vol.41 - The Power of Family (家族のちから) (First broadcast date: September 5, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.42 - 季節を染める (Dyeing the season) (First broadcast date: September 12, 2010), Vol.43 - 女ともだち (Female Friend) (First broadcast date: September 19, 2010), Vol.44 - The Colors of Persimmon Tannin Juice (柿渋の味わい) (First broadcast date: September 26, 2010)!zE8hXaRb!hpVl-2RnsO7KQlKmpDeJXg, Vol.45 - Fun on the River in Autumn (秋の川遊び) (First broadcast date: October 3, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.46 - The Way (道) (First broadcast date: October 24, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.47 - 木と生きる (Living with Trees) (First broadcast date: November 21, 2010), Vol.48 - 秋の贈りもの (Gift of Autumn) (First broadcast date: November 28, 2010), Vol.49 - 庭の美しさ (Garden Beauty) (First broadcast date: December 5, 2010), Vol.50 - Enjoying Christmas (クリスマスを楽しむ) (First broadcast date: December 24, 2010)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.51 - Greeting the New Year (新年を迎える) (First broadcast date: January 9, 2011)!adUgyKBT!2_cATgFinuTKJm4CUQk9Ig, Vol.52 - The White Winter (白い冬) (First broadcast date: January 30, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.53 - 母と子の絆 (Bond between mother and child) (First broadcast date: February 6, 2011), Vol.54 - Thinking of Spring (春をおもう) (First broadcast date: February 27, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.55 - 丹精こめて (Intensely) (First broadcast date: March 6, 2011), Vol.56 - 15 Years of Spring (15年目の春) (First broadcast date: April 8, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.57 - ふるさとの家族 Hometown Family (First broadcast date: April 15, 2011), Vol.58 - 歌がつなぐ幸せ Happy Happiness of Songs (First broadcast date: May 6, 2011), Vol.59 - Omori Town, Shimane Prefecture (再生のよろこび) (First broadcast date: May 13, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.60 - A Themed Garden (テーマのある庭) (First broadcast date: June 10, 2011)!zE8hXaRb!hpVl-2RnsO7KQlKmpDeJXg, Vol.61 - A Rainy Season Respite (梅雨の合間に) (First broadcast date: July 1, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.62 - The Village of Longevity - Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture (長寿の村へ) (First broadcast date: July 8, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.63 - 初夏の味 (The taste of early summer) (First broadcast date: July 15, 2011), Vol.64 - A Field Restaurant (畑の食堂) (First broadcast date: September 2, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.65 - A Love of Plants (植物に恋して) (First broadcast date: September 9, 2011), Vol.66 - Autumn Light (秋の光) (First broadcast date: October 7, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.67 - The Place Full of Memories (思い出の地へ~岡山県~) (First broadcast date: November 11, 2011)!meolXYDY!HLYsXzsxardZ0d9xGjXnwA, Vol.68 - Together with Old Friends (出会いをつなぐ) (First broadcast date: November 18, 2011)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.69 - The Village of Lacquerware - Noto Peninsula (漆の里へ~能登半島~) (First broadcast date: December 16, 2011)!zE8hXaRb!hpVl-2RnsO7KQlKmpDeJXg, Vol.70 - Preparing for the Chill (寒仕込みの頃) (first broadcast date: January 13, 2012)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.71 - The Warmth of Wood - Akita Prefecture (木のぬくもり~秋田県~) (First broadcast date: January 20, 2012)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.72 - Antique Comfort (アンティークのくつろぎ) (First broadcast date: February 8, 2012)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.73 - Knitting Happiness (しあわせを編む) (First broadcast date: February 10, 2012)!zSIDlKKQ!WF6YJAd0fYuCgvAFzQA3KQ, Vol.74 - A Pilgrimage.

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