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Well if your Mamoswine was EV trained in Def or HP and your Houndoom had 10% it would do only a bit less than Half that would explain it. Or was it with another Pokemon? So that means he can take more than 600 damage from a pokemon that has an attack stat of around 306??? For a complete list of all the Pokémon moves, check out our complete move list. Does Reversal get STAB?

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You say Houndoom's HP was 10% then you may have been off by 1% and it be 11% so it would have 100 base power for it, not a 150. My houndoom is lonely nature with max 306 attack stat and it has reversal.

this move has the following additional effects:

You can even stop your Pokemon fainting if you switch out right before the third turn.
This will make your foe's ability Mummy.

That equals 500, or a super-effective Explosion. That is the problem Gengar, you got your math wrong.

Pokémon. The less health the user has left, the more powerful the attack gets. Generation III onward. The damage is now multiplied by 1.5 at 50-26% HP and by 2 at 25% or lower.

Yea but i used an iron tail on mamoswine which is 100 power and mamoswines hp went over halfway, like by alot. Lucario punches the opponent.

Is this a good strategy? Inflicts damage on the target. The user attacks enemy in the front, with the final damage being multiplied by 2 when at 75-51% HP, 4 when at 50-26% and 8 when at 25% or lower. Can Houndoom learn any other grass type move than solar beam?

I think gamefreak messed up on this move.

You stop your opponent fleeing but guarantee they will faint. It is TR21 in Generation VIII.

manga. I just dont get it... Oh also Houndoom was holding a choice scarf at that time and Mamoswine was holding an expert belt. Well this mamoswine wasnt really trained the right way, I got it from a friend and its HP is 413 and the Def is 231. Reversal can now cause a critical hit, and its damage is now varied by a random number during damage calculation. Substitute is a move that well, substitutes your Pokémon for a little green dinosaur doll. Or maybe was it because 306 Attack stat wasnt strong enough. Earns double the score on the final performance. It is perfectly normal, Reversal is not weak it is just that Mamoswine is bulky.
It'll use Swords Dance on the first turn, and once it's life is at 1 hp, I'll start spamming Reversal.

Effects of the move may be from an earlier version or missing. That is not how it works. (Result is 2-4) - 150. Why was the damage different without any stats boosts?

I used a damage calculator.
mienshao; asked Jan 23, 2013 by jliu2367. Reversal can now cause a critical hit, and It then punches the opponent.

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It damages an enemy. In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Reversal is a move with 2 base power, 90% accuracy, and 17 PP. im so worried it wont even KO a freakin weavile... Then I tried iron tailing with my houndoom to Mamoswine and mamoswine hp went over half way....What is this??? The more damage the user has taken, the more powerful the move becomes. Which does more damage for crunch houndoom? Why is this?

The user attacks the opponent.

He then hits the opponent with his palm. When I used reversal to my mamoswine when Houndoom only had like 5-10% left(in the red HP zone) it didnt even damage my mamoswines HP halfway...still in the green spot Pokémon Go Guide. My other pokemon was mamoswine. Just remember to be careful about Ditto and Marshadow but so long as your are the there is little reason not the use such a powerful Pokemon.

Is that a good idea? てきポケモンに ダメージをあたえる じぶんのHPが のこりすくないほど あたえるダメージが おおきい.

A wave of orange energy bursts out of the ground around Riolu and one of its fists becomes covered in orange energy.

Reversal cannot cause a critical hit, and its damage is not varied by a random number during damage calculation.

Reversal inflicts damage. Target On Bulbapedia's Movedex On Smogon's Movedex On Eevee's Movedex 1 Description 2 Effect 3 Pokémon that learn Reversal 3.1 Level Up 3.2 Breeding this move has the following additional effects: Base power depends on the calculation of 48 * (user's current HP / user's total HP), rounded down. (Result is 5-9) - 100.

The lower your HP is, the greater the damage it causes.

Articuno can learn Mind Reader (guaranteed hit next move) and Sheer Cold (OHKO).

It is also part of a Contest Spectacular combination and will give an extra three appeal points if the move Endure was used in the prior turn.

An attack that increases in power if the user's HP is low.

How did Mamoswine outspeed 3.5x speed Ninjask? An all-out attack that becomes more powerful the less health the user has. (Result is 2-4) - 150. If it had 150 Base power then Houndoom would have taken about 2/3 of Mamoswines HP, if it had 100 Base power then it may have only done a bit less than half like you said. Can Houndoom learn any other grass type move than solar beam? Said move might come in the middle of the elite four, as it did for me. The lower the user's HP, the greater the damage it inflicts. (Result is 5-9) - 100.

The appeal works great if performed last. Reversal cannot cause a critical hit, and its damage is not varied by a random number during damage calculation. Did you do the math to find out how much percent or did you just guess? (Result is 10-16) - 80. In the Pocket Monsters Platinum: Aim to Be Battle King!! Strength, though a Normal HM move which is outperformed by Return, is also a fairly good move to choose if you don't already have a Strength HM Slave; Lucario then becomes an explorative ally without too much cost on power.

Moves that can target any Pokémon but the user,

Reversal - Pokémon Move. 1 vote . Is that a good idea since Reversal does 200 times 2 due to the Swords Dance, and times another 1.5 due to STAB. The less health the user has left, the more powerful the attack gets.

The power is then:(Result is 0 or 1) - 200.

Endure+Reversal is a deadly combination if your pokemon is faster than the opponent. I ran the calculations for both. Works better the later it is used in a turn. An all-out attack that becomes more powerful the less HP the user has. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hitmonlee converts the attack strength from an attack that hit him earlier into fighting power, and a spiraling energy surrounds one of Hitmonlee's arms. One cool one is Mean Look and Perish Song.

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