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This can often be found at the top of the label on the right-hand side. Spotting the color code on your Accent or Elantra’s manufacturers tag isn’t tricky. It is essential to provide our clients with great value, and that is why we opt to sell 12-ounce canisters rather than 10-ounce, it allows you to complete the work without spending too much. We have kits where you can purchase all of the items above in a bundle. The Hyundai touch up paint process is complete, It is essential to wait several days before applying any polishing compound. We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction. Great Customer Service as I had a special request. They also operate one of the largest automobile factories in the world, which produces around 1.6 million cars a year. Was the best price for my small chip repair. To insure a proper match, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s color code … R.H. from Cupertino, CA ordered Hyper Silver Metallic (P2S) and says: Product arrived quickly and just what I needed to repair the scratch on my Hyundai. From the outside, their branded logo looks like a plain H, but it was actually modeled on two people shaking hands, representing the customer and the company. For large jobs, you will need multiple spray cans. Whether you’re looking for Hyundai matched touch up paints for your 2009 Shine Red Elantra or an Apple Green Metallic 2011 accent, we have the perfect Hyundai paint codes available for you. Hyundai Spray Paint – This is ideal for large damaged areas. Toyota Super White 2 (040) Touch Up Paint, Tips For Applying Touch Up Paint To Your Car. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please give us a call, and we can assist you. In particular, touch up paint pens do not handle the demands of metallic paint well, and it tends to flake. Hyundai spray paint is a far better option. We have Hyundai Sonata touch up paint to help you repair any and all paint scratches on your vehicle. It will be located on the manufacturer’s sticker, which is usually black, white, or silver. Following the single-step process was the two-step paint system that is now the primary method for painting cars. However, they can also be three digits long. Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Fill in your email below to request a new password. Overall, they are more friendly on the back pocket and will save you a lot of time. Their codes are usually two characters in length, containing both numbers and letters. The Hyundai touch up paint process is straightforward. Locating your Hyundai color code is straightforward, to find your Hyundai paint codes, you may have to look at a few locations on the car: You will be able to locate the color code inside the driver’s door jamb on most models of Hyundai. Before the 1980s, paint was applied to cars in a single step process. Across the board, the car, which requires the least maintenance in terms of the paintwork is white, silver, and gray. Get your Hyundai Accent looking its best by selecting one of the touch up paint color options above. It is essential to use wax and grease remover on the area you are going to work on. Hyundai has seen a recent surge in the popularity of their metallic colors, including 8S/V8S Shale Gray Metallic and S3/S3B Phantom Black Metallic, while their premium Genesis brand has continued to go from strength to strength. John from Brentwood, shared this about his NH Iridescent Silver Blue Pearl (Z3/Z3S): Easy to choose correct color. The letters represent the code for the Hyundai 2009 Shine Red Elantra. Next is the application of the primer. We've got Hyundai Accent touch up paint to help you repair any and all paint scratches on your vehicle. The Hyundai color code will be located on a silver or black sticker. The Hyundai color code is prefixed with the title `PAINT”. Use our extensive Hyundai codes list to find it online, order a Hyundai touch up paint kit, and then we will send it to you. Regardless of how much you spend on buying a vehicle, it is important to try and keep maintenance costs low over the vehicle’s lifetime. J.M. We strive to give our customers the best information possible so that you can complete the Hyundai touch up paint process at home. We believe that they can’t offer the flawless factory finish that we aim to give our customers. After finding your Hyundai paint code, be sure to write it down. You may need several cans depending upon the size of your project. Easy application. Other examples include IM Titanium Silver Metallic and 3D/A3D Bright Silver Metallic. Primer – is vital to completing the first part of the touch up paint process, Choose a spray or a jar – to administer for your OEM touch up paint, ClearCoat – this is used in the last part of the process, Wax and grease cleaner – to prepare the area for painting, Sandpaper – 320 and 600 grit to smooth the area, Masking tape – this stops paint affecting the non-damaged areas, A lint free shop towel – to help with project preparation, Nitrile Gloves – They help protect your hands throughout. After applying several layers, check that it is in line with the surrounding paint. ERA Paints has an array of experience in helping our customers find the correct Hyundai paint codes and Hyundai paint … You also get to complete the fixes on your schedule. If there is anything we have missed, please give us a call at 971-770-2372 and one of our expert staff members will be able to help. The company has seen great success across the globe, particularly with its Accent and Elantra model. We provide our guides to make the touch up paint process exceptionally easy so that you can fix your scrapes, scratches and chips. After launching in 1967, Hyundai … To make the process as simple as possible, we have outlined the steps needed to fix your Hyundai below. Why pay more? If you are interested in ERA Paints and our strive for vehicle care, follow us on our social media: ©ERAPaints LLC 2016-2020 All Rights Reserved, ERA Paints YouTube ‘How-To’ Video Library, DIY Automotive Touch Up 101 – helpful hints, Check on the inside of the driver’s door jamb, Check on the door pillar and the door edge, The code can be found in these places on all but a few models, For these models, it is located on the firewall, Look for the sticker that also contains your VIN, Hyundai paint codes are typically 2-3 digits long. Hyundai Touch Up Paint Pens – These can be challenging to control. Frost White Pearl - color code: SWP, Quartz White Pearl - color code: W8/WW8, Phantom Black Metallic - color code: S3/S3B are just some of the paint color codes … We stock an enormous range of colors that even include metallic blue car paint, various stardust colors, and paint for a 2005 True Blue Metallic Tiburon.

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