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I tried to rate every gun based on a super generic run, and how they perform outside of builds surrounding them. Guns are the player's primary method of attacking enemies, and can be found by opening chests, defeating bosses, purchasing them from shops, or receiving them from NPCs. I think this tier list should be character specific. More effective in interiors, or by targeting at the ground. (Max 90%), Most effective if the magazine is reloaded gradually, e.g. Way better as a Support, but still fairly garbage. 34. Good-ish damage, Water shield is really strong defensive ability, no lie.
If all three bursts hit the weakness, +50% CritX for a short term and all hits triggers Crit. Gunfire Reborn has different kinds of weapons with unique features waiting for you to explore. Every gun can be awesome given the right inscriptions and occult scrolls. They have very high rate of fire, perfect accuracy and large magazines, but low critical multiplier and damage. When scope is on, weapon stability +150%. Weapons are acquired by defeating enemies, completing Vaults, using red chests, or buying them from a Peddler. Flexibility in Equipment, i've seen HP Set, Seal Resist % SPD Sets or purely SPD set with MAXHP+SPD armlet.

このサイトはDuoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited開発・販売のローグライトFPS『Gunfire Reborn』(ガンファイア・リボーン)の日本語攻略情報をまとめたWikiです。基本的にほぼすべてのページは誰でも編集可能になっています。新規ページの作成や既存ページの編集などご自由に行って … 2nd Strongest Magical Single Target in game, T shape Multi Aoe. Gunfire Reborn Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Weapon RoF -30%. +0.5% Lucky Shot Chance for each centiseconds you charged before a full charge. 80% chance to create a fire ball to hit nearby enemies whenever you make a Crit Hit. They have very high damage, critical multiplier and accuracy at the cost of very low rate of fire and magazine. Players can control heros with various abilities to experience diverse Build gameplay, use randomly dropped weapons to explore random levels. if you find a +1 or +2 projectile inscription its usually worth picking up. Lacks a reborn, otherwise potentially a B Tier. ◈ Legendary Inscriptions may be more powerful versions of normal or rare inscriptions or apply more powerful effects. When a chest offers to upgrade a Normal inscription, it will only upgrade a Normal inscription. Just feels like on their own the Thunderclap edges the Laser out simply for clearing purposes without relying on a lucky inscription. Int has the ability to Miss targets, which is why it's inferior to STR.

She lacks Single Target Elemental ability, think of her as Niss but worst in every department except Support. Elin is what we call, effectively worthless damage wise, she doesn't scale as well in ATK compared to others. He has balanced attributes and is a perfect choice for new players. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Increases damage by +60% for the final split. Thunderclap Gloves have a built in arc to it. Glimmering causes one additional explosion. in Gunfire Reborn. 50% chance to cause an explosion that deals Corrosion DMG when killing an enemy. So things like preemptive strike where you get bonus damage for first bullet of the magazine is nuts. +10% DMG every ammo consumed for weapon skill. The titles of unique and legendary weapons fall outside the scope of this document. Can be build upwards of 3.5k HP by lvl 110RB. He has balanced attributes and is a perfect choice for new players. Somewhat tanky due to Elemental, more suited to be a "Hybrid", honestly Earth Elemental Sam with shittier Damage numbers and Shittier Support Skill. More consistent with increases to Stability.

Weapon Inscriptions. Every 5 shots, you will shoot 2 projectiles instead of 1. This is a pistol with fire damage. Weapon Tier List. Gemini and weapon-exclusive Legendary Inscriptions do not appear until the respective talents are acquired. Players can choose the ascension based on their favor. The Foundry is the only basic weapon and uses Unlimited Ammo instead. Can't cast stonewall if you cast Knight Js, which means she's possibly useless. Good stats, can arguably be hard to wash due to her Agi, meaning somewhat luck reliant. In my experience, a Laser Glove with a good Lucky Chance inscription can literally solo all three acts. Only Real Weakness, is potentially her lowish HP due to Con, as well as training her being a pain due to her low stats pre RB.
STR based pet, with really solid stats, really easy to wash. There are already 200,000+ tier list templates available on TierMaker and you can make a tier list for nearly anything by searching for the topic you are interested in or starting on our category page. They have a very high rate of fire, large magazine, high critical multiplier and accuracy, but low damage per shot. +150% Lucky Shot chance for next shot after making Crit Hit 3 times in a row. +100% weapon DMG for each enemy the bullet pierce.

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