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13 32 Worksheets >  Vocabulary  > Grade 3 >  Homophones. pronounced but have different meanings and spelling. These worksheets are a fantastic practice resource for students of grade 2 through grade 5. stream Luckiest Guy Part One: Choose the correct word. Each sentence has words in it that sound the same. Since the weather / whether was clear, my cousin and I went to the ocean. }$D�}��N��P��D[���+|�1��Q��J�}Q� ��f�Jq� ����O�mō�����8��q�=;a``�hHW�n�#'"�g�v��v�c*�]�ųi endobj be in group of three or four. Homophones Worksheet 3. spelling: 1. spelling: Mom put a dozen Oswald Welcome homophones, the words that sound alike, in style! quoi que – quoique ? Rock Salt Architects Daughter 9 Understand that spelling of homophones is related to meaning & grammar. He leased the car that cost the least amount of money. Escolar Henny Penny be in group of three or four. This worksheet contains another 25 problems. Rancho Inspired by contextual clues, kids take their homophone learning forward. Try our free exercises to build knowledge and confidence. of pears in the refrigerator. EXERCISE 3 This resource was kindly contributed by Amanda Burgess, WEA (Workers’ Educational Association), Southern Region. Homophones are excellent examples of this aspect of the language; they are fun, they are a little tricky, and to top it all, they offer learning in abundance. to move through the water by boat; A. sale B. sail . endobj [ۂM��@���w���X�`�KF��������/�( I.ϖ��a���gd���;����ͯ7��^�r%�(�Kն^��Ϛ��P���UA�1�M i�&��T�H���m��c�v[�g��M.�~�U�x���!�#�r�F�6H�HmTu��VW��~���.���*��?���0���=���-�|�ǾE �J�M���ߺ� ��p%�w|�N�ul+ $��V��k�&Q ����(pm���9>� d�\���a����}��m�������|Q���8M��;�o�q�D�P�`ؤ]ץ��3��T��η�#�%�ܞ�e���Ú{K��Ԉp'�����j�*- �G$��E��頨���ި"�-J<9D��`���!�$�h� ��� >g;�}V���mϱMa���$d������Am�Sc&̊� %PDF-1.3 �`���+S�@#��4��#7�b�GA% C���n�����k'�/��)�/�˪��_�.y�tn����˘;�A�G~@���3۶C^n��MM �젪. Sacramento << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Worksheets > Vocabulary > Grade 3 > Homophones. Ww/L1.1 L2.1 Spell correctly words most often used at work, studies & daily life. Homophones Worksheet 3 Scuba Kids! He was desperate for some money, so he decided to sell his cell phone. Bloc 2 : conseil… émail ? �a2��hJLcg����x�:��r��g���mt��՗K0�XL��>�#kz����td b�je �~�vժʮZ�*V�/G. The words in this activity are taken from the Year 3 and 4 National Curriculum Spelling Appendix. endobj 1. This free printable homophones worksheet for elementary school kids works well as an introductory homophones chart. Homophones noms / verbes. are words that sound same when they are Pacifico Bloc 1 : appel … clou ? I’ve had the flu since Monday. Homophones include accept, except, affect, effect, ball, bawl berry, bury, brake, break, fair, fare, grate, great, grown, groan, heel, heal, he’ll, knot, not, mail, male, main, mane, meat, meet, medal, meddle, missed, mist, peace, piece, plain, plane, rain, rein, … Grand Hotel Students read the sentences and choose the c ... 8 46,784 Elem. Bangers 3. Schoolbell There are also similar-sounding words, such as affect/effect, further/farther, lay/lie, and many more. Use these differentiated activity sheets to practise matching-up homophones and near homophones - words which sound the same or similar but have different meanings and spellings. 3. Lobster Two C[R���m.�����dҚ�����|wO. Introduction ? Pernament Marker Kalam Creepster Black Ops One ��S+v;��I�js���4�4KAf��-�= �Ȋ9MCq�1Va#&'N7��LVl]h�gֲR��"e�9��]�Z��bX��㜐S�bC����~Y�ͳ�vI!��;V����lT2��;�U�؂\j�͵���&1���#��0�A � y�O��^���,�� ˢ�(vvIJ�w bй�'0�*q�ꂉ`x��7x��nv-dNw~ �+�5�\!��d}������h�k����S }�L�RV�8}D�+��G�0fqy��!�v�vf{����:

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